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swing states

Wich stories you like
smart walla swing states ones or real ones
there are Mallards, Hawks and Falcons
Sunbirds and Cranes
Chickenheads tick different, hedgi as Investment bankers ...
more here

On movies and actors

Movies I like:
"Der Richter und sein Henker", "Das Schweigen der Lämmer", "Die Hure des Königs",
"Tanz der Vampire" (R. Polansky),
Actors I like very much:
Anthony Hopkins, Götz George, Penelope Cruz, Adriano Celentano, Ornella Muti, Charles Bronson, Klaus Kinsky, Robert de Niro, Terence Hill,
Last movies I have seen and remember:
"Das Schweigen der Lämmer" ("Silence of the lambs ??" somewhen 2003 with A. Hopkins and S. Weaver, "Mit den Wölfen heulen" (2003 ?)
Stage selfperformers i like very much:
Gerhard Polt (emotional master .de), Helge Schneider (multi skiller .de)
Best life movies I ve done:
Cycling in the ind. Himalayas (1,5 months 99-2000)
Two weeks on 3 rivers (from Salzburg to Vienna 1998)
Trekking Trishul (2006 Loharket to Deval)


When you are culturally limited
how do you want to remove cultural limits of others then
that must be really a hard task
I think and see its more about destroying others culture
here a related piece out of a document on that

Pen, pen, smart pen

Somewhen in that little land in Europe
i read on the web by Anonymous
that the tip should be broken
("dass man die Spitze abbrechen soll" .. oder sozusagen den Witz/ die Spitze weg nehmen soll)
and when i think of the many new pens in many shops (ballpoints, Kugelschreiber, Kullis)
with this very fine tips then i imagine how
many can hardly write proper any more,
cause the tip is braeking or the paper gets scratched by tiny tip ...
guess it s an antiwriting and anti-edu campaign measure at many regions.
    Pen, pen you hear sometimes kids shouting
from small wood canoes on the Amazonas waters
but with this modern smart tiny tipped pens,
how can they succeed with writing
another smart and modern measure
by some who want do cult. shift i guess ...

Bites on Geopolitix

On one side of Cuba Columbus arrived once
and put a cross for a church there (Baracoa beach today)
Today on the other side of Cuba
there is Guantanamo by the USA (camp Xray or Gizmo)
they can t stop for centuries doing their cruelties
the slave keepers
They did a military coup against government elect in Chile 9.11 (73)
tried Cuba via bay of pigs, Argentine, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua,
Colombia, all over the american hemisphere
they supported coups and plots, paramilitaries n the more
but talking of justice always again here and there
(who was a Berliner as he told) Santa Isabella named by Columbus
got Hispaniola later by some Spaniards (today Dom. Republic and Haiti)
I dont know what the Spanish can do, know and understand beside
gold and goods taken from other people (from the mexican native king till today)
Columbus quit immediately his plans sailing for Spain
after his talks with the spanish king once and
Napoleon was not interested in them also

Books and biz

Brazil is a huge country
along the coast there are big cities but you dont find bookshops there.
India has a million books, books on holy men, books by masters and gurus, books on life, new books on biz and success, storyy books and science books, but in Brazil, which is quite a young country, you dont find good schools and bookshops.
In Colombia FARC is having its own schools and teachers,
same is the case in Mexico with the EZLN but in Mexico the have some good universities as well.

In the Americas biz is done on the backs of simple people,
when people get educated it is not that easy any more for biz and its profits
and in the once backyard of uncle bigbiz
it is only one ignorant church, the katholic church
which only accepts its own stories told and doesnt like people reading other stories.
That is why there are hardly any bookshops in Brazil.
In India you find a million books.

You can copy, paste n read chapters or passages with regard to the author, me H. Schuetz, or with source adress of wesbite clearly shown.

Take - take

In Brazil you can not just make your own movie with your video cam because some will come and just take your stuff for doing a movie. That s how simple people get profits, they do the same as the rich, they just rob others, but the rich fasienderos and latifundistas they can afford to pay their security (the poor can not), that s in general very important for them after they built on the backs of the poor.

