Personally spoken -

My gender boss

Pussies keep crownies and kapitalists happy and going
I want it all, a 1000 shoes, golden handshake and
many takeovers, biggest boobs on earth,
I shop daily and make the monopol boss happy so.
    And the boss keeps track
analysis all my shoes, all pills, all little emoticons is sent.
The monopol boss likes me and
does his system for me
he speaks like me, he talks gender and so smart
    Now i write a book of my dreams come true
and if you can not have books
just order a booktub from amazon or look another movie.

Can repair everything !

I can repair everything
the switch, the plug, eeverything, the packbag, chapels (flip flops),
I can repair T-shirts and cycles,
I can not repair avalanches,
i can repair maps and fix book pages
I can not repair F22 raptors and not windows10,
and i can not repair austrian psychologists
thats absolutely impossible !
    I can repair much but
not pushback table screen and cupholder design
of some very modern civic planes from the west.
Thats another special story

If i would be

If i would be a woman
i would hunt this guy down,
smoke him out of his room,
show him my boobies, make him nuts,
I d try to make him love me.
But i know this guy is very hard to catch,
he is roaming his beloved mountain and djungle territories,
this guy is very hard to follow anyway
i d try to make him bite me
even as he is dangerouse like a Tiger ...

If i would be a Banker
and i would hear of this guy
i would run away and kill myself.

When -

When the stones in Ganga go under and
high rising Ghat Beaches dissapeared
it is time to teach the konservative puritans some lessons.
I dont understand Hockey mums but
want to get latest results of
womens hockey Germany - Greece.

No pics no chapels no profits

Somebody took the recharging cable 4 Digicam.
So if you can not take my pics (suspects maybe?)
watch TV, bolly or hollywood !
Related consequences attached !!
... some trailers cancelled ...
My page against Tof India, Outlook, Newsweek and WStrJournal.
(a 400irs cave cant keep it, scientists do sometimes fotos)

I dont understand Donald, Dick, Mac, Justice and Trustee
but by their system OS and
do briefings on that sometimes, ... you get proper stamps with faces and value digits.
(India oct 015)

Indians are more sophisticated in friendly fire,
it s not like Dicks qualehunting.


I am not the moon Narita,
I am not a smartphone neither a webcam,
and i am for sure not G.streetView and
"this escalator goes up..." somewhere.
Is it escalators, robos or what Narita ?
Can you auditing that, or
do you watch people from shopping balcony
while they take money with cards ?
Or just wanna touch balls 4 welcome
while airport police s grinning
cause some guys could stay one month
and that could be really too much ...
Narita pics

It must be a burden

So as i am not G.streetView just try to get a task done,
a task managed as you target (pandra saal padme)
    i think as webdeveloper and webdesigner it must be a burden
between Firewalls, Antivirus programs, triggers, nipples and
not to forget a system OS (operationSystem by SM or MS??-)
to get a task by yourself done (oct 015-).

All cookies change locations,
all is without border,
but 2 beaches uppar Rishikesh dissapeared
very nasty and unfriendly -
nahanga naao.

Embeding - Matrix

Siemens sorry you fucked your coaches interioer (i),
so many cams overhead and some specl light effects.
- B 777 sorry you fucked your overhead van and options rel,
but hotting screens.
- A 340 - low plafon and only handluggage overhead (napkin cases) beside
very heating screens, guess for heating plane at 10 000,
sorry i fucked it by hotting screens ...
and little food (i 07.10.015)///
- 2 Ganga beaches uppar big curve dissapeared,
need a cleaner ?
I am one with little baby from Luisiana and Missisippi ...
(bags 11.10.015)

Unite !

People unite ! (N-S Korea)
Friendship with Persia, -
I miss a proper chess partner.
India you are the engine in my dreams come true !!
Salute to Sofie and Anton, they did it,
superstrong, disciplined,
without compromise in their relation
and with endless energy transfromed to
what I got by them on earth.


maximum activation by the Lebenselexir,
in da morning, full power max. forward
all engines - PULL -
and by the drink with thora chinni (with little sugar)
this is me, Himalaya Snow Leopard, Kings Cobra and Tiger (13.06.015)


India is part of me, i am part of India,
on the skin, in the heart, in the mind,
The Moguls left a masterpiece to Hindustan
masterpiece of perspective, arts and love
by time unpassing.
This is relationship in Asia by lands over history.
Now they engage again a bid (afghn-ind. 10.07)

The strong

The strong is good in your life,
the strong makes you grow,
the strong takes you and if you know
which part of you it was that it took
the better ! (10.07.015)

