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The new gameplayers likes and wants,
actual discussions on rules and order even

Regelbasierte Ordnung ala USA, kann das funktionieren und wie ?

Aus aktuellem Anlass bei dem sich die Weltmaechte USA und China zu neuen Gespraechen in Alaska treffen kann man es sich kaum verkneifen, trotz aller Holz und Gartenarbeiten die daneben vielmehr Aufmerksamkeiten verlangen, dazu Stellung zu nehmen.

It has to be asked frankly how that rulebased order, or even worldorder shall look and would work, if at all, when we just take a few regions with something like rules and order, or what would look for the need of more rules and order.

How does a nation and world power want to bring order and does it mean seriously when their last president got tried for impeachment two times, what is indeed unique and worldwide and over history got never seen before. How does a nation want to see and bring a thig like rulebased order to other regions when their last president incited the run and storm on the own governemnt of the USA, the homeland itself.

How would that rules and order look then worldwide, and even so with other powerfull states where they meddled for long, if you can imagine.

How would the rulebased orders look anywhere when we can see over years how they shoot each other there in streets and cities, even their own schools, over weeks and months.

What happened to the land where the USA was searching for WMD (weapons of mass destruction) and was going for war fro regime change. How do tehse lands look today where total cities got bombed and flattened, where even western and european fighter took part as unlawfull combatantans or rogue western fighters.

Just imagine how that worldwide, something named like rulebased orders would look in many countries and hemispheres. What happened to lands like Irak, Afghanistan, Syria, partly Lybia where the western lands sent their troops over years. How would other lands and nations looklike when they would follow the dictate of the USA and its deeds and wars for some goals, rules and order.

In the the total Latin Americas, the once socalled backyard of uncle Sam, and over years in many areas the battlegrounds of drugwars and cartells with heavy involvemnt of armies, foreign paramilitaries, parapolice and cartells. There exist total shadow states beside the offical ones. Would more rulebased order there make sense, is it on some agendas or again the next big target, in the actual case and agenda a very big powerfull Nr One worldplayer which has its own problems and got that so far more or less under controll. Just imagine if the main western powers would get more influence there, like in the mid east, meddle and interfere more there.

Would that make sense, would that produce stability or more unrest, instability and chaos. Whats the real goals then behind, is it order, rules, progress, stability or the opposite even. If we see Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria it points exactly the other way, not much of rulebased order it got to chaos, rumble cities, million refugees, migrants, dust and ahses.

In the Americas the rules are done by the stongest, the most powerfull, the ones with most heavy weaponary, in matter of fact in many regions and areas there it is since years the rules burnt and shot by the most powerfull, the ones most stuck with heavy weapons, if it is about the fittest is on another table, they train in gyms since years, to get soemthing liek the "shine of the fittest".

The socalled rulebased orders have different and many strange looks in many lands, many people got to see that products it is just how it gats tagged, promoted and branded.

When rulebased order, leftaside the unlawful justice hypernotics, gets out of balance it gets the case for two impeachments (on try and row....), it gets to "The Run on the Capitol Hill". We could also ask, Did the run on the capitol bring a regime change to the USA, did new heads of state takeover, like in many african lands here and then. And there were fatalities during that chaos, the run on the capitol in the USA, four dead.

Did it inforce any regime change (regime of capital), did it bring a change and transmission on Big capital, the rule of the rich, established and crownies, the rule of fake and rigged, the rule of fake and shine while sametime people are forced to collect hundstruemmerl along their streets, how can that be, cero tolerance here and so much of acceptance there, leftaside the warmupstories of another presidents dogs, that gets so much of attention in these most rich lands. (cero tolerance here and so much of attention there)

Did that run on the capitol bring some changes we shall ask, did they get some cuts and stripes from big capital, from big money and its mistery rules and magicfake settings.

We have to ask seriously if the call for rules (maybe facebook basics could work) by the USA and discussions on that with the newbig player China does any results and in which way, did they mean that seriously.

At home in the US itself there are whitecops hunting and killing black volks, kneeing on them, even during pandemic times as a scream to heavens for the lunges of the sick and effected.

Was it about order, controll and rules when they have most dead and killed volks by the virus, the worldwide pandemy we have to ask. How does that order or rules look when so much is at the brink of lost forever. How did China manage the pandemic, and how many other lands did it like them.

When it gets to rulebased international orders we have to be very suspiciouse, of corse there are rules and some order in the UN, the ILO, the UN security councel, the WTO, the IMF, but it could get easily documented how that changed over the last years and with what effects.

