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G7 with a Nazi

The G7 summit got joined by the prseident of the USA. As people got to know since long, these guys have strange and dangerouse ideas. This man had 2500 cases before court, in other lands he d be treated as a criminal.

    At the G7 summit he told the prime minister of the Japan that he will ship 25 mio Mexicans to Japan. Once there got million of slaves shipped over the ocean to the US to make the foundation of what it is today. Over some 5 years 60 mio buffaloes got killed on the plains in the US. Now this president speaks of million Mexicans he will send to Japan. This is not only rethoric, this is total Nazi and a clearly shows their ideas with countries and keeping with people.

    It is dangerouse to do biz with such people, and even more dangerouse to join their wars. This language shows very clear their doing with lands and its people once and today, it is only some numbers for them, fitting for transport. Once it was million of slaves, then million of jews, today million of mexicans a president want to ship.

    You better know with whom you are doing biz and have a military alliance today. If you do not know it the final product can look very ugly and evel.


The president of the USA speaks of hell, witchunt, stabbing in back, million mexicans getting shipped, shitholes. You better know with whom you do biz with before million people get to know it !

Admission for nazi or job

Whatfor they offer you to learn language for business, accounting, diplomacy, giving interviews for jobs. Just look at the new president of the USA, he is a business man, had 2500 cases before court, and better not try to speak his language, it is nazi languagae and business. Nobody will take you for the job if you speak like him, absolutely nobody, but some idiot nazis.

Make no mistake !

They put phosphorus and fluorids in your mineral waters, make no mistake.
They sold 85 mio facebook users data, make no mistake.
They wrigged the votes, a mistake that happens often.
They know of every country its place, make no mistakes.
The US president scared to ship 25 mio Mexicans to Japan, make no mistake.
(once it were slaves and jews transported)
They feed you chlor chicken and gentech-food without getting you notice on it in menues, make no mistake.
They film you during meals, make no mistake.
Windows vista and win 8 had not many fans, they tried too many mistakes.

    The USA a strategic partner for many started putting high tariffs on many imports from many countries,
also on imports from once friends, make no mistake.
Weakening marcets is one thing, loosing friends another thing.

Tradewar got started

If you are curiouse in latest numbers on trade war which got started by the USA, here the link to latest losses on either fronts. Also interesting Enthaltene Werte (included values) which shows specific companies, shares numbers and curves. Nasdaq has strange share holders, Take care you could get part of the new conflict, embeded.

Friends change

Weakening marcets will weaken friendships.
Friends can be changed for new ones, maybe not for nazis, racists, neocons or extremists alike. (Cylon jun.2o18)

Nazi songs and melodies

Since years you can buy music files, i-tunes, wav, mov, mp3 and mp4 files, music from special sweet music file providers and a lot of cantors (singers) from the west, they love to sing and play music, it is part of their freedom struggle and promotion. There is also other sweet music in the streets since years, you can buy it, it is possible to buy all that different music files in the marcets streets, sweet sounds in shops and streets, they also sing in cities like Chiclayo Peru, where many on the land live in very poor condition.

    But be carefull in case there could be nazis or neocons near you, also scientologists or extreme kathols, they could cut and polish your fingernails at nights, they could shave your guts overnight, they do not sing that much in the streets, they could also cut your stonetable when you are out as they also did with university mensa boards for plates, and could cutoff the spring from your house. Be alert when the nazis and neoconas are close to you over 10 years. It is very important for them to do idiotic and mad, they like to make enemies.

    Then you get aware of nazis by their idiot acts. They try what is possile while there is sweet singing in the streets, many different music files, wring-tones and melodies from street. And if nothing happens over 10 years by others singing you can buy it, yes possible of course. The birds sing for free, can you believe it.

    Once they shaved the inmates of nazi camps heads, others get their guts shaved travelling (opus diaboli), it is by the same nazis, you can be lucky if it does not happen to you. Not long ago in austria some local politicans (running for elections) got problems with singing nazi songs from children books, some city majors need to get forced to accept 10 migrants to their city in some province there. Now they closed 7 mosques in austria, that is how they make enemies, they really try hard to make enemies for long.