Classes and biz

Ich bin dein consulting,
in economy class unfitting,
in biz class ...
Biz class is broker desktop class,
me insider behind mirror.
    (from Abu Dhabi in biz class - nov014,
- Punjabi and me had much fun,
i covered the info-screen with kithab before take off
service and setting was great,
left part of leather-savety-belt was very strong)

I do you my app, its name is,
for smart_mobs, then 4 print your own stickers or buttons for
gates, doors, bathroom mirrors etc etc like with phrases as
I am ur anticipato ! Anticipating incentives ? if u dont buy me i dont opt you.
Gated comunity or proprietor ? Better good bus-schedule than cam in bus. One window policy or nlp. Where can i shave uncostly ?
get creative or my
(or at science inventions)

Marcet hits, songs, feat

When you do a hit on some marcet
and the marcet registers the hit by impact (indices)
then you know it was a good hit
because in some relation the marcet is then
not yet too mad here and there.
Ratings - Comerco

Free farmers

The first free farmers of Europe
rolled down rocks and stones against some church,
because the church entered their farm houses,
and so they got free !

Out of my Travel diary

Datum: 01-05-2015
I do you my app, its name is, for smart_mobs,
then 4 print your own stickers or buttons for gates, doors, bathroom mirrors etc etc like with phrases as I am ur anticipato ! Anticipating incentives ? if u dont buy me i dont opt you. Gated comunity or proprietor ? Better good bus-schedule than cam in bus. One window policy or nlp. Where can i shave uncostly ?
get creative or my
von: Snow

Datum: 14-04-2015
Canoeing becomes an Olympic Master Discipline , 2 - 3 seaters mid. distances on rivers or art streams downriver volts , loops, breakers, swifts, backstreams, curves etc WW 2-4 ///
Ubuntu, suse Linux, KNoppix (all sysOS) need to be proper installed and exe files grounded, main tasks also via scroll buttons, futures time ratio 2 years !

Datum: 13-04-2015
Gerhard Polt, bavarian acter and master of emotional acting, gets the cup, the golden pokal in form of a bavarian sausage, and I dont compromise with that !!!

Datum: 10-04-2015
THC - Tough questioins Hard decisions
Is Bill gates a smily, trustee or affice-guru or even a Monoigarch ? can you face this tough question ? /// Is she emoticonally inteligent or only a fake Drama-queen ? /// Detox, botox, ibex or water-thissueing Very tough question !/// chinni chapati, Garlic-naan or fluffy toast ! Boot camp r Hollywood-whip ? V. t.qustn./// /// Is uncle Sam a swift-y, mobile Angela spy, a rogue emoticon, oe strong-savety-state ?? /// Indians are magic-morons, through everything away - bag, nerves and money ... ! /// THC -is googl;a boss a smarty, data maniac or flexibilicon (flexible monopolista !-) ?? V.Tgh.qustn ! /// What is that ? Dreamland, state of rogue, a nation, a failed state (or monogarchy clustered) ? Please help it ! ( Wanted all update in personally spoken page VIA Latest-Aktuelles page !-) THC - Tough questions Hard decisions !!

Datum: 07-04-2015 i am doing stock-marcet-watch classes, analysing websites of corps n compses (monsanto, cargill etc ), newspapers websites etc etc very funny classes, mixed gov school, no costly private schools ...

Datum: 25-03-2015
... latest articels flown over ...

Datum: 20-03-2015
Got the all India certificate 4 trouser-stitching, chapel repairing and bike maintaining (Goa) and in case you wanna ass or win over the multi-media-Team you can hang CDs, golden-silver-candy-paper and light Windspiels into windy window places or simple little filled Water bottlis. (iron things can indicate actual friction power of the mmTeam)

Datum: 11-03-2015
Fire-Water or Wire-Fire (WiFi-free-free n small little applicable devices)
von: Bizarro coming

Datum: 07-03-2015
Modi got modifed chlor chicken legs, got modified turmeric brand, got modified basmati tshawaal, got modified winter wheat (best dico 4 schppls ), got modified cookies (Auerangbd railwy stan), ... via uncle sams grocery store ! /// Achermann got Anju Chain (Anjuna branch 4 brunch) /// Netscpe Navigator was good, - colors ! also Mozilla Firefox is very nice applicalble competitor contra googla data garagings ... !

Datum: 03-03-2015
I think Snowden (expat exNSA) did a good job because he said, "... something has to CHANGE IN THAT SYSTEM (US) .." and they want him back without put to justice becausae he worked 4 the USA, i think many worked for the USA as they bought many OSwindows computers, and they paied for it, and paied back 4 it and learned somethibut the most IMPORTANT IS they did mirror profiling over some time ratio by the interface ...

