Tough Questions

Tough Questions

Tough Questions

Which war and in which century was the longest for the USA ?

In which century and how many got killed on US side during their longest war ?

How many got killed in the shortest war in the USA (by a virus) ?

What tirggered and staged demonstrations, unrest and turmoil in cities like Mineapolis or Charlottville ?

How many got killed in France over the covid year +2 months ?

How many got killed in Germany over the covid year plus 2 months by the virus ?

Do you think that frases like social distancing (over 2-3 weeks), masks self done or sen on TV over the first 2 covid months was good for helping the fight against teh virus. Do you think that phrases like " ... contact persons, herd immunisation, ... brueckensperre, " helped the fight during the covid year ?

What is state of nursery ? Is that a syndrom or a reality, lets say in some pubs or late nights scenario ?

Does the nursery syndrom work usually and why at latenight scenarios in towns ?

Does the moon or moon sect help the fight against covid 19 ?

How many of ten covid smear tests were positiv in Italy in public transport vehicles and places in mar april ?

What does that mean for volks hitting ground ?

Arte these smear tests on public transport relevanth in pupulated cities or more on the socialising scale ?

How could that be that in teh USA itself there were so many fatalities over the covid year ?

Do cars help then ?

Could ventilation or AC be a factor in that US yearlong case scenario ?

Do garden parties on green lawns help then ?

Ot better single golf plaiers instead of garden parties ?

Could a garden plot be involved ?

How could Antrax get sent during the ceroe years and Bush 2nd times ?

For whom was the antrax letters deadly ?

Which case is the latest case related in a way to Antrax ?

Was that targeted or looking like random fatalities, waren die Berichte dazu genug ?

Lets finish here with germs and worms !

What happened in Australia and California over 3-5 months ?

Can trees survive wildfires ?

Can bushes survive wild and bushfires ?

Which animals survive bush and wildfires ?

Reptiles, spiders and insects ?

Are Kangoroos fast Beuteltiere and do they know exit ways and strategies ?

Did fatalities happen in cars during the bushfires ?

Is climbing rocks or jumping in the sea better during wildfires along coastal areas ?

How many cannonballs per average did it take to sink one wood battle ship once ?

On Jumping

On which side would you "Jump the Dam" (120 m hight) during normal water level ?

Does that relate to bunjee jumping ?

Which is more costly "Jumping a Dam" or Bunjee ?

Which one is usually mostly forbidden ?

Can that get done during nights or below the dam ?

Crossing rivers

What do you take with you before crossing the Ganga over Rishikesh (also mat possible, raft NO) ?

What do you inspect before doing that and over what time ?

Who is the heroe ?

Where do you read that ?

Did you ever dream of jumping a djungle tree ?

Do you use a liane then ?

Is that coplicated and why ?

You can also ride branch but know if it takes you !

Any other dreams ?


Places and names by a virus

There was the times when the ones of the facebook group and the ones of the amazon group and the ones of the google groups got grilled. Did that have any effect and in which dimension beside the sell of the 85 million (users and followers data) ??

It was the times when the last US president called the virus in a specific way, maybe because he was a millionaer with the age of five.

    But when we ask about names, mutant names and new names it will probably not by the GB mutante or the south African mutante etc Its names was mutants, covid 19 or corona. Lately it got to the new variants, and it got said that the new variants are even more infevćtiouse. It was the mutants from big lands, so be carefull about that spreading of that specific mutants if you want to avaoid more fatalities and dead in weeks.
    When it gets to the new names of the mutants was any presindent or manager so stupid to name the virus after South Africa or to name it after frozen meat, GB or Teichdorf. Was anybody so wired to name it after the new lands of the mutants origins. No, but the danger is still there ! The graves are there and get filled on weekly and daily base from GB to South Africa and the USA.

    Some open lands with 11 mio plus or 2.5 million plus newcomers and cheap labour could not really get it under controll and the numbers of dead were higher than from two last World Wars. What that explains and shows is left to the ones who might have been to these lands once, or to Mallorca. Anyway, good enough that the immunisation and vaccination rollout gets done fast in some lands after so many fatalities.

