Cuba - Havanna

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Granma II

    After a long great journey the master arrived to the major island the Caribe and is very happy therefor. Havanna has everything, the old famouse and to many fvorite historic center, the nuevo kind of wired long stretch of Malecon, which is till today missing some speed breakers every 500m, the Capitolio which can be seen from many cuadros and blokes, Havanna is great and I will stay some time in the region, Some nights ago I was doing about 50 km from de tarde (afternoon) into night so furioso I got. Now there is a big chicken frozen in the fridge. All good men can cook, and love to stay a bid in the cochina (kitchen). Havanna is great, it has a big ship taking, so to say a big caravela taking and capable harbour, it is a big harbour and not far the railway station. And as I got by combatantes and comrades, the trens till today do also person transport what is quite a failor in the central american mainland, here more on Rosso Caramba
    That is great, I ve to admit !!

    Till now I did not see a single minibus with 17 people inside as during the days in Chiapas, no, I passed banana orchards, open fields which could easily take my tent, have seen a few nice banian like trees with many airroots hanging down. Also the vicinity is great, the fields and the crops, also avacatche, starfruit and much of veggies, for sure they could do also passionfruit and I got allready some chicoos, that is a success I can t hardly measure more these days !!
    And if there is no bolsa, I can really say so much, thats totally irrelevanth, that does not bother me !

    Havannna can take much from huge Cruise ships (Caravelas cruceros), to loads of touris, the trains, sailors, seagulls and doves and not to forget the good guias de touristas, the Fuehrers or something like that. The effects of Deepw. horizon have to be explored and executed sometimes. Compensation for fish trawlers, not to mention Hemingways Blue Marlin, what seems to have been a big thing in the central Americas since then. (Dec o17)


Cienfuegos bay

They are rolling Cohiba and Habanneros, some boxes got left over in mid Europe, they could crossbreed it with the spicy Himalayan blend and not solely virginia. Havanna is serving many fantasies and futures, from campsites near the woods and fields to the revolution advanced, viva !
    From the old and even bid more cleaner days along sreets more on health, savety, climate here, coastal stretches need to get washed and flushed here and then, crabs and lobsters can indicate more.

    The construction sites are many, but thats allover the planet, a good plan does a great job, I sent more post cards and the fish from lake Malawi, via Amazon to mid Americas are inspiring. The young medium sized much yellow Schmetterlingsbuntbarsch (cichlids) are lovely, have never seen that much yellow in them before. The Usumatinka cichlids with big stripe from back top down is also nice. More on nature observations over the last 1,5 months.     Cuba map
Hints on innovation and progresso (also ships)


Civil Society

I dont know what they keep as civil society in the US and many latin american regions. Is it where people get transported in Pickups to work plaaces and schools. Is civil societies where even in hotels with saloon and lobby toilets are leaking, and that allready for some months if not years (oo7). Also in hotels with 50 rooms for years.
    Is civil societies where mass shooting happen all several months, a year. is it where they block other lands like and specially Cuba, from engaging with people, companies and other nations over decades. But specially as 191 nations, by UN, repell nd "nei" the decade long blockade policy.
Is civil society where most people have no idea about the rest of the world ? is it where they live in gated comunites, where they need private security during nights, cams, burgler alarms, walls and wire fences ?
    Is it where peope do not get to know what they eat, and what they get during TV by ads, and background blinking in milliseconds since hitler and blue ray ?
    Let me know if that is civil societies, or only something gated ! I do not name that civil societies, no, I call that fighting volks, fighting for survival and gated under pressing and sucking kapitalistic circumstances !
    Travel warnings is of good need for several months on cities regions and lands, for sure. If they need a tent stick, thats is very poor.

Civil Society II

You want to rub, suck and exploit on the backs of the people, you do not get into my tent ! You want influence and power.
    You can not do even superfast trains, you can not have people do banking without standing in the row for hours. El ninjo is on way, also snta Claus and Lord of miracles ! You can not navigate big ships and avoid deadly collusions during peace times ! You want money, power, sex and be very influential, ... or mark somebodies as most influential in some Western sunset mags (by barclays).

    Then prove that people do not need to shoot each other !
    They talk of civil society and send you TV programs in single homes and flats, over their walls and fences. How many TV s you need in one real estate ?
Is that the guides, the mama papi fuehrungen they like, beside TV coaches all nights and days ?
Let me know.
    Your downtown glasstower cities are empty at nights. In Havanna, Cuba, people move free and happy at night, they dance, shake, eat and enjoy, others play chess.

Civil Society III

Your cities are deadly empty at nights. Is it the car or the job, that big thing ?
    Hegemony and dictate can only work when there is imbalance.
Inbalance between poor and rich, the dictators and the sheep,
Inbalance between the GDP 17 trio $US (just a Nr), its blockades and trying of new trade deals (!) ... and the ones who pay the price for that.
    The inbalance between volks who have some knowledge and education, books, literature and newspapers !
And the price the ones who pay, do not get that right (into a tent), but
TV, video coaches and blowing their minds allday !
That s part of the deal, how distraction and exploitation functions.

