Mit starker Hand

Der Traum u das Dekret

Wir wissen alle, dass Obama per Dekret in Hawai geboren wurde
und jeder traeumend Republikaner hellen kopfes weiss
wie schwer es ist die Traeume ganzer clans, der gucci bucci, und gonzales,
die traeume seit OJ und JFK, seit Terminator zu realisieren.
- Micky, OJ und Geleboy sie alle wissen hellen kopfes wie schwer es ist
die traeume der Freiheitskaempfer zu delektieren.

Rotes telefon

Habe heute per dekret erlassen
mal mit dem roten telefon zu telefonieren
Ob ich dabei die internet Jalousin zumache ueberleg ich mir noch.
Sonst eben stecknadeln in Heuhaufen oder zum abwehrpiercing im vorhang
zum grossen schauspiel am Waldrand.


Das eiserene Haemmern auf smartphones ist heute noch so laut wie gestern


Per Dekret verbiete ich alle Plastik-oscars auf 2 oder 4 raedern,
alt ua staedte, von US bis midwest Europa.
Deepat bin i selber und davon traeumen tut schon weh.

Climate change - Treibhaus
Some do not like hispanics, foreigners, they do nto like black people and migrants. Only some white old men and a daughter.
    But when the gods turn angry, some people in cars flee in few lakh (100 000) numbers, from the powers which come by Climate change.
Some do not get warm with that, and do for sure not want to pay for halting the Climate change process. They pay otherways, it is just how long they need to see that and change for that.
    Climate change is a huge thing,
some can or want not adapt to it, even as they are allready totally IN IT.
        El Ninjo (seedmap)

The was two times in the region hit by climate change.
But overall they d better get Deepwater horizon and Exxon vald done preempt.
Done by the codes of conduct and and management schools regarding preempt.
        a CEO

Hells end

Das grosse schauspiel will stop for many as they will just get spilled away, sweapt away, and also their churches will not get spared. So the centurylong schauspiel will end for them with them. As by their centurylong ignorance, grasping and centurylong destruction and slaughter.
        heyhut sweaper

No measures

As they knew no measures, they get the answers measurless.
In the name of the powers.
            bijli dost

Der polizist hat gesagt er will mir helfen ....
das war vorgestern u da war es schon zu spaet !! (22.07 irgendwo am waldrand wieder)
Verfahrenskosten koennen sich exponentiell steigern,
manche so manche so .... some cases get booked u
2500 sind schon viel (trials) ... doch im Wilden Westen vielleicht auch nicht oder ...
sonst einfach mal route 66 in O-county ... oder burning man valley

dann habe ich ihm gesagt er .. kann mir nicht ..... da war es schon zu spaet ....

      - Make no mistake, make no missfake -

Hints on DIGITAL marcets
The CEO says "drag and drop" is suspiciouse to him, because it gives hint on multimedia performance included which is far too much for email accounting programs. Drag and drop for 80% spam is like GM coding (headache). But accaptable for Firefox and related software included like thunderbird for instance.
    This page has some problem with java-script really, what is a kind of surprise to CEO. One of the first nice "sandboxings" by mouseover in browsers, guess he did an syn.error. But today empirically millions got to know what digital Treibsand is and how it works, from priv. users to companies.

    Linux is special and CEO lets you know, order or support it, by getting the relevant CDs. You just need a good CD case and motor 4 it. From g-tube you can not download, only watch and upload, download they keep to much for biz ! And for long not by MS and its parental controls. With Linux it works and its allready in advanced stage today, you can download, cars are costly, shopping less. Gutsherrenlike companies are a few, cause somehow it needs to get organized, it s just the question how they interact, supply and do on stock marcets. Biz conglomerates are many today, from cars, aeroplanes, construction biz, over foods and more.

    Crash, bash and schwitztest with new heads of states is also not a bad idea. I let them know the heating level, and they themself try it often to each other.

    Telefoning is an option, old and solid but often with socalled swap-listeners attached, the co-listeners for years (murdoch, echelon, NSA, many secret services n others) and also some apples by them (applis) for socalled smart phones. Isn t that special, all that rubbish leaving traces and backtracings for marcets specialists. Some specialists use very simple mobiles, as part of the game. Some specialists don t do netbanking, another interface of the marcet, beside the mashine and card one embeded, beside the Netbook and virtual marcet suppliers.
    Some specialists like holes in the nets. Too many spiders in the net aside each other look ugly, they are weaving around each other ... till they eat each other, or can not get rid off each other any more, some webs are very sticky.
    Cloud computing looks more like a big acid rainbubble, better save your data on usb-sticks, external-HDD or very solid CDs, uncorruptable and burnt. Firma nets can be, as in every web, prove vulnerable. Many dream of profit output mashines in real it seems. But laundry mashines which take only upto 20 eurocents make Hausverwaltung and some marct segments looking more than ugly. Such things turn CEOs Al Capone, if not are allready. It must take upto 50 cents minimum !

