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    ECUADOR: On way from Peru via Lagoa Verde, on ecuadorian side, police checks can happen on routine and breaks on way in AC busses. Stand to bus, spread legs and so forth. Hip wide gallies in AC busses are not always comon standard. Snta Maria is nice, with an aerportlike looking Bus terminal.

    PERU: On way from Lima to Huaraz can be an hardship at the PanAmericana outer line, then into and up the mountains, but hardly any shops in the high altitude villages, in general little traffic on peruvian Alti Plano, but in the cities the more !

    MEXICO CITY: Some suburbs of Mexico city and adjoining areas are dangerouse, also adjoining areas to Chiapas. There nightgroup sittings of police squads in small villages like Jerusalem or Maravhila. Also Jaguars there, normally during nights. Agua Blanca is nice, viva exercito ! great. Maravila and Jerusalem are different, Las Nubes great, also Monte Bello (National parks).
    Little traffic overall on mexican southern countryside, hardly any traffic (cars, auto, trucks), also at border region to Guatemala.

    TRAVEL WARNING for Somalia, Iraq, Honduras, Belize, Sao Paolo, Rio (suburbs and favelas) dress decent there. Also some downtown parts at nights in Madrid and Barcelona.

    Never show posh and fency. If you have anything like a costly watch, necklace, earrings, bracelets, gold and jewels DO NOT show it in the streets, not from Sao Paolo to LA.
    Do only wear simple loose streetwear and daygear, many people like to take it from day to nights, anywhere at any busy streets. In some beach areas of Rio only wear a string, tanga and towel. Mark my words.

    MONEY LAUNDRING in these days is a different thing, it has a counter office in Kathmandu, backside with a parklike garden, but that is a different issue. Nepal is great and has organised mountaineering.
    If you want gold and jewels go to any church therefor !! Go there and stay there from Sicily to Bergamo (cum aerport, also Trier and Worms)

    Travel Warning also for Iraq and Syria, also parts of Libya since Bush II. Do not get lost in the desert and vadis there. Iran looks organized from sky during nights from aeroplane, they had many parties during last votes.

Modern Rippoff systems - Latin Americs VII
    Findings: Marrakeshs airport is strange to me as I name it a behauvioristic aerport (ficus benjamini) with duty free. In the none t-shirt and food section of its Duty free area area you have to pay in euros only, so I say it is part of Senegal, Ghana, Liberia, Simbabwe and Sierra Leone. Never experienced before that kind of duty free zones.
    Had not enough money there for wodka and one toblerone in euros ! Not possible at the 25th of december, lord of snta Claus by duty free, forget it. But the ticket was a good fast one from aerport.

Hotel Azgaour gets a travel warning at upper valle de Oureka more here on chemical horseback riders. Mid of Dec some 30 horses burnt in California, big losses in money. By the book "Opus Diaboli" a horse was once 800 times more of value than a man or slave ....

Modern Rippoff systems - Latin Americs VII
    3 days without luggage after flight with Cubana without compensation, but they wanted 15 $US for the router they kept in the time of my stay, which did not happen. When you get your lingerie back I dont want your money therefor.

    One broken hotel glassfront door, I had to do it because the hotel manager failed to open the door after me having paied the night in advance and coming back from food.

    2 months travelling, waiting time on way, busstops, aerports, cities, coasts and woods maybe 2 weeks, (oct - dec 2o17)

    2 quite fency hotels with leaking toilets, one of them wit a saloon. (Huanuco, Campeche)

    Strange distance cost relations on many routes and partly wired bus conections, if any, and bad conecting shedules.

    Hardly any national air carriers in Lat Americas, can not be figured out by its names. Mexico and Cuba seem to be excemptions (Aero Mex. and Cubana). Partly strange flight connections and wired distance-cost relations. Do not know how they calculate some routes. (Cancun- MexCity/ Mex.city- Havanna)

    Very bad information systems, only smart phones. No english newspapers over 2 months, but smart phone users. Finally Cubas Granma was an excemption, engl edition which also performs on the web.

    It is in all countries travelled a more or less people and touris Rip off system, where every coin and ticket get turned two times, if you get it at all and can read tickets at all. Transportation system in many rural areas is a mixed story from minibusses, over Pick ups to AC-busses cabs private cars. No Superfast trains in between broken 4 wheelers and aeroplanes. Travel warnings will be given for several regions, cities, lands.

    As the tentstick got stolen out of the room during first days, and unwanted room crawling got done over weeks in most guest houses and hotels, companies as follows will never get into my tent, it is not possible. Here the corpses
    Aside mating got more comercialised over the years, it is not normal and natural any more. It got the same ripp-off story as in many other parts of lands and its economies in lat Americas. Good for biz only ! I stay on beaches and in the tent.