In the Americas you can not just make your movie in any big city
around the next streetcorner the stuff will be gone.
That s how it often works in the Americas
the rich take from the poor and
the poor take what they can get from the rich.
(some have the phrase "win-win position")

World wars

I agree with Subcom Marcos
there was the 1st and second world wars by means of wapons
weapons of mass destruction (chemical, a bombs ) wepaons of genocide (cyclon B)
    The 3d world war was the cold war between the west and the east and
the 4th world war
which is done by biz and banks,
which take over, rate, spy, corrupt or sue each other.
But beside that 4th world war there are many countries
which have no stock exchange, no big share the like,
no smart cities, no hegemonistic or imperialistic goals,
no huge illusion keeping industry
and no modern surveilled and automated smart cities
for the take over of new territories by big biz imperialists.

Chosen to get smart

When some get chosen remotly because they are biz friendly
then some cities get chosen to become smart cities later
as Mumbai with many cams as in London maybe,
smart and automated cities for happy big biz and its profits to be advanced
but dont ask by which loss.

Unsmart books

Strange in the Americas they don t have many bookstores
guess its unsmart for big biz and a church
(amazon is a plot on book houses).

Chaos and biz

In Westasia between Russia and Europe and
every second country like from Egypt, Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran,
Afghanistan, Pakistan and the way to India,
it got massy, partly wars and problems alike, also split,
not much trade but another way,
big biz hit back, it got massy so,
but just imagine if the USĀ“ next one gets a chaos president,
make no mistake.


On BBC Africa is mostly poor
my goodfriend told me different
and if Africa is poor on channel BBC or CNN, why is that so,
is it different in Missisippi state, Rosebud, Cheyenne river or Oklahoma,
whats about doing homework instead of smart cities somewhere !

Smart cities

The british Pound sterling is very strong
and London is one of the smartes cities in the world
many cams, much biz and big profits.

Washington DC is the most dangeroiuse city in the US
it needs to become a smart city fast
save and stimulating its people and biz to becoem smart soon
biz and profits need smart.
(also part of the page Comerco)


They love big numbers, as much ceros as possible before the comma
5 is best note in school in land of biz not 1,
date gets often shown in funny row.
They love big
big streets, big show, big profits, big cheers,
big Empire State Building, half empty for decades
and built by help of native american steel workers.
They love big companies not many companies,
maybe one or two for modifieing crops
maybe one or two for computers operating system.
They love big, big jails with big numbers,
big justice and big freedom
big freedom to believe in all stories they get told,
big freedom to tell whatever some want to hear (medias)
they love big and the most they love big is biz
so some build big skyscrappers, big golf courses,
but even then it is not enough for them
somehow some feel the US is not great any more
or not great as it was.
I guess because the data, numbers and digits collected and stored
besides big streets and skyscrappers
is far too much for America (USA).

I want to make Chapora harbour great again
Chapora bio info

Littlebig biz

There are many fascinating lands on earth
but just imagine
if it all becomes odd biz
by some Little-big bizmen

Trump walls

Donald Trump is running 4 president
Mr Trump has skyscrappers and he builds golf courses
America got small for Mr Trump over the times
but Mr Trump will build more in the future.
In the future Mr Trump will build walls,
many walls
a wall against Mexico,
a wall between rich and poor,
a wall around every gated comunity
a wall for golf courses,
a wall between old and new europe
a wall around Israel and
a wall between northern and southern states US
Mr Trump will become an expert for building walls.

Cultural shift unwanted

I do not like their socalled cultural shift
then chicken get put to chlor bath (chlor chicken not allowed in EU)
then books become tablets (booktubs)
then computers becoem smart phones and wish and web pads
once easy to read flight tickets become uneasy to read lines of digits, etickets alike,
postcards and letters become sms and emails, deleted and gone
then food becomes fast burnt and readymade microwaved junk
software becoms applications
and the server becomes the companies cloud served
then faces get lifted and lips botoxed
then creatures get genetically modified (GM), cloned and patented for proifits
then the farmers get one seed-strain (GM)
each year only by the company only
then stamps are without numbers and numbers without value
then all gets a pricetag, but nothing is of value
when some talk smart bombs and mini nukes and fight the rogue
then some have all money and data while others have none
then the job gets shifted, the house gets shifted, the family gets shifted
for the cultural shift
then the brain gets shifted,
eyes and ears get shifted, lips get shifted
for the cultural shift by profits and money. (6.12.015)