    So for long, best solid saving devices are CDs (CDR, DVD etc), burnt and forever. As with once music, are CDs uncorruptable, good for travelling with and nothing of parentals, modifiers or geneteck involved. In case with Linux, it works fast and proper, you can think of a 2 case CD mashine, modern shuffle or external devices connected.

Tarzan and Gozilla

Tarzan springt noch immer groelend durch das Dschungelzimmer,
schwingt sich seit den 70ern von Liane zu Liane, das gibt ihm Halt.
Auch Gozilla u King Kong sind nicht zu unterschaetzen
manchmal wo mit weissem Haar,
ist es so nicht wunderbar, manchmal mit ner goldigen Kraetzen
die sie dann ueber ihr Fell hetzen.
Spiderman u Batwomen, sie lieben sich nicht solala
Auch Entenhausen is mit vom Schiff, mit Pfiff und viel Trara
Wie soll man sagen, darf mans wagen, diese Plagen sind nicht laut,
auch comics seit Robin Hood und Lederhaut.

Friends of Africa
Friends of Africa unite. I know your women are all wild queens,
often greedy like the males in power. Emotional wild cats and lions
If we see Naomi, Rihanna, Janet and Jennifer, Mugabe and Kenyatta.
    Just take out the heat of elections, take out some heat of biz,
take out the heat of the megagreedies.
It often just needs a good bid of organisation,
clear sight and right measure.
    China and India are coming along, maybe for long.
Get it right, get them in sight.
Your lands are big, your lands are hot,
don t let a few, put all into their pot !

When you can see no cars, when you can not see their fake, When you can see no Hoopoes, Kingfishers, Swans and Fishotters. When you cannot see mobile masts, no post offices but new of its partners. When you can not see bycycles but electro ones, when you can not see TV satdishes, you will get nothing but car emissions and and broken glasses from kookle.

Was ist da schon dran

Ein oder 2 tickets aus einem zugticketautomaten fuer 100 km am selben tag, was geht da kaputt ?
2 mio tote oder 50 Raubersgschichten und Kriminalfaelle im fernsehen, was geht da kaputt ?
    Ein kaputter wasserkocher und standPC (xp mashine), uebers Gartentor, hr Inspector
was geht da kaputt ?
Nichts als oede strassen u ueberwucherte Doerfer,
    wen interessiert das ? Ein wechselschalter, 2 wechselschalter, gestemmt, gehaemmert, bezahlt, geputzt und zerstoert.
    was geht da kaputt, wem tut das denn weh ?
Polizisten u Garderecken, verdroschen, verpoebelt, vermoebelt, abgehoehrt, gelyncht u machetet, vergiftet u geschminkt, wen interessiert das ?
Irgendwo wieder ne schere fuer nen Grenzzaun oder Mauer waehrend marktfleiger wo fuer Bush II Lunch pakete abwerfen, wielange ist das her ?
    Das kl Bambie wird schonwieder am Schuleingang nach waffen kontrolliert,
weil der neue terminator fuers Autokino misslang, wo gibts sowas ?
            Kalte Bluthand

Barrierefrei II
(Bauverbandlungen) Im Tal des Zorro gibt es oft nochwo Bauverbandlungen, und gerade deshelb dort zwischen buberl und mäderl, nicht weit vom Galgenwald. Da wird nicht viel besprochen sondern nur geschaut wie bescheuert man nochwo stupende Neuhaeuslers Verdichtete flachbauten, Betonplattenfertigteile oder Ganzwand-setzkastenbauten hinstellen kann. Nein da wird nu ein biesl geschaut, gelugt quasi, ob es nochwo geht (gehts noch) fuer an Kanal ab nazis Grossriedhaus mit 1,5 km länge und 45% gefälle ob es nochwo, gehts noch. Wird fuer verbandlung gelugt und verbandelt ueber das Kanalgeblaesekasterl nach moelchialer Erschlaichung. Deshalb sagt auch der gr Meister, landet nicht in euer Dummheit Blut in fetter Riedhausdach Bergunmanier.

