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Nature observations   India 2014 - C

Kumaon revival (april - may)

Welcome to Kumaon, another Skymaster Redthroated Swallow
very rare if not totally new specie (nests of more common Wiretailed swallows ones at save places partly indoor and halfopen nests)

Spotted Owlett watching me for a while when leaving the magic locations, rarely seen and the more rare Redbilled Blue Magpie compared with yellowbilled one

Old creatures, kroete (himal.specie, Amphibien), its youngsters in Kaulquapp phase and easy but magnificant flightacrobats

Wide spread himl. Iris growing at dry and exposed places and unknown yellow flower at shady walls

Tiny flower at streetside, big Bumblebee getting cought inside room which gets quiet when lights are off, means save nest atmosphere effect (SNE)
Beauuutiful specie of Malvea and kind of Silberdisteln thistles (grandpa eat its roots during keeping goats in the mountains when a child)

First morning Himalayan Bulbul couple enjoying early hours in the sun , quite far away to get them sharp
(Nepal nat.obs)

Goa (northern Territories - march)

the last days in Goa a daily show at my gardens birds bath, sometimes 3-4 birds of different species togather enjoying and watching each other, Red Whiskered Bulbul, T.Blue Flycatcher, Purple Rumped Sunbird, Oriental Magpie Robin, the big night spider (unknown specie) near my house on the tiny hill

Nature observations (Goa/ Ellora/ Nepal jan-april)

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