Civil Society IV

If they need a stick from a tent in the Americas, it is very poor sign.
If they do not want to produce books of nice website (downsizing), that is a very poor sign.
Nobody is interested in an adventureres tent, nobody,
    there are enough 5 star hotels anyway !
No, not in Huanuco, not in Medicine hat, Saragoza, not in Tingo maria, Tarapoto, Pochutla, Jackson hole. There is no 5 star hotels, it is excemptions and "Walk of fame" is dead !
    Dead in the street of the ones who have their cowboy feet on aerport tables (Quito), for some aerports seem to fit that well.
    Walk of fame is a faked bootwalk, if not a bootcamp. Revolution gets advanced, modern, and I will break the decade long blockade, I will take down Guantanamo, pay and take no rent, and reduce contracts to cero. It is just, if that many of neos civil societies can see that ?
    Nights in Belem are uneasy, also in Huanuco, Rio, Sao Paulo, Tingo m. Nights are dark of fear there, also in Chicago and New York downtown, but not in Havanna ! Nights in Havanna are an easy joyfulll dance.
    On the land there is much space for a tent, less for mio cars which do some 17 trio $US, guess weekly, maybe by Uber, I got to know on Mex. aerports last stand. For me it is a tiny number which needs to get converted into Bitcoin. I strike and hit contra the barbiecewers, on routine.

    Even during "Lord of miracles" I did not get a single engl. newspaper over nearly 1,5 months from Huaraz to Chiclayo, in the spanish americas. In Havanna they can manage, its name is Granma (, international edition).

    The List of companies which do not get into my tent: ( Uber, Lookheed, Bombardier, Cessna, Wallmart, ExxonM, Mc Donalds, apple, santander, Nokia, windows, MerrilLynch, IMF, Paramount ... )

Granma III
    4,2 MB was the times of megabites on diskettes
now I dream of times during kassette (music tapes)
and of two megatonnes charas, coca, chocolatel, ganja, grass ... mariuhanna and cofee over 30 years.

    At some winwin, a position or so, also at socalled reality shows on TVs in the west,
you can win such things.
Like for lifetime old Caravelas or for lifetime ponton sailing ... or gratis schlitten fahren,
that is something you can win in some lands,
to sit on the wood in the deep snow,
by the regisseur of Dracula on shlitten Mr Polansky.
Remark: reality TV is the most boring TV in India, reality is full of grotesks ...


Innovation and progresso

In some lands the family wring the bell, it is a bid like with smart phones and new wringtones, everyday in the house of the milliones telefone numbers they wring the bell. No not at Philadelphia, no it is the street with the name of the wall, its name is Wallstreet. Everyday they wring the bell there, it is a lovely picture. It is a bid like when after votes and the elevctoral collage the new presidet dances with his wive on stage ! Other streets have names like downing street, or Dow jones street, or alike, now Teresa is of the mayday street because brexit is not so uncomplicated but they will manage. It s not like with a rotten old stinky contracts of the mid 19th century done in a Fort on the Plains somewhere in the far west.
    And then when they meet they shake hands, after a new type of transportation system got invented beside beaming and the UFO sightings or starwars. Not too much of a Magnetschwebebahn but it can be quite fast, also along highways but even much further away and very fast like 260 km/hrs or 190 km/hrs. It is possible.
    Its quite innovative, and takes some workforce, strategy and planning, also new laws ! It is quite easy, it is like dancing on the stage for private users and consumers.

    They had starwars, they had Zeppelin hindenburg, they can do swimming pools on skyscrappers, there are quite a few twin towers, costly new islands, so why not Superfast trains in the far southwest.

    A train is something, not like a sports training suit for aerobic, moon or breakdance. The workforce have to be calculated, not the gymnastic pants of a spanish gym. And it does not need to get calculated too rigid and sucking on the workforce, no.
    For the medium and long term run it can do much revenues, I am very sure of that, traffic on the Latin American countryside is not that much yet, and a train will overtake fast. It can do outputs and people dont need to get then over the speed brakers in bumpy busses and wait for hours. In the djungles it may take more time and calculation, but in the open far lands, no problem. Time ratio will show big profits, I am sure it is better then sweat and spit tests for bankers.
    It is also a thing, part of the new rail tracks that not too much of umwegrentabilitaets golden handshakes like with side contracts with megacompanies as Lookhead, Odebrecht, Aerbus or Gen.Atomics. (Dec o17)
Here trains, ships, drones and caravelas cruzeros (webmaps) Havanna city

Der Geist und die Flasche

Wenn der Geist aus der Flasche ist
dann schlaeft man einfach dreuber ....
und dann nimmt man noch eine Flasche
und schlaeft wieder drueber.
Wenn der Geist aus der Flasche ist, ... dann schlaeft man einfach ein,
Ja wenn der Geist raus ist aus der Flasche ...
dann wartet man ein bisschen und fragt sich
        "War je ein Geist in den Flaschenkoepfen"
nach allem was passiert ist.