There are others which listen hidden on these international organisations and agencies offices since years, maybe to get some clues on order or ideas on rules. Same accounts for diplomacy within some magic powerfull nations. Part of the cases was sanctioned diplomacy, closed embassies, attackes on offices with sound and frequency systems, it was also part of the game allready, during the last US presidents terms.

After many lands and nations in the near and mid east got brought down to rumble and ashes, along sametime some of the most rich and well setup nations, the ones which have the power to make artificial islands, meganew cities with maginficant skylines, hardly any to little taxes, no pay for hospitals for their own volks etc, while their neighbours got tried for regime change and tried for the search for WMD by the mutual friends, got tried for the womens case, and got bombed, boycotted and fought by the ones who think to know best for others. But what is left then for the others ?

States robbed, sacked and taken over by Big capital get a strange, a wired look, in this times. It keeps itself as fit and strong (kriegs ua kassen) but do not underestimate the productes from fake lips, legs and faces to bold heads, fake news and fake speech, anybody remembers the speeches of the once old and wise native american chiefs ?

Many contracst and papers turned in the while, some got tried secretly (TTIPS), others by the notes of the powerfull player who wrote some lines for the redneck whitemans island.

Over last months it was many killed and stroke by the virus, over years it was many murdered by gangs and shadow states, killed by cops and racits, devastated and exploited by the strong (socalled) and fit, the ones under weapons which got confused for the fit and healthy.

It got to the run on the capitol and two times the same president tried for impeachment who tried it,- in his way, How melodic .... isn t it. Some players got allready so powerfull with the age of 5 a bid like once old kings and pharaos .. but then later the impeachments did not work out really. But never mind, when so much got failed allready, rigged and faked, why should the impeachments suddenly work then really. On broad scale in many lands it looks that a virus dictated the new rules, a tiny stupid thing.

That has to get investigated, a virus will not dictate the new rules, dont let it allow that, the fight has to be won.

When all got corrupted nothing will work, it can not work when rules and orders, or that what is left of it does not hit. People have to be suspiciouse with the newold gameplayers and their new wants and likes.

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The Assange case against the Goshn case

Free Assange ... !

Mixingbowl News

Once more time it was possible beside the good news, fakenews, fake alerts and the usual networks thing and to get the essence and the mix out of that. One of the topics was the Northstream 2 pipeline and it reminds to the times when pipelining in web was a flatphrase.

They are haveing talks now between the high state officals, partly in Alaska and the scenarion shows that war of words get strong and are in high esteam. The times of Obama, one of the ex presidents of the USA, were very hot and with friction which did a freece and cooldown in relatiuons like between Russia and the US far below cero. Now with Biden it can eb seen that the relations get on a testrow again, and freezing or cooling of that relatuon far below ceroe again like lkets say 24 below ceroe celsius can not be recomended. Words can be many but the effect on stage is different then. The effects on pipleline projects further can be of diverese affect.

The yearlong practises of boycotts and blockades around 3 corners, so which do effect enteties which are not invoilved also economies which are not involved or even marcets which could get a share of a pipline is of the future topics and effect so. Pipelines can be done overland like some in Alaska or underground, pipelines can even get done in the seabeds whcih is even much more tricky and of a big challenge. In other regions people travel ontrains at altitudes over 3000 m on a vast plateau north of India sametime.

Effects on either economies are different so, views and future secnarios either underwater, overland or burried will show different outcomes.

Further we see failors on the maps during the covid vaccination times. Failors by good, mixed or lacking cover of provinces or total lands. Vaccination supply can be on broad scale or smaller scale if it is there in some lands at all. The vaccintaions can be by different pharma companies and agencies which do the vaccinations, finally son or later it can be then Vaccined nation accomplished. Contracts, agreements or MoUs for all that is on another page. Headlines are often focsd on one or two of these companies.

In some segments of EU marcets the grasping for total vaccination or good vaccination does not seem to be too strong overall. Even as Israel or Canada get and got (DJ getta) immunised on broad scale what accounts for big parts of their countries populations. The cases of ministers, agents, celebrities and many others who goit hit allreday are well known.

Others got hit in crowny palaces by racism sametime and these celebrities are in hot disputes since then and got good interview time by Oprah. How often and on which sckae of brutality crownies stuff was involved can get investigated as well.

Sametime hochglanz magazines in provinces of central Europe show that these ageold topics are hot and brisant as ever, the older, maybe grownup volks prefer these mags (old news) to costly and spittingimage prone smartmobs, which are good and best for another burning cloud server then. There is diversities between Bauernstuben, Plattenbau or Apartments (!!) where news on celebrities get checked. Also involved dads can show of wired to mixed scenarios here and then.

