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Water plants


At half shady places, in swampy fields and shores, dark purple flowers.


Grows in wet fields and also forms floating carpets, playing big role in Verlandung, small white flowers from apr to


For half to full shady places, floating plant, quite rare allready, stays over winter in small knots underwater.


schöne Pflanze für den Sumpf und Flachwasserbereich, vermehrt sich nur durch Samen, doch reichlich wenn passendes Biotop vorhanden ist, steht auch im Halbschatten.


Needs full sun and warm areas during summers, nice dark pink flowers, shallow waters.

Iris himal

Sunny and partly dry locations mountain zone Uttarkhand and HP, India. (Himalaya Schwertlilie)

Iris sumpf

For sunny to half shady locations in wet zone and reed bed locations, got rare in mid Europe. Beautifull flower and good for water quality by its roots in ponds for swim, regeneration zone (Sumpfiris)

Iris sibirica

In moores and wet fields and shade, cold to temperate climate, flowering may. (Sibirische Schwertlilie)


Very interesting plant by its parfume like smell (roots) from central Asia, in Europe since mid ages, flowering may to oct.

Krebsschere - Wasseraloe

For big areas, half floating half underwater, diving during winters, needs warmer locations, full sun, only flowering when satisfacted, hard leafes.

Laichkraut -flutendes

Growing over fast and covering huge areas, floating and shading waters, hard to keep small, also found in smooth rivers.

Lotos sibirischer

(Nelumbo komarovii) More robust than the asian tropical Loos, flowering june to sept at Amur river and lake Khanka in russian chinese border region, darkrose flowers, more Infos on Lotos,     gallery,   fotosource-

Lotos asian

In tropical southasian regions, sunny warm locations, fertile grounds. Can be seen in Bangkok near temples and along streets, in India near Udaipur. Colours from light over dark pink, white to yellow in variouse breeds.


Nice leafes and flowers, needs sun and warm places, stays overwinter in pondground.

Rohrkolben breitblättriger

Nice manhigh plant for swamp and shallow water areas, good for water regeneration and filter, flowering aug to october, from cold temperate zones and varieties in tropical climate, seen near Mumbay and south of Barreily UP, stork and heron biotops.

Water lilie goan

A wild tropical form, found in Goan waters, this one takes med deep waters, the small white is often found in wet fields, the big white in unoccupied buffalo ponds, once also found dark rose ones, keep em growing.

Water lilie

James Brydon a nice robust breed, takes also winters. Can be ordered by the web, but only med distances in special boxes (500km), takes med. deep waters 1m

Water lilie white

The wild form, very robust and spreads by roots and seeds, also deeper waters to 1,5m, sunny locations.


Lovely nice floating leafes with yellow flowers, shallow water and sunny areas, temperate zone. Schwimmblattpflanze die sich stark ausbreitet, blüht gelb, auch für kleine Anlagen geeignet.

Segge -scheinzypergras

Many varieties of seggen, mostly in wet fields, moist shore regions, swamps etc can get very massive and hardly to get rid off then, deep rooter. Scheinzypergras needs sun and warm locations, shallow waters.

Segge -sumpf

The most wide spread in mid Europe, robust, shallow waters and wet fields, shade to sunny places. Does seggen heads over years, standing solitary mini islands.


Very interesting plant and got rare, endangered. Growing in moores and sour grounds, shady locations, interesting flower, temperate zone.


Wide spread, flowering during spring, april. Also growing in Himalayas like uppar Parvaty valley, wet fields and along nallas, sunny to shady locations.


Nice plant looking like miniatur xmas tree, shallow waters and spreads mostly by underwater roots, takes also some shade.


Gets massiv and only for big areas, like water lilies but different flower. Takes to 2m water level, sunny locations in big lakes.


Robust in med deep waters.

El padrone de aquarias
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