Love 3

The best horses are horses of fire (Vollblut-Arabs)
men burn faster than women and shorter
the gods love the extreme and are by themself extreme
the Ultimate can not be measured
The falcon is of the sharpest and fastest
my love (rarely seen)
Swifts and swallows like swords in the sky
they can be seen, some can be heared
when you watch them you learn to respect them
Joyfull Bulbuls, dancing Cranes
sharp eyes watching learn from them.
Broad winged Eagle Owls catch silently
they call at dusk and dawn
the call for the master.

Fashists big biz

Big biz of Nazis and fashists is easy to be seen
they are good for smart bombs and too bad for good biz

Strange these nazis, fashists and fundamentalists of bussines
they all count in arabic numbers.

Indian matters -

check for schools - Pens, further below or chose from left hashtag For schools

Krod men aana

Krod men aana is for long a special discipline in India
guess for centuries allready
as seen by broken elephant noses of caves and some temples.
But when you make papa and mama angry, not good
and you know that !
and when you make me very angry even worse.
(150km one day, 4 rikshaws, 4 buses, 1 train ticket no train - jan.016)

Kerala kom.

Kerala was for centuries a region of exchange and trade,
all is in Malayalam, but not Nokia and Samsung Toshiba
I passed no name busstops, and noname villages
but white churches and furniture village
kfc village and Angamaly busstop was strange (close to Thekkady bird s.)
Varkala has fency bungalows and postcards
no easy going family guest houses
the region near the mosque was nice there and further
2 nice old public water tanks, one even filled, nice biotop.
Ernaku-Cochin became kind of smart city by santa claus
and i mixed the women cew with men cew or was it because of tickets hut sign
big Fort Cochin or Vaypeen island marked on hut
you never know there.

Kerala has strange looking rubber forestations
was a place for good exchange for long
I dont understand why men and women sit seperated in buses
in komunist voted state for long,
and why they allow these huge ad-walls near djungles in komunist region,
and at all. It seems to be getting closer over years to katholia and
its house, church or hey hut, and KFC village.

Nilgiris, Thekkady and Peryar is great
keep it great djungle and field officers !
(Thekkady hardly proper food stalls)

In Komunism women can do as men
thats a rule there, Kerala is different.

When it turns !

When writers return their awards and
the soldiers return their medals
you ve to be alert and attentive,
then something is going on in society
what many do not want (unwanted)
and what is not of small thing and not by the gods at all
but by lobby wallas, big biz men and their politicans shopped.
Suspect observations 4


What is the problem with eating eggs
anybody kills a chicken or a cow for an egg ?
as i got to know that in some regions eggs got dropped from meues

In harsh and mountain climates and when you move your body much
you need to eat also eggs
so lets say when you carried your packbag for some kms
you need to eat strong before and after.
Many eggs at once are bad, taking too much digesting energy
but one is ok
and i like very much Masala omlette.

Remotely chosen goals

Nowadays most boundaries are fixed on maps, some are fought and discussed,
some get crossed a thousand times a day
but some don t cross borders alike
they take over by other means
they chose politicans remotely
they send backpacks of money
they do them the preelection show and media performances
they coup and plot if it does not work
thats the way some cross borders

Not far from

The Red Fort is huge
not far from the river covered in mist
not far from the pearl, the Taj in many moods,
a present, not far from the Queens bath,
the rose garden and public audience hall.


Over centuries people were dreaming of this Wunderland
where spices grow and all kind of exotic fruits come from
some were travelling there over months in ships
to bring these exotic goods back to their lands
and in special to these lands kings, uppar casts and rulers.
Nowadays manyx indians travel abroad for work
as to the Mid East or the USA.
and goods like huge fridges and flatscreen TVs
get sold and traded by foreign companies to India,
biz and trade changed and Wunderland is for many now somewhere else.

wunderland pics  
wuland 01   wuland 02   wuland 03   wuland 04  

Mixed conditions

Sometimes I am wondering
Indians respect life in its many ways
but treat themself hard, harsh and bad
and the rich uppars have others often living
in dirt and rubbish, very rude and unsmart.