You took a stick from a tent - Salewa "Sierra Leone" (Huaraz Peru oct.017, Aldos Gh) From now on you ve no place in my car, you ve no place in my cab, no place in my pick up. You have no sleeper busses, you ve no superfast trains, no trains at all, no conectivity, only cars with automatic.

You speak of freedoms and independency, since Vietnam ... there are no indigenas in the Appalaches, here they speak zeltal !! You get all my tent sticks, bet on it. There are no Chipsis, Sinthi, Zigeuner and Roma in Europe, you get all my tent sticks from now on.
Misshaps and failors on way - VII
Last day in Parvaty valley, end of may, the nice quite lasting for a while digicam got stolen, ... she lifted her black windjacket for short in the reste soemwhere there and some guys were moving here nd there, not far from the white rabbit (Kalga)

Half way on flight from Delhi to Istanbul, seat 36B, after having fixed the desk during eating with my knee 4 a while, not the transfer or info desk, not the eating or late night desk, got fixed for a while and requesting a window seat at check in. But then when they got along with plastic gloves and drinks, and after the security instructions with a bid of magic !!! ... the very hot coffe got poored over my uppar legs, inkl. mid leg, try yourself and put a complaint. Specially when that desk regarding is missing at the aerport !

Orig complaint could be put here, not an email ..... flight complaint

Before leaving from Srinagar to Delhi, I got hold as hostage for 5 days without prices changing there after 20 years, boat was smaller .... very strange plants got found at the hill south of city (25.may - mid june.o17)
Also some towel, night-shirts and t-shirts got stolen, guess by homos, and the towel was a design one by my brothers design what is really pissing me off. In general I ve nothing against the deutsche Freikoerperkultur, FKK .... (sports I watch maybe with 65 on TV, ....
    and getting back to the house near the woods.at the cloths cases key is broken, what a surprise it could not take the idiots moving here any more ..... also joghurt is sometimes special to them

India route and interesting places at the Dalmatian coast, Bosnia and further north on way back, with map.

A big case which does not pay, sumer o17.

        By the way, Viva Etoy.com and Free the Leakers, free Julian Assange ! ! !

Neos shares - VI
He travelled Kyrgyztan during mar-apr 017, winter not yet over at the high altitude mountain steppe. Permafrost grounds, harsh climate conditions and people. Here the Kyrgyztan story and bilance also some aspects on savety, system and thefts.
    The CEO visited Tanzania for 2 weeks (sept.016), that was ok, very hot and the poor-rich gap very big, too big, Tanzania story

If you have fight show strong, but measure the power of the enemy before (#), you can go public, and if its with burocracy you can put files on the web

- but no fakenews ... if can not do read that books, some get booked!
# - and its tiny tiny pins

Results - V

o16 was a failor ,
10 months cut off from web somewhere in a valley.at. But it was preelection times in US and austria .. and so the CEO got cut off from participating, free marcet, democracy and the web. Somewhere some NGOs out there, some have to tag themself, some wait .. something has to happen, some recomended by CNN to leave the EU during oct-nov, summer o16 had Panama papers and some engage in preelection and elections, then telephoning and the more, promises for 100 years maybe ... and that is how changes are coming Opus diaboli     OP marcet

Work and garden tools
Some 7 policia men told me i get gardentools back 2016 .... they did nt search properely and entering Shengen at monster border (Turkie Bulgaria apr.016) I did not get a proper entry stamp, but they told me about that ppping tools remark ....
    I expect the tools for hedgework, gardenwork and wood chopping back to the house, as seven police men in the remote house told me ... (by selfinitiation, without house search order from judge) .... If they can not do that i make further decisions on how to treat them in the future in that region as a Frequent Flier.
    If can not do study carefully Alpenfestung Alpenfestung C -B -A (Hitlers relicts) by a frequent flier ! You will not detool, dework or disarm the frequent flier an never get along so !

You are reading a webpage I dont like it after 6 strong months in India and leaving Istanbul behind hiking on streetdesert highway, Istanbul - Bulgaria, that I get bad shitting then in Italy, even with proper accomodation !