    The ones selling music files and their songs in the streets come by themself (nicht ganz sirenen), you can buy it either in this or that form, from a mix of different music files in marcets to overall body performance. The other come in the dark, unseen, unrequested, they keep themself as very special, special idiots, and like to meddle and mass at many places, and they will pay for it, making enemies has a price as well, no question.

No headscarfs but junkfood

You can eat junk food, chlor chicken, you can eat gentech food and drink bad mineral waters, you can stuff your breasts with silicon and get facelifting, but headscarfs no, that is too much for them. Because headscarfs they can see in the streets, junk food, chlorchicken, gentechfood you do not see in the streets, it is in your stomach inside your body, but headscarf you see in the streets and they prefer naked boobs and legs.

    Junk food is part of business, headscarfs are not part of business, you can chose it by yourself and that is their problem, nobody makes big profits with headscarfs but with junk food. Headscarfs you can see in the streets, that is what they fear, they prefer naked boobs and legs and doing profits with junkfood.

Pretty fake flatscreen

One of the fronts of neocons and nazis is the flatscreen front, the front which is soft to manipulation, overall they like all what is good for fake and false, from food, chemical, fat, fast and junk, gentech, chlor chicken etc. On flatscreens software, TV, movies, soaps, socalled reality TV, boobs, show, dance and crime, news and the more

    But software looks so pretty, its use is soft and colourfull, magic so to say, it got small in your hand today, a small puppy, a little baby or tamagotchi, it blinks here, it shines there, fantastic and so much possible, great.

    All what contains a big option for fake and false is fascinating to them, a book you can not fake that easily, a problem since centuries for them (some tried fake Hitler diaries, some several years always again a good media hype). A book you buy one time and thats it, you do not need updates on routine, a book is something very solid, also post cards (be happy if it get sent from Peru or Ecuador) software and flatscreens are not.

    They can do and perform a lot with it and that is what they love, performing by screens and the more with modern flatscreens from mobiles over computers to TV. That is magic to them. Books, postcards and newspapers are totally different, solid stuff for more time, also for decoration at home. TV and computing is temporary, always changing its face, alwas again a new mask, always different and then gone, that makes the magic for many. Such a small thing and always something new blinking and shining there, not lasting for long.

    It happens that some agency from that country wants digital information from another country, often they support each other with data and info havens, and in some cases then the information on request got deleted allready they tell, it was not worth keeping it, storing it, so it is mostly temporary. You can see it by your emails and messages on mobiles, it is temporary, lik with most rubbish, not as with love letters once, which some kept and read sometimes, digital stuff is mostly temporary.

    Another update (temp), another version (temp), another optimization needed (temp) for this or that version, I mean how do you wnat to get along with windows over the years, or google, it is sometimes risky to just mention their names in the web and social networks, take care then.

    Web multies are sensitive to that, they try a million things over the years, from active x once (multies unsoft multimedia) special, unique and genuine if not soft generic, over a multitude of services, remote endpoint controlls, autostart adapts and WPD, background acceleration pograms, Team-viewer is not yet outdated (nazis watching) as they tried in fascination a million things by software, they do not like it at all that somebody mentioned their name, their brand so to say in words, and not in a usergroup or fanclub, thats too much. Just try it, the G multie, the multirole software and hardware performer, but as often with women also, they can not take it easily when their brand got notice or a joke in public webspace, getting rediculed somewhere out there in webspace beside the normal. Others can take street melodies and possible over years, no problem.

    Digital multies are not that solid on all sides, some flanks are open, sensitive and quite fragile to their own brand and name when it gets mentioned. They try a million things over years (intellectual property), you can plug a pen-drive (usbstick even 2.0 allready) to a mashine and it gets immediately the rubbish files, the dirt and virus files, the virtual injection on autoconnect, the software malaria and worms.

    Today trendy aside are most read articles if not fake news, pictures and messages which go viral, which spread the message, which spread and serve the new presidents tweets and need to feel heroe. The holy word and nonesense to be followed and he really wishes it would be like with the big dictator, humble cheers, followers and audience who always spend the big applause to him at the right time, it was like that since the wild west in some town meeting halls.