Datum: 26-02-2015
... little tired only after one week maintaining my corrupted chapels (sandalettes), winning over the multi media team, checking my dangerously corrupted scooter here and then over weeks ... all indicators of the power of my terminating program ... konsequent in der sache, schoen im stil !

Datum: 09-02-2015
From now on I proclaim the State of Revolution and nothing but the state of the art by revolution, will counter the threat of the kapitalists and its applicant multi-media-teams and will take appropriate measures, trigger allregistsr help iton all levels , help it on all levels and engage in relevant categories -khabi khabi, - Hokahey !

Datum: 20-01-2015
I prefer Memori to Monopoly, prefer Jazz to Back Gammon, prefer Minigolf to golf, Risiko and schifferl versenken same, prefer Moorhen shooting to Dicks quale hunting, I prefer Botsha to Bowling (horseshoe throwing...) and Dart to Flipper - Sunset with 50 Skymasters and 2 WBellied Seaeagles (19.01.015)

Datum: 13-01-2015
- 16 channel HD check on one screen is of excellent service, in MUTE-state, suspect-channel-ckeck turn off mute for security (vector grafik) /// - if you pull 2 points at an index curve (stocks) it gets funny (vector grafik) - kapitalisten u katholiken raffen, raffen, raffen mehr als diverse .. for the spaniards my swimming pants. (also to find via specl infos_2 via Dir_1)
von: ! - )
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What u have ?

What do you have if you dont know yourself
you need to shop much
but still have nothing

    Alpenfestung - Tomatorreros - Wild west - Rotkäppchen

    Investigator (old page revisited)-   english   deutsch

Caesar ist ganz spitz
- Caesar stellt alle Lorbeerbl\E4tter auf

Earth and heaven

Earth is all with heaven
heaven is all with earth
ultimate climax !!
    Nature outstanding


After JFK they found even before Hippie times the G-point
JFK, Jidam, Jedam, Judam, Norad (= no cycle but parking lots ...)
Thora Bora preempt, mini-nukes and rogue states if not failed ones by the mutual friends
of the teaparty guests, hockey mums and neos tupper wares.
    Think what u can do for the nation ...
Maybe taking the EDU shift to Europe for cultural advance of neos if not Nazis ... (15 years )

Invest-i-gator - english deutsch

Burning man - Death valley

This festival not far from the death valley named Burning man I think thats the latest kick beside speed-dating, GPS-navi, couch-surfing and Reality-TV
I prefer bunga bunga, but dont tell anybody
- dont see, dont tell ...

Freimaurer, scientologen or multi-media-teams to get over all that hardships of modern times come by social networking and its flower revolutions

Soft and smart

Obama is soft
not micro-soft or a soft-drink-maker
and smart
not like a smart bomb by some Neocon
    He is not a typical president like Reagan or Bush (any bush -)
and he is also not a typical African
a sunburnt, robust power-Bolzen ...
and beside some of his goals
some did a movie on US-slavery ...
not bad.

Calculating buffaloes

Some days ago I tried to calculate the 60 mio killed buffaloes
during the Search for American Dream times (1860s),
it cant have been that many slautheerd/ killed in 5 years
60 mio killed buf./ 5 years = 33 333 killed buffaloes/ day
36 mio/ 5 years = 20 000/ day (more close to reality)
30 - 45 bio buffaloes orig. roaming the great plains seems to get more close to the real number

Israeli method of being important

of being important: they go with the caterpillar into the house and fake the book (preciouse bird book), documents or fake my website (big nice garden chapter with beautiful garden galleries ...) think they are very clever, sometimes you get water or some little money, but usually its rumble buckets over head, guess to get thread locks.

World heritage monuments

I want to know -
In America-US do uncle Sam have a fortress, or a palace, a castle,
a huge Mosque, an old Stupa or Gompa ... ?
special relicts like Caracalla Thermas in Rome, ruins in Pompei or
old temples as in Greece or India
I mean beside Disney Land ...
(how was it in Bhagdad with the Museum while embeding and invading ...?)
    special destinations

Goa modern u die Aufklaerung

D Epoche der Aufklaerung ist an gewissen laendern vorbei gegangen (
Frankreich hat schon vor einiger Zeit d USA mit einem schoenen Geschenk beglueckt, - liberty statue. Charlie hebko gives clue on johnson u johnson via facebook.
    In Goa steht ein gov. mental hospital, in Pernem (Goa) a tiny police post only beside the protz-monastery and counter-temples and much plastic garbage gets burnt all around G - no waste managment, but Aryan reste opposite dissapeared camp site under big tree ... Hills, beach n birds will last over that idiotia !