Architektonischer Hinweis

Bauhaus findet der gr. Meister nicht uninteressant. geht auch fuer 2-3 stoeckige Reihenhaussiedlungen, doch der Hochhausstil wo sich alles nur spiegelt bis das openair Freibad von oben runter fällt, seit Bush II. Ist das so schoen und aufregend wie tgl 4hrs im Badeszimmer stehen. Die Spiegelglaskastenburgen sind nichtmal fuer Flitzer, Streetjumper und neoklerikale Schattenboxer aufregend.
          Cicero     walls

In the region of Bäuerlein
In some vicinity they see nothing and hear nothing but only teh stupid stories they tell themself. There are many sterile heyhuts, cleaned of bushes around by Bäuerlein,
but only one which is with a container.
Imagine a heyhut with a container, isn t that showing something, it could indicate cleptomanic Bäuerlein. And since that beautifull ruin got torn down, maybe for some Bäuerleins garage, I can see the spanish Inquisition coming, but who knows that since Victor Klima. (mr haller)

They send themself strange, wired signals and
hunt themself down with 140 against the wall.
    I can proof that, some of the Bäuerlein look and move like Frankenstein and they die in gummistiefel. because they hear nothing, see nothing but some cars and their own stories told. Some of them even told that their garden got adapted, (attached to car) to reach every bush in the garden with the car which is mostly normal in a Bäuerlein gummi gummi region, but specially since Irma (Hurricane in sugarcane region sept o17). Bäuerlein get could get even more dull by automatic to reach every bush in their garden. They hear nothing, see nothing but the most special since the Take apart of a nice special ruin the obere one (even with broad central round Stiegenaufgang), is that the Bäuerlein only make personal decisions, very very personal decisions the last years.

Since years which garbage bag to take and whose garbage bag not to take and deliver. That si part of their very personal Bäuerlein cirkuses. Or the haussierer Bäuerlein who really thinks whose table to cut (personally), whose Kamasutra to steal (deutsche Uebersetzung !)
with whom when and where
and when to pay for personal decision making. That is also a very personal decision, they have to count on that, take that into account.

There is a corner, cars have corners, maybe 4, inside even 9 by the new robsave aturadio design (innen standard design) but millions got spoiled and thousands called back. They love to fuck with their cars, but specially Bäuerlein and from the automatic side they make them pay.
That s good, cleaning is a good job, cleaning can be very important,
all that smog, dust and garbage bags.

That corner will get an iron rail track (similar as once) in a beton sockel. As a sign of a very strong personal decision because since years they see nothing, hear nothing but what they want, and as the Bäuerlein do no understand any otherway then there will come the iron rail and cut off the limbs (glieder) from the body of the Bäuerlein, from the ganzen stupenden and moronic Bäuerleins. When the railtrack gets rammed by iron hammer into the corner, then the personal decision making Bäuerlein will learn somehting, at least then.
          Nero, related FAQ on Bäuerlein and walls
- it stayed mystic over yeras (Sensensmann)
The only thing what was left over beside the remains of the ruin
was a useable chapel (kapelle) over years, seen from the valley, a small white painted kapelle (not a blasmusikkapelle at G-thalerhof)
    But then came the Sensenmann and took down everything,
the kapelle up there in the rumble, the cinema in the village,
the bushes and hedges on way to the new sewige station (Klaeranlage) to the other side of the valley,
the woodbridge, the post office, the cablecar,
he did not spare the crazy post hotel and the big tree in front. He came and took down everything.
    Some people exchanged secretly money here and then,
on the grounds of personal decision making somewhere in the woods.
    The Sensenmann took down also the small wooden mill backside along the stream in the woods, also the 40 year old beton spring in the ground.
It got mystic over years and
there were rumors about what would be the next
what the Sensenmann would take down next.
Bäuerleins had no idea, they were left in darkness.


The women who gets chosen for miss Popo title I guess sho does not get driven around in a Popo-mobil. I am shure she does not need a popo-mobil. Who needs a Popo-mobil in Latin America, honestly.

Advanced elvis Drone (elbit)

Der CEO sagt , meine Drone ist vielschoener, weil der Normalsterbliche aus mittlerer bis kurzer Distanz erkennt, von wem sie ist (bemalung - branding), wozu sie dient und was sie abwirft. Mein Dronen sind vielschoener und ned so furchtbare Graxen.
      Optional koennte man auch raketenwerfer einpacken mit bis zu 40 raketen, nur macht das auf solche distanzen u flughoehe wenig sinn.
      Als weihnachtssgeschenk vielzu teuer
doch als Urlaubsbegleitvehikel durchaus denkbar.
          CEO o9 (also via "Birds of mid Europe", dir5)

Banking by

I activated GEO controll before last journey (mar-jun) for Asia, I could over weeks not take money with my the card from my account from my money they cage. This card banking exists since the hippie times, fast sex fast money ... but with me katholen get their proper answers. It looks like boycotting me, then I take Puerto Rico, Oklahoma and Baskia.
    I ordered a new pin for the card (o17) They can not do it,
I got an envelope with old pin, (and I don t order new pin every 3 weeks)
They don t want to do that, even as I registered in Udine on way back that somebody took 100 teuro (juno17)
    Last year for 100 teuro I wanted a picture of the banks local branch which can be also named Glaskobel-spiegelkabinett which has security and more stickers astonishingly.
Carinthania is the worst effected by Haider since the buberl and maederl parties (not be mixed with discotheking). Some saied FPOEler is the most easy job, it has the lands highest and enormouse debth.