    He wanted to block some followers also, something special which did not work, not tough enough to take some virtual followers, webspace is open space, there is not that many walls and fences there, same counts with followers and web migrants, take care they are coming, better buy ya a basic mobile then (now new, basic and simple for mobiles ...) if you can not take too many followers in the web, others have 4 000 virtual friends at some socalled social thing there, some have problems with single sims, same time fully connected mutlisurround Hifi and WiFi with bluetooth and hotspot and then come a single sms, too much, one sims too much, turning point.

    As long as not half the world gets reduced to mobiles and small smartphones, but still stay on Netbooks, Laptops and PCs out there, people who watch, observe, read and take their time (forget hatespeech and fake news, it is just another trick for fake and stayoff) people who make their own opinion, webspace will not be left and lost to the ones who want to spoil and reduce it since years.

    Webmulties and new presidents can look different in webspace, quite funny then, fake and false is like anywhere else, but migration and action in the web can still be in many directions, as also watchers, viewers can be from many ways and sides, small mobiles will not really fit that task, and there is allready Linux Cinnamon out there (can be ordered by PC welt magazine - (Cylon jun.2o18)

Seit 10 jahren hoehre ich die heuchlerische Brunft der Weibchen zwischen Meereshoehe und 2000, und dann soll man kaufen oder ...

The Barbarians of 2o18

It was carefully planned, there was smoke in the school as they planted smoke bombs before. Then shots another 15 killed in school shooting, also 2 teachers, all killed by school attendants. Some of them saied later that teachers should carry guns or pistols there with them to fight back the shooting school pupils. It was not unusual in the schools of the Barbarians that school attendants shot other pupils. Then they did cosmetics and talked of justice.

    It got carefully planned, there got cameras put in the hotel room up at the 11 th floor. His wive was from the Phillipeens, she was off there to visit her family there in the while. Then the concert on stage, a 1 000 people around, the barbarians like concerts, music, show, dancing and the heroes on stage. The concert was not far from the hotel, shots got fired, a few rounds with full automatic assault rifle, 90 shots in one minute, that was many shots. It was not unusual with the barbarians to carry around and use the most modern guns, they also get them as presents by banking, rifles by banking. People fell over each other, running around in panic, some carrying others away. Police was approaching then, also ambulance, music, shots and ambulance got heared same time. Again shots got fired in random, it was the worst mass shooting 2o17, a massacre. 49 poeple got killed, the shooter finally shot himself. Then they talked of justice again.

    The leader of the Barbarians ordered the same year to seperate children form their parents when they got cought somewhere in their land in search for work, it was always about jobs, cheap jobs in the lands of the Barbarians, many also sold themself for money in that hemisphere. It was a tradition, then they did cosmetics and talked of justice.

    Till then the Barbarians always welcomed cheap workers, immigrants, it was since centuries like that, once it was slaves, then also children got separated from their mums and dads before they got shipped over to the hemisphere of the Barbarians for getting sold there as slaves.

    As by the order of the Barbarians leader 2o18 when they got cought they should get seperated from theri parents then they got put to cages and tents, it was always like that with the Barbarians. Once slaves got seperated, the children from teir parents and shipped over to the lands of the barbarians, sold to their new owners (also to Brazil, overall in the new conquered hemisphere, read also Charles Darwin - disgusted of the brazil slave trade and treatment, feudalkatholische Besitzungen)

    The Barbarians had new mashines then, also robots allready, they developed programms for their new flatscreens of all sizes for all people, also TV with decoders and many small flatscreens with the socalled android system on it. They had flying computers which looked like small aeroplanes without pilots collecting data, surveilling many places and regions, their flying computers could also carry weapons to strike and kill their enemies which were many at the time and got more.

    Also in the land of the Barbarians themself, many common people did not like the ruling class there, the establishment and the leader of the Barbarians as they did so much cosmetics and talked of justice always again.

