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Fellaws of Morbidien and Mystisthan IX (9)
    general laws and emerging cheap flights ....

    Fellows of Mystisthan and Morbidien, of katholic Latin Americas, if you keep on searching in some rooms of packbackers, you will find nothing absolutely nothing. Know there are 5 places on each single way between the restaurant and way back to the guest house, 5 places for big money and 5 places for drugs on way. In the room there is nothing, not a single wodka bottle over 1,5 ltr not a single cream of niveau.

    Fellaws of Mystisthan and Morbidien you will get nothing and find nothing, there is Lord of miracles. There are many places to hide a bimbo or plastic jumbo, and many places to hide drugs and big cash, in the room of travelling CEO you ll find nothing, absolutely nothing fellaws of Morbidien ! (Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Maroc)

    You have no eyes for packbags, you have not even eyes for your costly smart phones, and you never had ... fellows of Morbidien have eyes for some fingernails, or toenails after 3 months on a packed bus in Maroc ... some have bad taste and will die by that, I call em fellaws of Morbidien, or check Opus Diaboli (book by Dir 5)

    Some contracts are worth nothing, not for lost luggage over 3 days in Cuba, not for a WiFi antenne alike leftover there, and not for hot coffe poored in aeroplane over some odd NAGABABA legs, on way beside split tiny desks in planes.
    There are now many cheap fliers out there, and that is how new marcets emerge, but better cut somebodies else fingernails and trample on their toes (with mt boots), better you loose their luggage, spry and dust their hairs over times. Dust and hair are a special mix for some ... morons !

    and do not forget, each single air ticket and boarding pass is a small contract ! .... contracts have been out there since the native american wars and land splitting ..... has been a big thing since times of conquistadors.

    .. where there is no eyes and senses, but for smart mobiles which do megaprofits over some months, where there is no eyes and senses for int. contracts (flights) better keep your lousy fingers off some nails and packbags, where there is no eyes and senses, do not risk your lifes fellaws of morbidien.

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Akten Alpenfestung, Local mad obs

    ECUADOR: On way from Peru via Lagoa Verde, on ecuadorian side, police checks can happen on routine and breaks on way in AC busses. Stand to bus, spread legs and so forth. Hip wide gallies in AC busses are not always comon standard. Snta Maria is nice, with an aerportlike looking Bus terminal.

    PERU: On way from Lima to Huaraz can be an hardship at the PanAmericana outer line, then into and up the mountains, but hardly any shops in the high altitude villages, in general little traffic on peruvian Alti Plano, but in the cities the more !

    MEXICO CITY: Some suburbs of Mexico city and adjoining areas are dangerouse, also adjoining areas to Chiapas. There nightgroup sittings of police squads in small villages like Jerusalem or Maravhila. Also Jaguars there, normally during nights. Agua Blanca is nice, viva exercito ! great. Maravila and Jerusalem are different, Las Nubes great, also Monte Bello (National parks).
    Little traffic overall on mexican southern countryside, hardly any traffic (cars, auto, trucks), also at border region to Guatemala.

    TRAVEL WARNING for Somalia, Iraq, Honduras, Belize, Sao Paolo, Rio (suburbs and favelas) dress decent there. Also some downtown parts at nights in Madrid and Barcelona.

    Never show posh and fency. If you have anything like a costly watch, necklace, earrings, bracelets, gold and jewels DO NOT show it in the streets, not from Sao Paolo to LA.
    Do only wear simple loose streetwear and daygear, many people like to take it from day to nights, anywhere at any busy streets. In some beach areas of Rio only wear a string, tanga and towel. Mark my words.

    MONEY LAUNDRING in these days is a different thing, it has a counter office in Kathmandu, backside with a parklike garden, but that is a different issue. Nepal has organised mountaineering.
    If you want gold and jewels go to any church therefor !! Go there and stay there from Sicily to Bergamo (cum aerport, also Trier and Worms)

    Travel Warning also for Iraq and Syria, also parts of Libya since Bush II. Do not get lost in the desert and vadis there. Iran looks organized from sky during nights from aeroplane, they had many parties during last votes.

Modern Rippoff systems - Latin Americs VII (7)
    3 days without luggage after flight with Cubana without compensation, but they wanted 15 $US for the router they kept in the time of my stay, which did not happen. When you get your lingerie back I dont want your money therefor.

    One broken hotel glassfront door, I had to do it because the hotel manager failed to open the door after me having paied the night in advance and coming back from food and a 4 hrs busride before the same day.

    2 months travelling, waiting time on way, busstops, aerports, cities, coasts and woods maybe 2 weeks, (oct - dec 2o17)
    2 quite fency hotels with leaking toilets, one of them wit a saloon. (Huanuco, Campeche)

    Strange distance cost relations on many routes and partly wired bus connections, if any.
    Hardly any national air carriers in Lat Americas, can not be figured out by its names. Mexico and Cuba seem to be excemptions (Aero Mex. and Cubana). Partly strange flight connections and wired distance-cost relations. Do not know how they calculate some routes. (Cancun- MexCity/ Mex.city- Havanna)

    Very bad information system IT, only smart phones. No english newspapers over 2 months, but smart phone users. Finally Cubas Granma was an excemption, english edition which also performs on the web. (Peru, Ecuador, Mexico)

    It is in all countries travelled a more or less people and touris Rip off system, where every coin and ticket get turned two times, if you get it at all and can read tickets at all. Transportation system in many rural areas is a mixed story from minibusses, over Pick ups to AC-busses, cabs and private cars sometimes.

    No Superfast trains, the marcet gap, between partly broken 4 wheelers and aeroplanes. Travel warnings will be given for several regions, cities, lands. (Peru, Ecuador, Mexico)

    As the tentstick got stolen out of the room during first days (poor people use tents in the center of Oaxaca !), and unwanted room crawling got done over weeks in most guest houses and hotels, companies as follows will never get into my tent, it is not possible. Here the corpses
    Aside mating got more commercialised over the years, it is not normal and natural any more. It got the same ripp-off story as in many other parts of lands and its economies in lat Americas. Good for biz only and part of survival fight in the hemisphere. I stay on beaches (also overnight) and in the tent.

You took a stick from a tent - Salewa "Sierra Leone" (Huaraz Peru oct.017, Aldos Gh) From now on you ve no place in my car, you ve no place in my cab, no place in my pick up. You have no sleeper busses, you ve no superfast trains, no trains at all, no conectivity, only cars with automatic and sometimes huge AC busses have not even hipwide gallies.

You speak of freedoms and independency, since Vietnam ... there are no indigenas in the Appalaches, here they speak zeltal !! You get all my tent sticks, bet on it. There are no Chipsis, Sinthi, Zigeuner and Roma in Europe, you get all my tent sticks from now on.

Hot cofee over leg during flight, - compensation none (try it yourself, turk air)

Lost luggage over 3 days by aerline - compensation none (cubana)

Thefts and stolen goodies even in fency looking guest houses with jurte.kg in front ... irrelevanth ....

hotel Azgaour, Maroc, upper valle de Oureka gets a travel warning

( noCam noPics since the jacket act in Parvaty valley, some huts up there show the same "welcome in crawl hut" settings over years, others are fine, not far fom the white karnikel)

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