    I wanted to take money from the mashine as usual in the villages spiegelkabinett filiale, the flatscreen often saied summer o16,
    "Auszahlung nicht vorgesehen, .. Auszahlung nicht vorgesehen .. "
(katholiens get me right, i don t care what is vorgesehen by you)
But specially as the bank kept my money and it was in plus ( ... gedeckt)
    And me I dont use a credit card, but rarely fly biz class !
Webdesigners in advanced stage do not risk that much, also not net-banking !
(kaernten is a wahnsinn, laut kaernten werbung .... got approved)

    Last weeks (sept.o17) I wanted to take two times 20 bucks teuro, but got "Meine 30 teuro" automatically, you really want to get it like that .... I put back 10 each time, that is how you win then .... it becomes modern automats gambling and banking so. sometimes in a locale Spiegelkabinett in katholia and by its fantasies.

Traveller cheques

Next time travelling 50% get traveller cheques,
get us right, as once.

The CEO is once again doing Stockmarcet watch classes,
before last quartal o17 and is always again surprised and amused about ibex35, ATX and WIG.

get notice

I will let you know on carvolks and their 500 000 times Callbacks instead of swaps or futures. A new form of call between opts, puts, futures, the car-callback.

When my hammers rise and my wings grow
get out of the way.

The master (gr meister) is estimating hitting on carsocieties for 2 months because lobby jobs don t get done and flying to the region which got short ago visited by popo, guess with popomobil for security, waht is very very costly. He needs now to check the flight destination collage.

Funsen -
Dow 21 103.23,      Dax 12759.57,      Nasdaq 4223.90,      HangS 25378.21,      Sensex 23548,90,      Kospi 4786.30,      Bitcoin 367,04           Yen 100,38,      Yuan 68,08,      Euro 1,03,      Dollar 1,79,      IRS 69,04,      Renmimbi 70,08,      Rubel 72,08      Som 72,52     (may 2017, richtwert 2000m)                 Kaspersky 9   Mc Affee 8   CCleaner 4   Budweiser 23,   Henkel 7,    Bayer 27,    Toshiba 23,    Hiundai 15,    Honda 32,    Nokia 2,    Cargill 1,    Rolling stones 9,    Hefner 6,    BMW 27,    Daimler 34,    Mazurati 4,    Tata 35,    Eicher 12,    Enfield 3,    Mahindra 7,    Laksman 12,    Paramount 14,    AustinP 7,    Douglas 2,    Cloony 7,    Naomi 4,    Agazi 3,    Huge 2,    Prost 6,    Trusten 4,    Frustio 4,    Husten 5,    Barrel 46.04,    Quarrel 42.03,    Marell 43.78

Mittelstrecke - med distance

It s getting more wired because mittelstrecke to Caribe or Colombia from mid Europe is much more costly than India, Nepal, Kyrgystan, also Tanzania. That s conservative, very odd n konservative ...
    Not to mention the way from Gran Canaria to Africa.
CEO thinks that is why Monarch, Ryan Air and Air Berlin get sold ... and wrigged now. Maybe CEO goes for Virg. Atlantics service.
How do they calculate to the katholian hemisphere,
it s wired.

The hammers are up and it is on auction.

When the chiefs stood up and went, the total band left !
When the adventurers are gone, what will you harvest.
when the bosses are gone you get weakies and softies, maybe smarties.

Container vehicles

If you don t get cars done, you get cars polstered with double seats. If you don t get containers, you get trucks and ships. If you don t get small dropping drones done, you get small containers with good content and quadrados on websites.

    All that
All that fakenews - rubbish !
All that votes - wrigged !
All that freedoms - faked !
All that shootings - bulla !
All that diplomats - bad !
All that deals - wow !
All that hurricanes - what !
All that pollution - prove it !

Take all sticks !

You do not want to send a new password (domain) !
you do not want to send a new pin (b card) !
ok you are very free now, very very free 4 two weeks, for 2 months, forever !!
You took the stick from my tent out of the room !
You are free now, very free and independent !
Feel free now. For 2 weeks, for 2 months, forever free and independent !
You want to see your selfullfilling prophecies coming, get it !
You are free now
You can have all the sticks from the tent !
take all sticks from the tent,
maybe you get a heyhut done then !
(Peru oct.o17)

That stocksbar moving there does not show any regularities, accuracy or take advantage of superior knowledge regarding - accountee. Insiders as outsiders, Outsiders as insiders - same same, but different !
Looking free ! (dont mix with cattle)