By strong hand II

Shining shoes

Shining Shoes in Campeche, Shining shoes in San Christobal,
shining shoes in Oaxaca, shining shoes in Chiclayo.
    Shining fingers in Campeche, shining fingers in Chiclayo
Shining fingers in Sao Paolo, shining fingers in Belem !

There was a bigger demonstration in Quito (Ecu.) I guess for a social agenda and fairPay, with much security, horses, uniforms, police and flags around.
A bid wired the whole setting, also with tourist watching in fascination.

Deepwater muddies

The great master has seen many friendly people and many of them lifing under partly strange and wired circumstances and conditions in the spanish Americas.
    By his statistic, in contrary of scientific predictions once every 10 000 years,
believe it or not, people have to calculate an atomic megadisaster every 20 years (in hitler deutsch also a supergau) and petrol desasters more often, as some of these countries have a coast to the mexican Gulf which got affected by Deepwater horizon, the blown up oil platform with the weeklong oil megaleak (1,5 months), and years before the the Exxon V. desaster in the sund, oildesasters output can be counted in megatons petrol.
    He commands Greenpeace, Seasheperds and relevant entities to make chemical tests at all major shores of the Caribe in relevanth time gaps and by knowledge of currentes de mare de seasons. Also seabirds can indicate seawater and shore qualities, and ships with echolots.

Raze and rape ?

There are some new and old crownies in top politcal positions, partly close rapists, some got before court for that. Some had had even 2500 cases before court, but he got the job even by so. One of his good friends left the top position to go for war in private mode, as he told .... and they do not like UNESCO. Now they are going to raze without UNESCO, rumble to dust, they dont like it.
    Some like golden door handles in their plane but not UNESCO. They have different needs and views, and what they dont understand they drop, but what looks good for their biz. If they could, they would go more radical, but get a bid tempted by their party before going too nuts.

Taking advantage of ...

The great master takes advantage of his position now, he is a bid rapist of that position, digitally,
Will not hesitate to defend that position
will further search for shopes, dance halls, restaurants and
pubs were open there some days before.
    The fish in the aquaria shopes and settings beside the schools in historic center indicate no more than minor problems, even as the emperors blockade got done for 40 years. (Havanna, dec o17)

Bury head for deals ?

I am not sure now who should bury in the sand, a Donald or Mc Afee ricas ?
guess who had more cases before court !
And always again once in a while they say ... "I am doing a good thing"
or was it a deal ?

Trafficante density

It is astonishing, that competition by aerports between the US and Mexico
    By my experience and by what I ve seen,
aerport density in Mexico is higher than in the US,
it should be about every 120km a small aerport and at Mexico city
itself 2 aerports, both built around samll hills,
one even with a lightning tower, waht does the whole setting a spanish touch.
    In the US trucks and distances are bigger, of course, they are for long
highest car consumptors and maybe it is a revene for the many killed buffaloes
and native people once.
    From my experience horizon I can say,
that car density on the countryside from Peru - Ecuad. to Mexico
is not too high, what leaves space for Superfast trains on the total continent.

Lord of miracles

Now it is 1 or 2 months before El ninjo,
there are many shops with goodies, with a small flatscreen, even a torch or a camera in these shops.
You find these goodies, some with funny names like of starwars times
in Tingo Maria, in Huanuco and Huaraz. You find these goodies with many buttons in Lima.
Now is Lord of miracles and the Brataepferl (pato apples) times.
    Also in Quito, a capitel, far from the aerport, you find these goodies,
also in Snta maria and Chiclayo, as well in San Christoball, district of Chiapas,
in Salina Cruz, The goodies are from the US, from matorolla, from China and a few from India.
    Now is Lord of miracles, 1 or 2 months before El ninjo,
and I really hope they can get some of these goodies, also without WiFi in Puerto Rico and
the main islands of the Cribe archipelago (dec o17)
        Lord of miracles will get somebodies happy.
Lord of pleasure
During Lord of miracles a good small gift
can produce much pleasure under the x-mas tree and later.
Better a good book than another telefone, pets can be of complicated needs,
but marzipan or a torta is always top of the list.
    Show smart and do not cut the neighbours tree !
Thinktank preempt !
Lord of ideas
Lord of miracles is not yet over, there is some time left. A Gutschein fuer eine gemeinsame schlittenfahrt, ein Buch oder auch ein Geheimtip zu einer Webseite kann
unterm Weihnachtsbaum viel Freude machen.
Asoziale Elemente koennen sich ganz auf Santa Claus verlassen,
eine grosse Mann.


Manche Legislaturperiode wird sich als vollstaendig irrelevanth erweisen und
maximal nur Kratzer hinterlassen.

Lord of shopping

When the Mall, the big marcet and garage gets too sticky and busy during Lord of miracles and
Snta Claus you can refrain from shopping !
And you could think of a Gutschein (also Bon or prepaied)
The Gutschein can look very creative, artistic and of liebevolle Ideen (ideas, dec o17)
    Viva comrades and comradinas

Cannon or colts

Targeted killing is since quite a while a big thing.
Since the times of buffaloes, witchburning, Las vegas, vietnam, slavehunts and DeepwaterH.
But know, not all are assasins and terrorists !
Some see a cannon, smoke and shoot the cannon.
    In some regions you do not get cigarrete papers, only single cigarretes sometimes,
in other lands you get cigarrs, Cohiba ! (in 3 sizes)