As the US, GB, France and Italy and Spain had a lot of fatalities and dead by the virus did anybody name the virus after that political powers and marcets, NO ! Did anybody name it after the aircraft carrier or an infected cruiseship NO. So much about places and names and the accusations and finger pointing of head of states. Did anybody name the virus after some meat factory NO, but frozen meat stuff could hiunt in some way of spreading.

It can also be said that from China came the news that they found some frozen EU meat with the virus, some numbers showed domestics nd others import cases and that was really tiny numbers so far.

Further it can be seen that in some regions and specific european provinces travelling and island hopping is on the estimation plan for easter fest, no matter how quiet or silent it might get named lately. Tags got often changed over two decades in marcets.

    I have bunnies but I never feed them with eggs, NO ! They are marvelouse and beautifull chin Wollmilch - Leowenmaehnenkaninchen (also teddies and lions ...)

Mostly when I was off we had many fatalities in the neos, socalled open marcets (no wonder ...), or was it a house and a garden. The BUNNIE HORDS got sadly thinned out at over some days.

An overseer was so far ... Anyway there is the virus out there and its mutants was spreading in quite a lot of disturbing directions, eradicate it.

The virus seems to be very volatil and variable what makes it even more dangerouse, but China the Koreas and asian lands got it quite under controll so far. If other lands, however open or neoliberal they brand themself, with or without a Reiseanmeldungs oder Abmeldungs formular, or even total complicated marcets get that virus under controll, with a covid passport or not, or by a bannspruch uneffective ... , get that under controll and spraied and eleminated from the lands of open minded, nazi or neoliberal will be written and seen later this year.

    Its impact was heavy on marcet fronts and banks are here and there in the news. Banking and notebanking by the virus so to say, which will also shine and hit light on that way of politics and its stimuly path.

The meister was travelling over years but rarly had a 5 year travel plan or a plan for lets say in 5 or 10 months, which is too much of planning for travelling. The adventure and spontanity is lost then often. There were tickets onway and many ideas, visions and plans of course for the routes, courses and trekks, and that mostly without a telefon over 70 dollar, if any, onway !!

So new plans and visions arise, the virus is there and yet striking bad, many people are on the vaccine rollout path. One of the problems is the viruses variability and mutants (volatiliy), what hints in the way of fast counter measures, on broadscale vaccination and strict lockdown reactions over some 2- 3 weeks in regions, cities or provinces.

    Masks and banking, even website skins or readable product papers (beipacktexte oder zusammenbau anleitungen ...) or remarks on fruits origin lands are other hot issues pointing to many options. The modell of a T 50/ 57 or a SU 35 will get ordered and it will not fly beside elevators or stairways used.

Tough questions on murder, balances and slacklines
Do you think that he is a murder ... ?
    No I think he went only went for shopping and that happened incidently ....

Do you think that that massacre was planned .. ?
    Just right now I can not elaborate on that but it has been proved that he went for a cofee pause to that land named australia (----???? ---), and that they call themself there identitaere (!) ... and later he flew from there to new zealand and got in reach of a gun and rifle there ...
Do you think that they are murders ... ?
    No it was a just case to fight for the arab spring, the yellow, green and lila revolution, it was 3 justified cases as they have so many autoritarian rulers, but not only there, and so many fency cars with open windows in the sun also, that is unbalanced and looks unjust.

Do you think that he is a murder... ?
    No he is a very good Judoka, that is for sure.

Do you think that Morales had influence in Bolivia ... ?
    Yes even over the borders, with contracts and against the palefaces imperial cases, he was a good ruler with a strong native background in contrary to the hypocrits of spanish villages.

Do you think that your equipment
was good enough for the High Andes and Peru ... ?
    Yes even the tent was a proper 2 person tent but lately then suddenly overnight after Huaraz a tentstick was missing, can you imagine, by all that heavy showers, hail and snow up at 3000m along some passes. Not one tesla can do it up there in the snow.

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