    Then the Barbarians started seperating children form their parents which got cought in their land by the comand of their leader. The people got to see pictures of crying children without parents on TV, many did not like it and got upset but the leaders of the Barbarians moved on as once, they did some cosmetics and talked of justice. (cosmetics in Amerias can also be watched as fem 2 fem manicure-pedicure in shops at aerports and streets, also in small fem groups and shoe shiners in streets as part of public symbolism beside the many poor people)

    The French were a bid different, they treated native people in their colonies a bid better. Other Barbarians brought their prisoners once to new discovered lands (Australia) and later, some 50 years before 2o18 they also seperated the native children from their parents (Aboriginees) to bring them up in the schools, internats and churches of the Barbarians, it was a common practice.

    Then they talked of justice again, they were searching for it but it got sold allready for long in the lands of the Barbarians, justice got sold for biz, it was the year 2o18.

Face them

The US embassies new location in Israel is Jerusalem while otherwhere embassies got closed, minimized and stuff reduced and taken to home countries.
    Iran is next on the attack list of the US president, a strong muslim regime with power (also strategic) and influence, for long enemy to the USA.
They named it The new american century, so with its new ugly president from the USA, new wars on want, very clear.

    Face them, face their greed,
face their immigration policy with families,
face their fightings, coups and plots,
face their "No trade now" but,
face their meddling with Europe,
face their foods,
face their one new embassy in Jerusalem and the others,
face the times ahead,
ahh you are too dull to see and too weak to face it.

    How did they name the century,
they want to make you part of it and not by trade,
do you like it, take care.

    The one new embassy in Israel Jerusalem, the rest reduced of stuff or shut down. Bad diplomacy and high tariffs on imports, trade once their holy cow. Migrant families torn apart by command.
    Old friends quit for the price of tradewar and new wars, and pressure put on them for more military spending.

    Ahh you are too dull and dumb to see them, then take care !

Neonazis revival

One of the differences between the nazis now and the nazis once is that today their people eat allready poisened and bad food and get worse education. The nazis once tried to keep their volks healthy and fit, today they posisen themself or takeover food policy from the ones who learn them new languages for biz.

    They get new education by the ones who can hardly speak proper english themself, but get good money for nice speeches in public (in the name of biz), their children get to learn new languages for biz, to become independent and good buziness men and women, and if it does not work finally they can sell themself.

    Along beside they learn new dances like hiphop or the old spanish ones for trying to stay fit beside eating junk food instead of getting solid education and to learn a living foreign language. That is their way in preparation for old marcet and old shopping in the name of neocons and nazis and their biz.

    All these come by the neocons and neonazis, they learn them new speech, new dance and new songs in the name of biz and money, all mostly good for biz. But then they wonder why pupils shoot each other at school, why they shoot each other in the streets and do massacres, often well planned with strategy.

    Isn t that strange, they learn all that strange things at school, eat so many bad foods, learn a new strange language and then they wonder why so many people are angry and upset.

    Then they point at an enemy, allready a weak enemy, migrants close to death and often escaped death, often paied heavy, that should be the enemy really, they point in the wrong direction.

    Do migrants poisen your food,
do migrants learn you the new language,
how to sing and to whose pipe to dance,
do migrant children shoot you at schools,
better you know it !

    It is better know what you eat,
better see what your children learn,
better know your dance and songs and
then know your enemy if there is one !

    Once nazi children got Erhohlungsurlaub (holiday) and got sent to Swiz and GB, today they get bad education, consume bad food and their families get holiday stress, getting stressed by going for holiday in Europe.

    There are a few presidents and leaders out there who like the Nazis and Hitler as example, who are proud of shooting others, and like to fight big and point at the weak, nothing more special to them than to hit on the weak, then even take their families apart. Some of them had 2500 cases before court, others are proud shooters, some shoot rockets, for some that was too much then, shooting rockets, guess.

    Thatfor people need to know the price for having nazis as leaders, it is war on want again, and better do not eat too much junk food, do not get too much worse education where it was better and bad education where they had hardly any since centuries, better you know the price.

    People distracting and confusing is good for biz, another part of it is food industry then clear and simple enemies, and if it is weak enemies, they get made weaker without children. It is again the ones who paied allready a high price for their flight, if not with death, then today they get to lands where their families get seperated by nazis, children get put to cages and tents, after they paied for their flight, some paied with their death.

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