Revolution trains and cars
The revolution moves on since 40 years, it s a long hard way and it s a danceat night, save. You have cars which drive since 40 years, that is their problem really. IN other lands they have a million of cars, somehow equipped to help them find the way. They need to callback 100 thousand of their cars because they ahve problems, failed. Your cars drive since 40 years. In other lands they have the "One road, One belt" and Silkroad initiative, where there is Rodeo and Bullride way it is different. They have trials and sue each other on their cars and block others progress, projects and revolution same time since 40 years.
    They prefer unsave roads and unsave nights, thats their way !
Their cars and roads are a disaster, also for the ones who do hitch hiking.
Others do Superfast trains.
The train goes oneway, cars go anywhere. The train reaches on time, on shedule, your cars run for 40 years. That is what others hate, revolution and cars which do 40 years, that s why they try to block it.
    They need to callback 100 thousand of cars, out of failor, their cars are failed cars, fully equipped failed cars, that is their way. It is like with silikon and botox, overdosed and blown.
    The revolution moves on, either in the colombian djungles or Venezuela, in Peru or Bolivia, Cuba is an historic example. It is time for trains. Revolution is a training which gets blocked and advanced since 40 years, do not advance it by their cars, go for trains and stay with standards, from savety, accuracy, reaching destinations, goals and targets. New trains and ships

Extreme choices

The president US can chose his cook and his preferd car, if he has not an aeroplane allready, also his team, sometime his team is going astray, somewhere else, also the party.
    The gods chose as well, its by the ultimate and high standards, they watch and do their selection.
    Products over time do their own results, many get nothing but fake and lies, that is whay they see little, believe much and go for nothing but rubbish, fake and fastfood.
El padrone de aquarias
I have a dream, you shall put a aquarium to Goa and
put in it a smalll crocodile de Chapora river.
In a restaurant, when the Crocodile gets bigger let it free to the rio.
You shall then catch the Neonspot Hechtlinge de Goa and put also into the auqarium, also de Cichlids de lago Pushkar into same aquarium possible.
    It will be an eyecatch for the many restaurant costumers and bring much success, viva india. And by the way, during times of revolution it takes out the heat during breakthrough times. Also "forca Mexicanos" possible (lifebearers with dicks, Dec o17)

      El padrone, hasta la vista

PS: also Aequidens usumatinka possible (Maronen bbarsch, Aquarien Atlas 2 or 3), aquarium is a oneside glassfront one, backside is hill

Disco and pockets

Silent Disco is a Nogo !
Silent revolution possible, ways are changing over times
Deep pockets and pockets of resistance !

Airline codes
You know in Europe you get an idea about Airlines and for which country they fly, like Air France, Al Italia, Brit.Airways, Lufthansa, Iberia, Austrian, also Aeroflot. In other regions you have to ask much where they fly to and for whom. Its names can be Delta, Copa, Avianca, Pan Am, Inter Jet.
    With Aero Mexico and Cubana it is different, you get an idea for which country they fly. They are in between the two big blocks and you know for whom they fly.

    In classic biz terms it would mean "Airline for a nation".
in neo biz terms it means something like, "flying somwhere for somebodies profits".

    By the way, Michael Moore is a great guy, he wrote books like "Stupid white man" and "Deckung Mr Bush" he knows the movie industries, that biz and he goes for it, he takes action and moves into that thing, he does it, and he is a great producer, viva Mr Moore !

Nation 2 nation ...

I dont know why counter revolutionaries fly to Miami, Housten or Atlanta. Its the same climate and partly biz. Now from US to Cuba they need a guide from an US organisation, maybe under the banner "group education meeting" (by people to people) or "nation 2 nation" with a guide.
    At the N Peruvian-Ecuadorien border 2-language border signs would make sense under the "nation 2 nation" banner, somehow also "none-spanish friendly" ! Or under the "touri friendly" logo or the "Costums 2 costums" friendship, also "Tourifriendly" design. I think "Un-spanish friendly" is a good idea.

Two months later
After having travelled nearly two months I got in reach of a english newspaper ( It has mutlilanguage editions under the "Reach the people of Americas" motto.
    Success !
    I have nowhere else seen any english newspapers from Peru -Ecuad - Mexico during 2 months.
    There were minor problems with hotels, as leaking toilets even in old hotels with saloon once (Per, mex), and the hotel managment ( but never in Cuba leaking toilets.
    There was multiple waiting time at busstations or aerports, but I also slept under trees and on beachrocks.
    There are many "sex for money volks" in the streets and cities of span. latin Americas, but little schools, book stores or newspaper supply aside. What was once natural got biz in Kapitalismo. What is naturally got commercialized in kapitalismo, if it is there at all.

    Where there is humanity lost since centuries under the cross you can buy sex on the streets, but not newspapers. (Belem - Rio - Quito)

In Havanna I got the best ice cream since years
Guyabana, stratiatella, cofee and more, thanx !

What counts in spanish Americas ?

The master is really pissed and is asking himself what counts in spanish Americas ?
Hermano, el padre, matadji, 2 comrades and 1 comradina got about nearly 18 postcards (?) from Mexico, Peru, Ecuador (Quito) and Cuba, but they did not get that many of postcards ! Opus Diaboli
    What counts, maybe conectivity, in bus sations, shuttle busses,
a Wackelzug under a factory aerports imperial train to the luggage (madrid) or eventually a bid of heat and AC in the many terminals of a megacities, and less Kapuzentraeger during nights at 2000 m there, who knows ?
    But befor X-mas and New Year the postcards should have been arriving, at last !
Was is it too many of stamps and white peaks as Huascaran north and south ?
Was it too many sticks for a tent out of 3,
it is magic and misteries unanswered. (31.12.2o17)

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