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Conversations with Melli

Melli i did you a Knäckebrot.

Melli i told the boys in the Mashine
that they get a new office to fight Netscape N (browser)
till the end cause of their superior color sheme formula
and the open source firma,
i don tlike that Melli.
M: you are great Bill.

Melli when do i get the breakfast ...
where is the toaster Melli.
Melli i told the boys from the Mashine
to install the huge touch screen 4 our house
with the neo button modules to switch and dimm
each single light in the house (maybe halogen spots ..)
and each single jalousin melli,
and 2 be able to close all windows the same time.

I put my foto on Fcabooks right ad-column Melli,
a good smile, hope all cheers like that Melli.


Melli did you operate todays bills for our trustees ?
M: yes honey, I am allready through half of that accounting stuff,

Melli facebook does me a costly job
as trustee on their right ad-column,
thats hot baby.
Melli what you say
4 our Reliance partners and Beta testers in India,
is 2000 dollars a month enough ? -

M: dont know honey,
we have never been to that land but
seems to be all right my dear.


Melli the boys get a party in the Mashine
but i told the conduct coders to allow them
only to do that in seperate rooms gated only
(java, dat, sandbox and vbs)
Melli i had a fantastic idea
on a system recovery point
(not a g dot or fullstop/ systemwiederherstellungspunkt\german) ...
will talk with the conduct coders about that
and the ignore all option in case
some clients want to change folder or file props.

M: you are great bill,
i told the childwren about it.


Melli i think Nokia was a good move,
it was somehow like with our webrowser IE-explorer
what ya think ?

M: ohh dear you are great,
think you can do more of these moves.


Melli whats about todays emission certificates
from Detroit and Philadelphia ?
Is it time to sell some ?
M: Let me check Bill i need some more minutes.

Melli i talked with Dick and Donald today and
we found that the Web02 is over, it s finished.
All this networking and data collecting by that, is over.
It s rediculouse,
we decided now its time for web 03,
the web of small devices and short ends
(and industry04)


Melli i dont remember any more,
on this smart mobs (mobiles) who is primery slave and secondary master now
Meelliiii can you help me with that
who is primary slave and who is master
whats the provider and whats our domain, and the server host or ... Meeelli
where is dos and where the toaster in barcelo sans Meeelli
and where the meeting hub with plugs
Meeeeelli .... ?
(Bill got philantropic ... after all)


Melli i think it is important to hug, to cling
2 evey process running on the computers,
you know the OS Melli.
In case it gets important,
Dick told me another time of the Behauviorism task
in case some hosts or clients dont work nicely,
what do you think Melli ?
M: Ohhh Bill i think thats great,
all you and the boys do by the mashine is amazing Bill,
say hello from me to the boys.
Bill: Will do Melli, and will tell the boys to
make the OS capable to hug and cling to every process possible
and if it needs another service pack 4 that.

(Bill gives Melli a kiss, not far from the toaster 04.11.015)


Did you find the chocolate bike and marzipan mobile Melli ?
I told Jessica to help you search for it,
instead of easter eggs for our cultural shift Something new, isn t it ?
M: Bill that s adorable, astonishing,
how you could manage that (Bill can not cook)
I ve never got to see a marzipan mobile before,
Jessica told its of magnificant flavour
but she missed to find the monsto and cargill flag on it.
Bill also next year we need to get marzipan mobiles,
we love you honey. (nov 015 Thar desert)

Melli i tried Task-manager last time and
discovered 3 times search indexer, too many.
When i find something Melli, you know,
then i make something out of it
and if it s a demaged smart phone (de-layed)
M: I remember well Bill ...

(Some find, some put, some have search indxer )

Jessica likes sticky notes very much,
thats what you can put as little note on screen (desktop)
to remember somthing,
if it is not cheese and stiky keyboards to be hit
by the mousesquads scrollwheeled on mousepads.

Melli, Mr Trump wants to build a wall
thats unamerican
walls are unamerican and antifreedom Melli
we should not vote for him


Melli in some of our modern Browsers IE
we dropped the adress bar (view option)
it s of no sense this adress bar, right Melli
Because digiting is alway our domain, hitting on keyboards,
what is striking, you knwo that Melli
it will stay our trumpweb if not joker web.

Melli cause of our enterprice web attached
some guys had to shop new netbooks
got it after one week only, as final action without characters
keyboard we also corrupted Melli, odd trigging part of
final act with final character, braindrain lands, expat lands
ooohhh Melli i get philantrop
Good enough with ugly keyboard in age of FiFi
(HighFi WiFee, feb.016)

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Supermax -

Datum: 07-04-2015
i am doing stock-marcet-watch classes, analysing websites of corps n compses (monsanto, cargill etc ), newspapers websites etc etc very funny classes, mixed gov school, no costly private schools ...

Datum: 25-03-2015
... latest articels flown over ...

Datum: 13-01-2015
- 16 channel HD check on one screen is of excellent service, in MUTE-state, suspect-channel-ckeck turn off mute for security (vector grafik) /// - if you pull 2 points at an index curve (stocks) it gets funny (vector grafik) - kapitalisten u katholiken raffen, raffen, raffen mehr als diverse .. for the spaniards my swimming pants. (also to find via specl infos_2 via Dir_1)
von: ! - )
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File crawler - Dateisucher

Some days ago (june 2014 HP-India) I tried to find a file manager, a file search engine, - einen Datei-manager oder Sucher, to find the many disturbing and dusting-desktop system files in its folders (Ordner ...) at some local webstations, but even at there was nothing to be found as once like the program Wilbury, or Win-Commander (still to be found) ...
and xp-winWin had a file-crawler/searcher implemented at the Start Menue, that was fantastic
yes and even nearly perfect ...

(Ordnung muss sein !) part of the central-service-page Downloads

Totaler Abwehrkampf

Im totalen Abwehrkapf gegen d Eindringlinge von microsoft und dust
habe ich unlaengst alle Speicherabbilder ruecksichtslos eleminiert
jetzt erkennt microdust u soft
nicht nur nicht die Maus_PC nicht wieder
sondern auch die Digicam (Nikon),
dies wird Konsequenzen ... haben u erfordert
weiteres ruecksichtsloses Vorgehen
woauchimmer microsoft und Dust poppt !
    So now i need to do it via third party device, so to say a webstations PC where i plug my cam first, download pics on third party PC, then plug my stick-usb (pendrive?? in india, Jitta is Leopard in Nepal, usb-sticks got invented by .is etc etc)
put the pics from PC on it and voila !-)

The sun

The sun is beyond any category ... unimaginable
when you look at her you get blind
if you stay too long in the sun you get a sun stroke
it can just be somehow seen by the billions of creatures
she powers and creates
(beachbunnies stay on beach naked for hours photosynthetisising
... and wait for pollen -)

You can copy, paste n read chapters or passages with regard to the author, me H. Schuetz, or with source adress of wesbite clearly shown.

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