Pic or Ceremony

These pictures can be funny
when the presidents or ministers meet
and at the end they get a picture done afterhour standing on the stairs togather
    But for me more interesting is this ceremony when PUTIN got to do his oat
and went in the palace in the middle of the big silent audience,
went without hesitation, fast,
this is interesting ...
and sometimes he comes late for this kind of afterhour pictures.
    One time he welcomed at the gate of the palace the many presidents
arriving by car, one after each other ...!

Da brennt nix an

Also wenn ich mir d ZwiebelEiersuppe mit Pfeffer mache
da brennt nix an
u. wenn ich mir mein Muesli rein schneide (Fruechte)
da brennt nix an
wenn ich mir Pasta Shutta bereite
da brennt nix an
wenn ich mir Tomaten Zwiebelsalat richte
da brennt nichts an
wenn ich mir Pute (unpaniert) bereite
da brennt nix an
wenn ich mir dann einen Thunfischsalat mache
da brennt nix an
u wenn ich mir Wodka mit Zitronenewasser anrichte
da brennt nichts an

(wanted to do in german-bavarian-slang/Reinschrift but that would even be much harder for other german speaking volks - viva Gerhard Polt/ bavarian-Kabarettist - youtube !)
check "Democracy Africa" and "Toleranz"

Political correctness

I think Political Correctness is really very important for Neokons
and avoiding showing wrong finger (stinky f.) for not going rogue

Brain drain

Some are so poor of intellibrains, lacking intellibrains, on their own territory_US, so they make it attractive to get there for the good_brain_worker.
    But on the other hand they outsource the com_workers the cheap comunication and PUT data to form fillers and call_center workers and do them NLP courses before and tell them nite simple sentences, words and expect them to answer bambie questions by MS and office enterprise and aftre school the girls and boys around 20 shake hands after class ..... (instead of folding hands ...)
    I checked the website of the company which does the courses in Uttharkand and its simple as NLP, they collect whats possible to collect by IT_tech and send to head corp in US to get the profits and biz advanced in the brain drained outback ... wherever drain and com burnt
    Some of the young men and women hide ther fb_friends because if mumi or papi get to know of them it could poison their fixed, uncorruptable, intolerant mindset and poison more in consequence as putting poison or acid into onself or whomever to make it as ugly as possible
for whatever, whomever, wherever ...

Mixed exercises

- Animating by sleeping
- Pickiniking by canoeing
- Photosynthesing by looking boys (- on beach)
- Laundring by radio (doing laundry)
- Mind loosing by shopping (distraction - Zerstreuung)
- Winning by spending
- Loosing by investing (stocks)
(out of exercises updated 28.06.14)

File crawler - Dateisucher

Some days ago (june 2014 HP-India) I tried to find a file manager, a file search engine, - einen Datei-manager oder Sucher, to find the many disturbing and dusting-desktop system files in its folders (Ordner ...) at some local webstations, but even at there was nothing to be found as once like the program Wilbury, or Win-Commander (still to be found) ...
and xp-winWin had a file-crawler/searcher implemented at the Start Menue, that was fantastic
yes and even nearly perfect ...

(Ordnung muss sein !) part of the central-service-page Downloads

Three ways to learn

Grandpa told us, there are mainly 3 ways to learn,
by Listening (Audio),
by Writing down (noticing, deep buring and recollecting/ manicure, haptic) and
by Speaking, singing, mantring, sounding, reciting.


Panch nalla walla bohut tieg walla hei ...
khabi khabi mei panch nalla walla hei,
eg bohut mazboot river walla hei,
sea laagi abhi nei, kutsh padme sea laagi bohut maazboot...

Abhi max. panch walla hei.

Tiger walla yaa -
Aap Tiger walla yaa panch walla hei,
khabi khabi aap saahsi walli hei ... ?

Padanei abhi padahei padme

I am now too occupied, (but laagi mucho) to fool around in this chapter ...

Mujhe tumera dhobi walla maat banaao ...

Mujhe friendly fire walla banaao
mangta ?
sir khabi khabi mangta

Indians professional friendly fire wallas hei ...

Bhollo tshelta
bhollo shanti ...

Tumko bullana nei mangta
sir khabi khabi friendly fire walli ...
aur saahsi, yaa himmati, yaa sundar, padanei
lagbag saahsi ...