Neighbours and border regions

When you have the sea as the border at many sides
its at one side quite save, hard to cross and get over it
but same time difficult for exchange and trade by the sea.
When you have the sea at many sides bordering
why then dont you make good neighbours at the sides were there is land ?

1 failed railwy station

Tilak Nagar railwaytstaion (near Mumbai) -
is a failed railway station
looking modern with pepsi balcony
transparant Station Masters office to main hall
but uneasy to find Station Masters office door
500m to cloak room in motorbike waiting hall
no coffe no chai
complaint book unavailiable, no running water
Mumbai is Indias financal hub, many rich tourists come
but what is this railway station about ? (4.11)

District capital Almora

Almoras tourist concept is a failor to me
they just put some big fency looking hotels and no travel agencies,
no special restaurants or ticket offices.
A beautifull region and city with nice bazar,
mixed colorfull and very conservative people
But when you roam 7km a day in the hills and
don t find a proper restaurant returning it s not good.
I think they don t even like indian tourists there,
Local politicans look doing very wired to me
    In a city with university you should have some pubs and restaurants,
not only huge and modern TVs and refridgerators in shops,
motorbikes with guys only driving somewhere and big touri buildings.
A beautifull backlaied region, very interesting to explore but
uneasy by bus or jeeptaxis packed.
Not only nice looking dresses is important.
Lovely school kids, also in Kosi valley the mornings
Koshi kutch kutch hota hei.
(17.11.015 Uttarkhand)

Don t burn plastic flowers (poisenus smoke)
botox don t stink but too much of spam.
Travel diary

For schools -


I tried to get new pens (ballpoints) for a while
but always only found these ones with this superfine tiny tips
not of good use for school pupils as well
who put weight on paper by writing, drawing etc ...
it gets sometimes cut then by these fine pen-tips
British yet know how to speak english
they can comunicate
Indians mostly learn british english in school (if),
but if you want to go for texan english you don t need pens or notebooks
you can drop that all then.
(also a part of a cultural shift)

I strongly recomend for schools
in western monocultures but also other regions,
to put in classes or pause halls aquariums or terrariums,
with Fish, Praying Mantis, Lizards or Agamen and the like.
Also frog larves to have pupils observing the development of it becoming frogs,
or togather with Dragonfly larves which feed on frog larves.
    No rare or endangered animals !

You can also put fish as Platies, Mollies, Schwerträger which
easily get young, living young in contrast to most other fish which put eggs.

Indian Snakehead are interesting fish for big aquariums,
very nice, there are some colorfull varieties of NO India and SO Asia !
Put small Water Lilies that the water doesn t heat up too much in sunny regions.
Snakeheads in Almora marcet

Also intersting are fish like small Hechtlinge (dont know its english name),
which can be found in Goa, small fluor spot on head distinctive and
usually short below water surface checking for insects dropping,
good against moskito larves.
There are many more fish colorfull and intersting
but thats another story. Some insects can do in rel. small containers or terrariums
to be watched.

And do not miss
to have good breakfast before or in school !

Some little land -

In some little land when votes got done
some politican took off to other land over Atlantic ocean
because some arranged a deal there after votes and then
had to go underground to inauguration ceremony
during the masses demonstrated on top
and after some years, when the deals got done and much changed by small men
their one main politican leader,
who spoke for many nazis young and old,
killled himself later out of disatisfaction and disgust
about what happened.
    (During 2nd world war it was a habit by the top nazi leaders
after some inside quarrels within top nazi leaders, Göring, Rommel, Hitler etc,
that the ones fallen to disgrace had to kill himself
but got still a honorable burial.)

In some little land,
when some try ruling and modern biz same time,
after getting to power by tricks, (Bush jun. also got only somehow there)
and same time a big part of society is of old katholics and neonazis
which by history was problematic then when Hitler took over
and made his moves against the katholics,
it gets nowadays a madhouse story when then today mingling with biz
in some little land
(in this little land they also have a big google-storage facility, but not on mainland Asia)
which can be seen and heared by neos medias in many lands,
and can be observed by best-heads who just leave the mass or
by checking products, demonstrations, writers returning awards,
soldiers returning medals
or mothers returning medals for having many children.

