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julei 2021

Kriegstagebuecher werden zu Gedenkstaedte
- War Diaries -

Aufgrund des raschen Abzuges der Willigen aus Afghanisthan nach 20 Jahren Kriegswirren wurde das Kriegstagebuch Material wieder gesichtet.

Dabei kamen die schrecklichsten Dinge zutage, welche die afghan. Tagebuch Auzeichner in der Zeit der Kriegshandlungen dort in Eigenregie aufgezeichnet hatten, es war das unglaublchste Material der Koalition der Willigen und Verbuendeten. Die Tagebuecher aus den letzten Kriegsjahren werden noch gesucht und hoffentlich der Vollstaendigkeit halber bald gefunden.

Weil das gefundene n Material aus der digital. Rumpelkammer so umfangreuich und schockierend war -ist, wird daher bald das Afghansitan Kriegstagebuch Museum in Bruessel eroeffnet, mit Unterstuetzung der Finder und Aufdecker, weiters wird auch eine internat. Komission zur Aufarbeitung des Materials und der Betroffenen im Land selbst eingerichtet.


Next Big Coup -
Artifical City built on Virtual Money
Neuer Geniestreich die Retortenstadt auf Krypto gebaut

People have seen rockets getting back to earth and then falling on the ground, they have seen private man flieing to orbit, but some kilometers out of the gravitation, it is rich private men who go for the unknown the last limits and borders.

    Today it was the second selfmadse man on earth, he returned alive what is not so normal when you left the earth gravitation, 2021 started finally, people are puzzled and happy with the private rich men who reach that far allready.

    Neoliberalisation seems to have been a full success story. Who ever questions that did not see the real djungles beside the TV ones, did not see the monolith in Ellora and not the elephants in the wilderness, who ever dares to question that neoliberalistation by the many selfamde men and women was not successfull, after a million startups and another billion updates before, finally it got to hotspots for the connections of all equipment possible at the selfmade men and womens HOME OFFICES, (random share of private personal tech).

    The return of the todays and tomorrows selfmade men from the electrocar factory did far not look so amazing than the one from the other selmade man before him who returned to earth after about 2 hours sitting in the vehicle. No the man from the car factory is well known and his return on the ground, the surface of the earth, looked more duszty so far, not like one of his rockets whio felt aside landing then. So we have to question the total procedure as he did not get back in a flieing vehicle, but in a capsule which mede much dust on the spot by hitting ground. Who ever has seen the pictures woudl agree, it was niot that majestic like falling aside rockets after touch down. The capsule made a ring of dust.

    So now people got to see some more vehicel in the dust, anyway plans are big by many if not millions, as milions can watch each other on platforms and trace and follow their ideas and pictures, on the still existing social networks (whatever that means ...)

    The next big coup will be the artifical city done on krypto, not on the heads and necks of slaves or, the hearts and minds of social networkes, it will not be built on the revenue of advertising near the social networlk data spenders, the blood in the venes of cyberspace.

    No next big thing is the city made on crypto currency. Believe it or not it get built in Senegal, the money got mined, the property bought, about 800 hectar in Senegal and the cities name is not Belo Horizonte or Brasilia, neither is its name Chnadigar chattrapatti, no its name is AKON and the sand on what it gets built is crypto money and that gets named Akoin then, isn t that great.

    So the profits are there, all by crypto currency, the sand is there, but it gets started with the money, no question if anybody really needs a city there, that si not teh case, neither with prvate run rockets or private run holdings like with ABC (no licky sticks juice) or the subsub holding of the mega supplier.

    Just imagine that new way of modern men beside Viennale, Cannes, Berlinale, Oscar and Eurovision contest, anybody ever saw a movie on artifical cities built - likie by tarzan aftermath or guess. A new city gets built. And it is not the question if anybody needs that, as long as it can get paied whats the problem, anybody paieds it always .. since years, rich men can afford that easily. It is not aproject by China, not by Russia and not by Brazil or Phillipiens. No it gets buiolt by one man from Senegal and his valet full of crypto currency. Isn t that magic.

    That is the new way, it is not plans and maps, autocad programs no, not blocks and parks, skyscrappers, roads and supply lines designed, no virtual money does it alone, teh city gets built on crypto money, thats it.

    By one private selfmade man, that is how it gets done today, big dreams get true so far. They want to fly littlerich men out from gravity, they want something new for profits.

    And there is another one, it is about the submarine city, a city underwater, not in orbit or some short hopovers for the no gravity lovers, no. It will be the next and ultimate big thing, the Submarine city, SUB 2390 is its name. It is allready there, the second Atlantis.

    Oxigen will get produced from seawater, the rubbish gets send to surface for further decomposition on the ground, but people will be very happy underwater, all that magic, all that algeas, the mud, and then the big dome over some blocks, another big dome here and there made of glass with many nice family houses, no disturbances from planes and cars, all i walking distance, and some electro cabs, elevators get sent to surface, and all is perfectly done in about 200 m depth below sea level.

    Since years millions are mining on social platforms to get the profits and revenues out for others, and also that last ressort, the new city - SUB 2390. The plans are there, no tornados to be felt, no storms or tsunamis, no mudslides, no cars (impossible), all quiet and relaxed, food gets brought down from surface in cabins and containers, it will be perfect.

    Artifical light will shine on all citizens in SUB 23-90 the new smart city. Its next neighbours will be fish above the galssdomes, easy moving and elegant, silent so to say, the next big coup onrow. SUB 23-90 is allready there.

