Special fish

Indian Snakehead

Snakeheads between other fish at Almora marcet (1600m) Snakeheads are powerfull hunters in mnay colour variatioins, distribution range from southeast Asia to north northeast India. They live in waters with much vegetation, ponds, jheels, rivers, flooded areas, young ones hunting insects can be watched at the Bod Gaya water tank (with staue, Bihar), the only place i ve seen them naturally, usually they live hidden in water plants sometimes getting close to surface on the hunt, powerfull biters when old.

They can not be found at Almora which is an indien city with a 2,5km Bazar at 1600m altitude and from the Kosi up its 14 kilometers on road.

Barsch (unknown)

Seen at Pushkar lake and some ponds and tank in Goa, can be found all over India. Nicely painted, lives in small swarms, what is not so common with this fish order (Barsche), feeds on insects, larves, small fish. Have never seen in fish books even as its nicely painted and can be found at many regions.

Hechtlinge ind.

Small hunter with neon spot on upper head distinctive, max size about 14cm, Only seen in Goan clear waters, little streams, flooded fields and similar waters with vegetation, usually close to surface hunting for insects (moscito larves) or small fish. Interesting small raptor which also does for aquarien.

Hammerhead sharks

Hammerheads are as well living off the Goan coast, sometiomes you can see young ones as part of the catch at fish marcets. They re living far off the coast or beach areas often patrolling togather.

European freshwater fish -


(umbra krameri) Small Knochenfish related to the Hecht, kind of urzeitrelkikt living in small well covered wood streams and reed areas, or flooded zones. Interesting by its fin movements, nearly extinguished biut got found in late 80s in a small stream along the Danube in austria, can also be found in hungarian reed and schilfgürtel areas (ufer u flachwasserbereiche), Lives solitary.


Lives in open clear lakes usually on gravel or stone grounds in southeast Europe, usually solitary and put single eggs on stones. Good for unheated sweatwater aquarias. Once seen in a huge kroatien lake on way to otok Hvar having a break on way.


Originally from the eastern US, can be found wild east of Vienna in some lakes, Lobau to Hainburg, Lives in small swarms and takes territory when breeding, good for med sized to big aquariums unheated.

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