Wood chopping

When i do wood chopping
somewhere in this little land in the Alps
the ground is vibrating then in the garden near the pond
and the frog is suddenly sounding
near me chopping wood and doing my exercises
I can hardly take this, him having fun while i do this heavy chopping
somewhere in this little land
... there is a garden and a pond

News check -

- The USA opend another front
vast skies, endless horizons,
fighters, troopers, actors, politicans and bizmen
running the front as frontrunners for
the next president US in office.
web articles checked

- You know there are many islands,
soeme built new islands for biz and profits as The palm and the new one at Dubai
This big-G-company is looking for an artificial island for its headquarter
Mururoa and Bikini was islands bombed to rumble (A bombs)
Hawai with Pearl harbour was hard fought,
Puerto Rico and Falklands are islands of special interests for some
so when China builds its own islands whats the problem ?

- During coming Gujarat summit
why not talking about extremism at all, also right wing extremism not only left wing
and also talk about big biz friendly extremists n the more
I can see a big difference
between Gorakpur, Moradabad, Jhansi and Bareilly, Mysore and Kalpetta.

- Its quite simple with biz and its politicans
soem are bussines friendly and thats teh reason why they got chosen
by big biz wallas to be supported
others are chosen by the gods
and the ones who are biz friendly are
usually not sadhu, shanti, peace and simple people friendly

Big biz is often extreme and often choses to support the extremist
sometimes preemptively remotly
in futures huge marcets (once in their socalled backyard)

- Strange, suddenly some talk now of bills to be passed
for the poor, which got stuck to be passed
they say, who are usually not talking of the poor
but same time big biz takes over and away chances and opportunities
not only for the poor but also common farmers and others related

- Another doctrine
I got to read on the Doval doctrine ( article) for radical believers,
politicans and stox konservative biz men supporting.
I can see it, its always the neighbours who are the bad by that doctrine
which serves its politicans well,
and also some big internat. biz men as well since the Gujarat summit.
Short before some border conflict between Nepal and India (oct 015)
as Nepal got a new constitution.
    In other regions it is not only the neighbours,
it is also the police by self initiative, Nazis and fashists, old church believers n fanatcxs
some multi media team units and hackers
all togather, not only the neighbours
what shows good enough The power of one (movie)
or check gallery JointFC ...

Can repair everything !

I can repair everything
the switch, the plug, eeverything, the packbag, chapels (flip flops),
I can repair T-shirts and cycles,
I can not repair avalanches,
i can repair maps and fix book pages
I can not repair F22 raptors and not windows10,
and i can not repair austrian psychologists
thats absolutly impossible !
    I can repair much but
not pushback table screen and cupholder design
of some very modern civic planes from the west.
Thats another special story

Lips and boobs

Botox lips dont stink
silicon boobs do silicon vallies
waxing can leave some hair
thats a kind of mishap
or a knd of deodorant.

Melli !?

Melli i dont remember any more,
on this smart mobs (mobiles) who is primery slave and secondary master now
Meelliiii can you help me with that
who is primary slave and who is master
whats the provider and whats our domain,
and the server host or ... Meeelli
where is dos and where the toaster in barcelo sans Meeelli
and where the meeting hub with plugs
Meeeeelli .... ?
    (Bill got philantropic ... after all)

Jessica likes sticky notes very much,
thats what you can put as little note on screen (desktop)
to remember somthing,
if it is not cheese and stiky keyboards to be hit
by the mousesquads scrollwheeled on mousepads.
more at Talks with Melli

If i would be

If i would be a woman
i would hunt this guy down,
smoke him out of his room,
show him my boobies, make him nuts,
I d try to make him love me.
But i know this guy is very hard to catch,
he is roaming his beloved mountain and djungle territories,
this guy is very hard to follow anyway
i d try to make him bite me
even as he is dangerouse like a Tiger ...

If i would be a Banker
and i would hear of this guy,
i would run away and kill myself.

Sauna, massage
pedicure, manicure, penicure.

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