Bird varieties

Birds are of a multitude and magnitude
you can hardly imagine
They fly sharp, they fly high,
they fly slow and by formation in the sky.
Some alone, some are dancing in flocks over the crops,
some dry their wings on the rocks.
They climb upside down and downside up.
Some now no borders, others return to the stick.

    Many call on wing, others dance and sing.
They have camouflage and show colors
Some dive for minutes, others shoot down for the catch in clear waters.
Many rest on way, others fly sharp for prey.
What is not by their way ! Birds of India

No lobby for a tent

I ve to say they will never get into my tent
not for fcking, not for romance,
and not for proving their stupidity.
It is impossible !

Blond at night

There was a blond in the night streets between the emperors embasssy
and the Las Vegas looking something (Havanna Malecon at night)
After I did allready 40 km on foot the same day from afternoon to night
with a break in a bus on way back.
She said "get out" somewhere in the dark,
I replied to her appropriatly. You have to answer on same level sometimes,
also it seems to be absolutely impossible over years. (Dec o17)

Cuba romance

It is tough, it is organized, there are many school kiddies,
also dirty places, some with fat cannons here and there.
Its people are friendly, joyfull, but also show the hardship
of yearlong blockade by the emperor and
because revolution took so long, success !
Groups of touris from shipes cruzeros,
nicly kept guest houses, partly taking out all from lower floors,
what does strange feelings during strong winds.
    It has pubs popping, it has Cohiba chopping, it has pubs closing,
it has fruits, veggies, meat, arts and postcards and international newspapers !
People dancing and playing music in its streets, also chess.
There is no fear it has a long pier !
Trains not yet dissapeared, on way from east to west.
    Cuba is a wild romance (Dec o17)

Revolution trains and cars

The revolution moves on since 40 years, it s a long hard way and it s a danceat night, save. You have cars which drive since 40 years, that is their problem really. IN other lands they have a million of cars, somehow equipped to help them find the way. They need to callback 100 thousand of their cars because they ahve problems, failed. Your cars drive since 40 years. In other lands they have the "One road, One belt" and Silkroad initiative, where there is Rodeo and Bullride way it is different.
    They have trials and sue each other on their cars and block others progress, projects and revolution same time since 40 years. They prefer unsave roads and unsave nights, thats their way !
Their cars and roads are a disaster, also for the ones who do hitch hiking.
    Others do Superfast trains. The train goes oneway, cars go anywhere. The train reaches on time, on shedule, your cars run for 40 years. That is what others hate, revolution and cars which do 40 years, that is why they try to block it.

    They need to callback 100 thousand of cars, out of failor, their cars are failed cars, fully equipped failed cars, that is their way. It is like with silikon and botox, overdosed and blown.
    The revolution moves on, either in the colombian djungles or Venezuela, in Peru or Bolivia, Cuba is an historic example. It is time for trains. Revolution is a training which gets blocked and advanced since 40 years, do not advance it by their cars, go for trains and stay with standards, from savety, accuracy, reaching destinations, goals and targets.
Here trains, ships, drones and caravelas cruzeros (webmaps)

El padrone de aquarias

I have a dream, you shall put a aquarium to Goa and
put in it a smalll crocodile de Chapora river.
In a restaurant, when the Crocodile gets bigger let it free to the rio.
You shall then catch the Neonspot Hechtlinge de Goa and put also into the auqarium,
also de Cichlids de lago Pushkar into same aquarium possible.
It will be an eyecatch for the many restaurant costumers and bring much success, viva india.
And by the way, during times of revolution it takes out the heat during breakthrough times.
Also "forca Mexicanos" possible (lifebearers with dicks, Dec o17)

      El padrone, hasta la vista

PS: also Aequidens usumatinka possible (Maronen bbarsch, Aquarien Atlas 2 or 3), aquarium is a oneside glassfront one, backside is hill


Two months later

After having travelled nearly two months I got in reach of a english newspaper ( It has mutlilanguage editions under the "Reach the people of Americas" motto.
    Success !
    I have nowhere seen any english newspapers from Peru -Ecuad - to Mexico during 2 months.
    There were minor problems with hotels, as leaking toilets even in old hotels with saloon once (Per, mex), and the hotel managment ( but never in Cuba leaking toilets.
    There was multiple waiting time at busstations or aerports, but I also slept under trees and on beachrocks.
    There are many "sex for money volks" in the streets and cities of span. latin Americas, but only little schools, book stores or newspaper supply aside. What was once natural got biz in Kapitalismo. What is naturally got commercialized in kapitalismo, if it was there at all.

    Where there is humanity lost since centuries under the cross you can buy sex on the streets, but not newspapers. (Belem - Rio - Quito)

    Havanna infos   and Cuba 2oo9 and its savety, health, climate

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