    No returning rockets needed, no holdings, no foundations, not the 2 billion hitting ground for libra, no basics, it will come by itself the New Atlantis.


50 000 more spied on !
Its name is Pegasus, NSO and the government clients
Get out of the smart thing, more save !

    It got public that in 10 countries including the biggest democracy on earth specific governmental abusers used the spy and surveillanec software pegasus, NSO produced in Israel the reported. It got public that about 50 000 peersons worldwide got on the radar by the surveillance programm in 10 lands, all good for human right standards they say.

    That is not new stories but the dimensions are disturbing (or not), it seems to be the same rprogramms used on journalists, ministers and civil right activists, all targetd by pegasus. It is comom sense that these ugly tiny thinhgs are also good for that programms, somebody installs it backdoor, even from countries to get the data, the chats and their intentions on the bad radars of some spieing agencies, clients of governments and ministers fall by ministers.

    Are these governments strong, no they are in fear, in fear of the truth, fear of the strom on the capitol, in fear of good news articles by brave journalists who could right too good stories, uncover the hidden and ugly, the new and risky for total governments, which government is not ugly. Where are the good governments and how many bad are out there.

    And know that all whats possible gets and got tried, thats a matter of fact, all supergaus all tanker catastrophs which could be thought of happened.

- That same thing will happen on the smart front and got actually uncovered. The name of the spy programms is pegasus and NSO, so that got part of the smart marcets, teh marcets of surveillance and the marcets of modern journalism, also investigative journalism. A dad wanted to become onec joiurnaist but he became something more honourable, traditionally. Even as they sent his school works around for example and of amazement of its qualities.


    It got all part of that smart marcets, and its programms which got mostly advanced and its tentackles stretched during the times from 08 to o16, when presidents started getting part of a programm. But truly, you can leave it, you can drop it, you do not need to use that smart thing, it got luxury ... and easy for them to trac and follow you, to see if you behauve and how (politicand and marcet), on what scale and for what and by which cookies. Thats the smale scale, the marcet costumer behauvior tacers.

    On the hidden political scale they spy on adversaries, on journalists, 10 lands got part with that programm (!!), also the worlds biggest democracy which got smaller so. 50 0000 is only a small town there, and the split of that, but big enough for bad use. What is the solution, it is quite simple, drop that smart unsmart or know iuts price, leave it.

    Some profis do not use that smart things, chellphones, then your instant follow(ers) and messages, teh addiction, pics and instant marcet use gets blown. Can you email by that smart things, can you compose something on it, no hardly, or only shop and consume, watch and get instantly mind blown. It is tiny expansive tools, but for whom ? DO the risks balance the needs and wants, for a costlky smart phone you can fly aroudn half the world.

Now part of the game published got pegasus, 50 000 more spied targeted. teh other part is random surveillance, what is possible gets used. The transparency makes a difference, is it odd cookies, is it hackers who want a share, or try a pipeline, is it governments and agencies which blow the limits by spieing, is it companies who trace and place ads targeted. That smart things made marcets go nuts, in the while woods have been burning for half a year, the big pandemic came over them, and many do not take it seriously, as summer comes minds turn hot and nuts, more claims and easy groudn for the virus.

Im Uberigen sind LINUX Mint 19 - 21 edition klasse !!

    Sametime you can drop that peace of a marcet, that product of a bunch, you can throw it, dump it and all the good and bed performance which comes along with it. Better use a PC, netbook or alike with proper triggers and cut the line, the cable when not needed. It works, no smartphone no cry ! No smart no spieres ! No smartphone no pain ! No smart phone no headache, no illusion keeping and no mind blowing. No smart phone no pain !

    On stock exchanges they trade futures, money, options, assets frozen or loft, constructions, on smart phones they run programms and you got part of it, all what looks smart on it, there on a tiny rediculouse screen, reducing reality to products and programs, throw it, drop it. Use a proper PC and a traditiional phone, so many proud of thats whats left of traditions beside that smart .... get back to its real value, chats, calls, messages thats it ! If you know to use it you can do small dokus, documantaries, trailers on a small scale, a bid of witnessing bad usually it is another nmardcets toy, drop it like thar, drop it like a thar. Others have even seen muntiacs and teh whitebellied, that is real skies and real mountains.

    Forget that oddtiny smart thing with its programs, that what millions call apps, that is too simpel, too good for all watchdogs, all kind of bad use, smarttoies and good for spytools.

    Each singles remote controll, manual for HiFi and TV is better, it is more straight for use, a smart phone is tricky and gets used for tricks, far too good for smarties and their fears and ambitions.

    When you get the price by the smartphone, much higher as it was in the shop you got to know its real price, in risky jobs you can sue it as command station as a politican during a coup, or as a journalist but teh price can be much higher than it was.

    It is good for selling privacy, for the never wanted agency listening,

    The price got much higher then. Maybe like two times around the world, the price for some little apps, spies and watchdogs, big brother and deep state. It is watching you, can trace you, it can see your behauvior your needs and likes, and it can spy on you, and if your job and ambitions are great and risky enough the price can get much higher then it was in a shop once.

Drop it, get unsmart, get free again !

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In case the government does not know the risk of the pandemic after more than one year,

you need to learn the risk, and what it takes not to get NOT reach of the virus.

It seems to be a long prozess of learning and .... understand .. ??

Remember - Save NHS ... ?? ..... Looks neoliberal

Im Uberigen sind LINUX Mint 19 - 21 editionen klasse !!