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A King cobra and Wolfs           Relativity of homoffices and Geldpolitiken

Of a King cobra and Wolfs

You know there are guys out there who dod not get paied for doing a hack, tegre are other women out there who got seen on TV, and there is Lang Zhou (Lang Zu) who got seen today on a TV channel, and it was not like with the one from Cuba which is one of the few lands with Canada, Cuba and the Guyanas in Latin America for the passage during the 3d wave over the Atlantic from the EU.

Lang Zhou is so charming and professional with a good voice, Lang Zhou gets invited for the river passage, we can miss special sections (ww 4 rapids) on that dangerouse river here in the valley, as there is other things to get done so far. But her charm is unresistable and that is unfair.

So remember that one guy got in sight of the King Cobra from close, she did not attack him, because he knew who to react, a sprinter in indian semidesidouse forests is more frightening as a sprinter can get prey of the King Cobra, and thatfor a sprinter (snake ) is very fast moving because as the King Cobra feeds on other snakes and that is special.

When snakes eat snakes it gets special, mostly in regions where there are many snakes, even close to shores seasnakes which are the main prey of the Whitebellied seaeagle (eagle and skymaster ... over Lotos even, doing turns in verticale on daily routine). Lang Zhou is very charming. The channel got changed for short only.

The King Cobra (Badulla part) does only attack when it gets disturbed and the trailers on TV when some guys use sticks to keep the right distance with poisen snakes looks ugly and unprofessional. A sprinter will not stay on that sticks tehy use on TV channels. And remember, nobody will put his fingers and arms accidentally into terrarias and aquaterrarias just for fun, nobody ! The same counts for containers with scorpions.

They might have different recognition systems and with color and that stuff but they react sharply, Lang Zhou is great. Instead of a far rightwing agitator she is very welcome here in the valley and the garden, also onboat, my pleasure.

Siberia is again strongly on the watchlist as Lang Zhou. Summers will come and wildfires can even burn underground, as it was the case on a german battleground for training some 1 year ago. It was not vulcanoes but an underground moorfire during dry times. Lang Zhou welcome !

The story about canines (wolfes not hares) and friends (clans) or uncles goes as follows. The guy was not open arms falling into a ditch, no he got attacked in a nice great valley in the north of the indian Himalayas, facing the Trishul range (gallery) with Nada Kot, Kats and seven sisters. In the south facing the magic Kosi valley, welcome Lang Zhou. The dog was big and agressive on a chain, the chain was quite long, about 30 m, the guy took a stone and hit with the first shot, a small stone, smaller than a flipflop in Goa, which was in good use on barefoot legs from a cycle (pushbike) long ago, to keep the whole dog gang at bail, the distance.

With one strong move from a pushbike in Goa, and the total group of attacking and a bid disturbing dogs was gone immediatly. They could not follow and see the leading dog any more. I did a save visit in Goa then.

The huge cowdog in the magic Kosi valley was ugly but the small stone hit, the sound from the dog heared then was like from a wolf before going for the hunt. It was not the only cowdog which got seen in India so far, there are also sheperd dogs up from Kalga in the Parvaty valley, who are usually very good for keeping the sheep not going astray.

Sibiria is on watchlist, then you need to buy a ticket, get a visa and the Sputnik vaccine, if not a Biontech vaccination. Now is vaccination time, thanks for CGTN, she is too much charming .... I had to change the channel but will come via Tashkent or Alma Ata, also Urumchi possible.

Lang Zhou the King cobra eats other snakes for its main diet, when the King cobra is moving ... the grass is shaking in the djungles (Sri Lanka story), it is amazing.

Kann das sein ?

Es gibt einige weisse Haeuser und eingie Presidenten doch wie kann es sein, bei all der security, dass der Hund in dem weissen Haus 3 mal schon wen gebissen hat, das geht doch nicht. Es gibt bei Salzburg eine Abrichteplatz, am Fuss es Gaisbergs, vielleicht bringt das was. Oder soll man die security am Dach vom WH verstaerken.

Hunde duerfen nichtmehr ueberall hin und die Treummerl machen auch Katzen, Laperl, Bambies und Gemsen. Irgendwo sind doch Grenzen ! Wenn dort im weissen Haus die security versagt wie geht es weiter.

Mr Goshn got evacuated also

Relativitaetstheorie zu Homeoffices und Geldpolitiken

..... ist heute nicht ganz fertig geworden
weil Baeume eingraben, loecher machen, gute erde ausgraben und umschichten,
auch am So. waesche machen und dann noch abends staubsauegn auch was ausmachen.

Hasis sind topfit und sogar die goldfische haben den dickschneewinter im Teich ueberlebt .... man wartet auf die fetten Kaulquappen .....

.... viele wurden schon uebersiedelt nach d ...     pfau

here to Superbunnies .. guess the most fit in a vast vally

The Best since 2013


anyway say hello to annemarie carpendale ... karpfensc....
Hier zu die "Langen Nacht der Tiergaerten"....

The Assange case against the Goshn case

Mr Goshn got evacuated also
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