Further bad virus strains and more infectuouse strains have to get eradicated from the worldmap of pests and choleras, before more fatalities get seen. How that virus could get that fertile and vulnerable to genetic modification on itself needs to get investigated as well. Sperspreaders or highly infectuouse persons can also give clues.

Corona parties are another topic compared to real birthday ones, highly risky garden parties at some white houses or the partie for the latest newodd startup. That is up to the medias how to explain the differences on these matters. Black lifes matter, Fridays for Future (also thursdays or tuesdays/ dursttag und zweitag ?) and also celebrities and antiracism will matter.

No question about all that many raped and badly exploited women, abused children or war refugees, many of them have even children. But to split children from their parents at borders shows very ugly and can not even give proof of socalled dreamers ( state of dreams got shot to mars lately while the oscars got broadcasted by zoom on flatscreens this year).

Beside all the yearlong freedom of expression discussions from the Belarus heart, the many demos and fights there, after the tiems of justice for Peru to Bolivia, and again many autocrat rulers or fled from Vancouver island, via California to bavaria crownie lands lately. In which trust they will be involved is of another issue. Tissues and masks during winters can help here and there.

Before another witchunt on celebrities gets started try startups and the tunnels need to get shut before.

Many got to know of the rude and ugly Brits-press, (anything better than wordpress out there for offices) from empiric studies it can be saied that even around the ceroe years they were engaging in mozart cities pubs once and all eneded up fast either during nights at riversides or somenever visited hotels. This points directly from GB to to the Hongkong matters case. Without the want to deeply penetrate or trouble the financial hubs in GB or Hongkong it should get resolved amicable.

The Weisse Wolken Berge are not far from there and excurions for exotic fish are under estimation. By whom foreign or internal affairs get produced, disturbed, on trial, advanced or part of showcases is pending. Mr Nahed could do the animations for breaks on 5 TV channels in the while. Presidents are changing for the sake of freedoms here, in other lands they get brought on trial on row (peru, france, ...).

In other hemispheres constitutions get adapted for modern or sozial media terms, even as the total sellout of the 85 millions was done 4 years ago. The same term, 4 years, accounts for Brexit as well. Brexit took that marcets 4 years, many house speakers, the narrow angel for fastopt capitalists opened for short during the hotphase of Brexit. That hints sametime on huge marcets burocracies and most advanced homeoffices during covid times.

If MS was involved so far and update routines got sabotaged or even boycotted can best be saied from Linux homestations. No matter how friendly Mr Obama handled that programms and social network hyperplatforms. Last weeks had also hitting the mars in focus, which hints to space stations, which can be in or extraterrestric, in the while Indians infiltrated Nasa locations properly while manymany small but veryvery costly flatscreens got involved so far.
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Turky - Egypt

The Great Frontline

Risk Locations and Scenarios

Canoe II

Interview zum Political Correctness

Lately many people got to know the cost of something really smart, for how long that approves for hitting foreign countries or exotic grounds is of another matter.

Advance of profits, surveillance, practicability of buyus, goodbye me, or smart cities will be left to the ones who managed to tell their stories from cities in rumble and dust. And not the neverseen smartcities in smartimes after another garden party with covid.

The ones who managed to conquer or adapt flatscreens, some of them sabotaged, encrypted and blocked flatscreens for the later Pay for Freischaltung scenario. In some US states they get biglong fines for that hitting battleground.

Encrypting and boycotting total projects or companies is not that easy. Assymetric scenarios glimmer on horizons and sametime it should not get missed that viruses modificate and spread differently.

Angela went on weekly divestation, also Putin used a submarine here and then. If the return of the 70s is close so the new young and fit generations will show (yellow sub).

Overall virus scenarios show strict borders and controlls, less whitehouse gardenparties or smartime stageacts with the run on the capitol hill later. In some lands it was a covid test for 100 euro after a much better and cheaper one in Turky and a free one at MUC airport.

Submarine- and dive stations look different.

Viele schaeumen vor Wut, die Leute sind ratlos

Wie konnte sowas poassieren nach all den Jahren schon wiefder sodumme fragen und noch duemmetre antworten.

Die Leute schaeumen vom Kongo bis Ruanda, von Peru bis Mexico. Nazis verkriechen sich in die Hinterzimmer, schliessen sich ein und bangen der Spritzen. Die Strassen leergeraeumt und dann so Antworten auf nochduemmere Fragen, nachdem vor Jahren schon manch CEO auf die Buehne gehopst ist und dann noch einer und nocheiner, euphorisch und angetan der rieseigne Projektionen und Leinwaende wegen.