Train stories -
What is more important on trains in alpenfestung.at and what is more often seen ? Tourists on cycles or breastfeeding mums. Cycle taking capable train-coaches or coaches for breastfeeding mums. I tried to get my cycle once over 2hrs by train to Salzburg city (Mozart) and got into a coach for breastfeeding mums with my cycle, that was to much ! (apr.016)

Once indian friends, visiting us, did a day trip back nd forth to Salzburg city by train from the valley. Both ways 4hrs, I was surprised cause thats quite costly for 2 people and not too much of time left for a city trip then. Tickets can only purchased by the ticket automats at the remote rlwy station at 1200m. In italien cities like Venecia they have service stuff to help people with the ticket automats at rlwy stations, but we helped them managing to get the ticket out of that.

Barcelo Sans is a very strange rlwy station of a spanish city, you don t see a single train, but the Imaginarium, Mac Donalds, shops, boutiques, most attractive women smiling at you from huge ad walls, while passangers are rushing in big numbers to ticket automats in big numbers and from the many automats down to underground platforms, while here and there some water is dropping from the plafon, and on top of the rlwy station is a big skyscrapp like hotel with supply ramp for the food laboratory in the very fency hotel.

And sometimes passangers come with packbags and they tell you where to move for a ticket, here and go there, you pay something here and they take more there the same time at a counter with a packbag on the back. After they told you where to stand and go ... it s a spanish rlwy station. And I guess since Columbus not much changed for these important idiots. Opus diaboli

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Bilanzing IV -
In 4 month on way the grosse meister did produce out-put
of more than 20 new galleries about 4-5 new content pages (Nat. parks, Personally 2-3, Research, Talking M., Archives), with much content, infos and not to forget the Archives, he upDATED New galleries, Latest, Ratings and Inventions n more on way without FiFi.
Lessons 20.12.2015 (Ibex -3,6%)

Hasta la victoria siempre ! (feb.016)

Bilanz III -
- Will try to get my pics on Lappi (xp cant read it but camlight do good blink)
- i am waiting 4 offers of php coders 4 my SoSocial-networkPro-jact named Tribes, need not be a Nr one 5 star rank approoved coder

i am really proud to can carry mums 1st lappi now, but dont know what will weight more, the new books or the mashine after some months.
8 000km is good distance ... do u believe that or trustee

- further postcard.apps wanted to get some cards by pics instead of card readers 2 whatever attached maybe cardread entries
- Samsung could do a nice browser
- Oprah another cup of tea branded or browser named alike
- New long range manuals 4 TV

                full success - full time ratio checkbacked !-) ()

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Bilanz II - some rob in europe.sp, what a shame in 4 days

4 days Barcelo.sans
After 4 days sleeping in the parque industrial spaniol they took 2 of 3 bags ...
happy happy .... Tomathinos, time ratio with maximum succes 4 tomatorreros, big revenue, lemon harvest, volatilo ibax and maroccan high on beaches
    In some parques de madrid they do watergames ... sprinkling so no dirty looking guys can sleep there ... i got a police escort 2 a small roundabout like green island .. kind of traffic laguna.

Corrupted pages -
Some german pages like Other places (part of travel infos) and Trishul Trekking which partly read now like in police german. Not my biz and beer to go over that ...
try 2 print a police file after Mr Haupt...

                Alpenfestung Tomatorreros - Wild west - Rotkäppchen - Opus diaboli    

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Bilanz I -
Having been in India for 10 months, my page production as follows during that time
- okt13-july14 (5.8 pages/ month)
- success !

Name of new pages
Travel galleries
India 2013/14 (Goa, Ellora, Kumaon, Rishikesh, Mac LeodG, HP, Nepal, Uttarkhand, Maharashtra)
Kosi galleries
(top classified)
Flora-faunaI-II, Water-n-Rocks, 100m-Kosi, Kosi-valley-faces, 1-dayKosiR, Rhododendron
Special galleries
Magic gallery, Natures ultimate, Focus, win7, jfc-jfi, Ellora, Suspect-obsvtns1-3
Info pages
Trishul, Personal-spoken, Short-Stories, Supporting, SUB_com
Ratings, Guestbook, i_declare, Padmasambhava, Secret-gate, Series, Stalin-Orgel, Travel-diary
DIR-1, DIR 2, DIR 3, DIR-4, ... DIR 8, DIR-9,
Science pages
Discoveries, Inventions, Literature, Researches Science-Buster, Sci_piccies,
Nat. obsvtns

A - D (Delhi via Goa to Himalayas)

All done under harsh conditions by win-7 (mouse, sys-corr, bills etc), climates from 400 to 2300m alt, subtropics to heavy changing Himal.Mountain climate and got uploaded at all kind of local and very diverse webstations success .-)

You can leave a message or vote/opt for Mr. World-Wide-Web here
Success (Erfolg   ! -)

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- Natural wonder
- World heritage monument
- World wonder

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- Best note
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