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Olympic Games - Delaied - Not now !     Nothing but success for bunnies !? Japan a hardship ?     Shoes for 200 euros ??

Olympic Games - Delaied - Not now !
Under the black wholes and falling stars, during the blood moon is rising, only once for some hours, the Olympic Games are of a highrisk scenario in Japan and elsewhere and should get postponed and delaied.

When sportsmen and women get togather from 200 nations and lands it is quite risky and gets complicated to get all that vaccination stuff and controlls at customs for the cheers done, during that covuid times.

That bad virus scenario is not yet over but needs to get finished and quit soon. It can not be that like once with smallpox and measles for native volks in the wild west, that duing such pandemic times, some sweat taset of olympic games and huge audienxces gets brought onway for the high risk of mor e and widespread infections, with more fatalities by the mutant which is B 161..

Stop and eradicate the mutant virus, either in India Brazil or GB. The Olympic Games of which its new flame can be carried for more time before the games start !! Delay the games for the better games ! The flame will not stop to burn.

Nothing but success for bunnies !?
Over winter times the numbers dropped by half as some of them staied in the garden and fatalities near the woods was by their natural enemies. Then 4 months later its numbers showed again high quality standards and preciouse settings, a Bunie castle which could take a horse, a tunnel to the back of the castle up the mountain and the hedge of dimensions which leaves even some grass left when 15 bunnies+ + get out in the morniung from the castle.

It is an extreme circle and a wonderfull natural Krieslauf as even their leftovers are like dung for some parts in the garden. The limes of the garden is rising and will get a green wall finally. The dimensiaon by that miracles of bunnies are not yet to be measured. There is not even single fighter male or female between them after the long hard winter with much snow. Its name could be denver clan and Heidi K with her show of tops looks small beside that dimension of natural power and great circle in a garden with even a hollywood whip for them, the great chin. Loewenmaehnen wollmilch kaninchen (also teddies)

Icefishing on goldfish got missed last winter.

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Japan a hardship ?

Tokyo Japan got visited once for short as the russian destination which was in vision got too complicated (visa cum insurance) to get it in focus and on target and goal list. So the much further and faraway destination was a bad airport with a monstrum of a city not far.

Its name is Tokyo, not Shinto and not Utsuri, but Kanamara got seen on the streets of Tokyo. The dresscode in ist vast streets was like everywhere in amager counties and floors, white in mid and black on left or right side, partly with krawatte or shlips here and then, but rarely.

often liked

Turky - Egypt

Interview zum Political Correctness

The food during that time was of the name sushi or kebmac, also some plastic Mac in form of a big Donald in yellow and unshiftable by its size, got seen at the airport. Much worse than the men and women seen in dresscodes in that huge monstrum of a megacity. Birds at the airport did not look too good as usually at other main airports, often crows and some sparrows (Belem inside) if any.

They are polite people and only during times radicalised or fundamentalists, the more disturbing some huge cars or small cabs which take some spezific fellows and their kids rarely to the megacity.

Often then with some maid or metresse who showed them the open cardoors after arrival (Ramstein), which forzed guys like me into puzzle state. It is all organized and well setup. Companies like tesco need to get under controll and its head set for exchange. Kanamara ... shinto shinto

Cars with no petrol

There is a autocompany in Japan which produced allready during the ceroe years electro cars. That is a bid disturbig in the eye of the climate tsunami which is striking always again over weks or once in a while.

Shoes for 200 euros ??
Somewhere out there is a shopping center, it is usually since years random specialised shop (kaughaus) on craftsmen tools and gardening stuff, not far from a village also with caterpillars for kids and more of plastic rumble.

This year it got even seen that they sell allready carinithian nudles (krntner Nudeln) and shoes, shoes for sage u schreibe 200 euros, that is bad and far too costly in such a random shop center for baustellen shoes. I have never seen such a cardriver who buies construction site shoes for 200 euros.

That is evel as these shoes get dirty and have to take dirt, it is not made for a museum or a ledserstiefel ausstelung, after sell. Just imagine these guys at construction sites with shoes for 200 euro. I do not knwo these car drivers.

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Im Uberigen sind LINUX Mint 19 - 21 editionen klasse !!

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