Winzig vor der Generalversammlung und doch fasziniert der kinoartigen Moeglichkeiten wegen, da bleibt keine Frage offen. Und dann sowas, viele gehen derzeit in Deckung obgleich die Staedte, Doerfer, Gassen, egal wie und ob durch Fussgaengerzonen eh schon leer geraeumt waren. So dumme Fragen dann auch und noch komischere Antworten. War das in english, wurde das falsch gedolmetscht, gar deklariert oder uebersetzt, ein Foppa, Ausrutscher heute wie gestern etwa, ganze Presidentenbewacher und Flughundestaffeln sind ueberwaeltigt solch Agitation wegen. Ganze Autos rutschen da von Parkplaetzen und die Lampen haengen nach oben, wie kann man nur so unachtsam sein.

Wo sidn die Adjutanten udn Lakaien der Kino und Illusionsindustrie gewesen, schon wieder am falschen Ort zur falschen zeit.

Agenten steigen wie Taranteln aus dem TV und hinterher die Moerder und Ganofen, seit jahrzehnten warten Viele auf solch unaufgeklaerte Faelle. Harry Potter dreht sich in Schloss und Kirche um, ganze Holzkisten rutschen durch spinnenumwobenes Gebaelk, bei solch Anschuldigungen, als ob es nurmehr 2 oder drei Minister, Presidenten und Angelobte gebe, vielleicht noch wo ein verseuchter kleingemachter President im Dschungel der Busfahrplaene und tagesaktuellen hochglanz Nichtigkeiten.

Wie kann man nur Agenten mit Ganofen und ungesetzliche Kaempfer mit Bewachern an Schuleingaengen verwechseln, wie kann man nur 100 Minister der Tropen mit Autofahrern und Influencern des irischen Archipels vertauschen, ueberall liegen smarte cities in sumpf und Asche.

Sogar der Saubermann der Phillipinen (neo) bleibt bei soviel Blut und Boden Matsch der Fragenden, nach Opfern schon durch Kampfhaehne, trotz Uniform und 100 colts, bleich zurueck.

Ganze Fangruppen munkeln der politischen wie unsmarten Agitation wegen, Plagiate und Hetzschriften werden ausgegraben wie aus 5 smarten telefonenen zur Deko. Als sich smarte cities zuden gleich und gleichen News zum Killerviruzs wiegen, halb leergeraeumt und doch so smart wie zum schein des falschen Branding udn tagging. Die Leute ratlos und erstaunt solch hinterhaeltiger Agitation wegen.

Tausende hat es schon erwischt aber sowas bloedes dann. An Verhandlungstischen bewegen sich ganze Blumenbuquets und Gestecke gen Boden, es kracht und quietscht wieder, Tischdecken samt Blechtrommeln fallen da um waehrend Minister von Ghana bis Marokko sich das letzte Stelldichein geben.

So dumme Fragen und noch duemmere Antworten, wen wird es als naechster treffen.         beo

nice Haussi

Die Seite mit dem gelbem Schnee

Bill Gates rechnet vor

Beim Umschalten wurde auf einer TV station Bill Gates entdeckt

Bill Gates spricht in Dimensionen die keiner versteht, von millionen tonnnen carbondioxid CO2, von tausenden Jahren die es braucht die zu beseitigen. Bill Gates rechnet in minuten vor, wei ein Grossrechner was das kostet und wielange es dauert das Welklima zu retten, von Flachbildschirmen war nie die Rede.

Wie Dr Verbose der Weltrettung schwebt Bill Gates in den uendlichen Weiten und Dimensionen der Grossraumanalysen im Rechnenzentrums, taucht ein in den milionenschweren Troegen udn Toepfen des Bonanza und Zasta und den unglaublich breit gefaecherten Vorstellungen zu der sehr schwierigen Rettung des ganzen Zaster, oder doch des Welklimas, und der Stabilisierung von millionen vom Chaos gezeichneten Desktopnutzern und wie das ganze in Folge zu loesen sei.

Doch wenn man konkret an excel oder die letzen 2 OS denkt dann ist die Aufgabe zu gross vor der Loesung derselben. Die user experience (nutzer erfahrung) von Bill zur Rettung des Weltklimas ist empirisch betrachtet anhand der Desktopeinstellungen zum Scheitern verdammt und verurteilt. Beim Umschalten wurde auf einer TV station Bill Gates entdeckt

Between good banking and bad banking ...
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and something as "new work"

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Cutting of Mats

..... Others call it virtuality or later then hitting ground cars and smart cities tried forever, after some bucks for hearts got token.

Third parties nd even 4th parties in the quadrado of users, cashiers and place of register is not more than annoying over times ....
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The Assange case against the Goshn case

Free Assange ... !