_____________ english (queens or american ...)

Flatscreen mob

If the Ghost of the Cowboy state of mind gets out of the bottle
it gets microdusty on some desktops and it gets flying popping jumping hopping
windows ..... 7 or 8
guess its 8 now on some flatscreens mobs
so clean rubb or smear the flatscreen or
wait for next generation PC_sys_OS and
in the while
get the WORLDVIEW MINDSET reduced
from holistic Kopernican to
its a smart_rectangle_device with reduced to grid symbols
to smear and clean as Ptolemeus or
some aligned to grid religions which
thought it would be a FLATSCREEN (Mattscheibe)

Self or others ...

Burning oneself (Self-molestation, suicide) looks really ugly to me and it seems to be in the lineage of Harakiri and Samurai (honor-self-killing)...
but Tibetans burn themself at homeland sometimes for reasons of getting opressed.
    A Zen Buddhist loves life and has fun by its many grotesk turns and moves, more like a Tiger or Snow Leopard. Muslims are more like Lions and Wolfes, Buddhists more self focused but trieing harmony with others ... part of page supporting Dalai Lama n others

Totaler Abwehrkampf

Im totalen Abwehrkapf gegen d Eindringlinge von microsoft und dust
habe ich unlaengst alle Speicherabbilder ruecksichtslos eleminiert
jetzt erkennt microdust u soft
nicht nur nicht die Maus_PC nicht wieder
sondern auch die Digicam (Nikon),
dies wird Konsequenzen ... haben u erfordert
weiteres ruecksichtsloses Vorgehen
woauchimmer microsoft und Dust poppt !
    So now i need to do it via third party device, so to say a webstations PC where i plug my cam first, download pics on third party PC, then plug my stick-usb (pendrive?? in india, Jitta is Leopard in Nepal, usb-sticks got invented by .is etc etc)
put the pics from PC on it and voila !-)


Ich mach dir den Felsen (als Papa)
I do you a rock and Lion (as dad)

Miss Moneypenny

Last night was funny
had fruit salad and cookies with Miss Moneypenny
worlds best secretary in my room
she is secretary of state (not minister of foreign affairs - lol)
before i was roaming the mountains as Snow Leopard ...

Big democracy

I am yet in worlds biggest Democracy by numbers of inhabitants, but can not recharge (balance) of my mobiles and maybe not upload my newly dated (upated) websites in capital of worlds biggest democracy, cause the modern win_sys_OS i dont like,
not to mention open web connections i call Wired_fire, vulnerable.
    But can tell you after i ve been all around overbound in this magic, diverse n fascinating country and doing a million digits-triggering, it s still an adventure, a challenge and enterprise,
(prices were reasonable) 1001 unforgetable and unpayable experiences the last 10 months.

Two small cities only

There are only two big villages in India (!) wher US-Americans travel,
Rishikesh for Yoga and Beatles nostalgia and
Mac Leod Ganj for getting lessons tought via Buddhism and the Tibet cause.
    What you dont challenge you dont get - chello Jackson Hole.

Expat or extraterrestric

You re not from this planet
when i watch the birds
you re not from this planet
when i see the skies
you re not from this planet
when i see young wildcats playing
You re somewhere between Europe and America trieing to reach India
(some on the way to mars, last deadend street ... )

Champaign or whisky

The Queen of GB smashed a bottle (another one)
against GBs biggest new navy ship for christaning/ baptising but no Champaign no, Whisky !
    I remember her on TV getting a small replica of the Golden Temple on her knees
while visiting India once, what an honour for both of the commonwealth countries.
(july 2014)

Departments US

Yesterday i search3d on web for the US deptmnt of health and the US deptmnt of education
and what a surprise, i found somehting,
but lets be realistic (realpolitisch) its very very rare that you hear of these departments_US, but it exists.

And in exists a real big google_data_storage_super_garage ...
but nowhere on Asian mainland .-)

Emo intelligent

Are you emotionally intelligent ?
Or a fake emo, a drama-queen or a hello-to-the-queen (.is dessert)
or a sour thaaank uuu ?!
    No honey its not what you say say, it s how you say it ...
(so best unsharp, unemotional, unsour lol to get nice baby ... !-)

White blanket

I like this feeling in the bed under the fresh washed ind railways blanket,
all white with these railwy stripes at side.
    Sometimes i use it as my Roman Toga ...
very appropriate, maybe amusing, my present from Caesar,
veni vidi vici.

The sun

The sun is beyond any category ... unimaginable
when you look at her you get blind
if you stay too long in the sun you get a sun stroke
it can just be somehow seen by the billions of creatures
she powers and creates
(beachbunnies stay on beach naked for hours photosynthetisising
... and wait for pollen -)

You can copy, paste n read chapters or passages with regard to the author, me H. Schuetz, or with source adress of wesbite clearly shown.

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You can copy, paste n read chapters or passages with regard to the author, me H. Schuetz, or with source adress of wesbite clearly shown.