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Nature observations   India 2013/14 - B

Nepal (march-april)

During my 2 day trekk i got to see this unknown lightblue flowering bush and got through some interesting biotops like a small Lotos swampside at Lake Pokhara and on hilltop village streetside (1300m alt) found this nice Ipomea (Trichterwinde), guess its the halluzinogenic one.
Before the trekk in Pokhara Kingfishers, Oriental Magpie Robins, Red-vented Bulbuls whistled excitedly, later during trekking I observed two Whiteyed Buzzards (?) soaring high over hilltop and on way up there Drongos in the decidouse woods, at my hilltop camp spezial swallows shooting around, small with short tail and daily during late afternoon hours when the winds changed the Sparrow Hawk showed up in spectaculouse way, one time shooting down vertically playing on other birds Nepal gallery.

Goa (northern Territories - jan2march)

On way to breakfast sighetd one Common Crane flieing and a Blackshouldered Kite at Wolframs field (south Anjuna) close on the ele. pile, later near the garden a Sparrow Hawk attacking a kite and same day afternoon a Shikra took off from a nearby tree after having played a kite, ... kingfishers etc (- victori 16.03)

A Praying Mantis flew to me at night, put her to terrarium for some days even after 2 good meals she died (after reproduction), later a jung one showed up running around testing her catching-legs, two Agamen (small Iguana ...) in the morning and at night encountered a nice Spider ( Gattung gr. Radnetzspinne ?.. abou 5cm) strong legs n body.

300 Fruitbats (Flughunde/ Flyingdogs) took off from Chapora short after sunset flying inland (14.03 - 7.07pm)

Last day during Siesta a Rat (guess poisened by someone who threw rat-poison on the roof), strong medium aged male, came down the roof for the fruiting Cashewtree to die or recover, found dead next day in tree, later Langures (monkeys) conquered Cashew-trees for eating on the roof, threw stones at them to avoid em eating rat-poison, we had fun - proudly jumping n provokating Langures ... and a Goshawk showed up in sky during monkey games - love it -

Common Redshank, a Scolopender (Centipede) got trapped in my shower bucket, took him to the terrarium for recovery (24.02.14) and the Oriole showed up at the hill during sunrise (20.02),

Interesting unknown tree flowering at South-Anjuna hill

The Whitebellied Seaeagle showed up, first time during sunset with seasnake in claws doing two volts in our presence, too much, the next day a couple dancing skywards during noon, seen with matadji (mum) not far from Goa, what more do you want ? (05-06.02)

Special Drongo and colorful Goan- Freakstones after parties on the hill

near my preferd beach spot (rocky) the Plumheaded Parakeet and Herons in sticky mud of Chapora laguna (29.01)

Special tropical Waterlilly, once also seen big-darkrose ones in ponds around Anjuna, shape like darkrose ones seen in Thailand spring 2013 and majestic Peacock in the morning before AnjFleemarcet (22.01)

Ellora ( - jan)

as well near our guest house the great Hoopoe (bred 2001 in our garden, central Europe!) and a mother Langure with baby Langure

Grey Indian Hornbill often seen in trees around our guest house (british stile garden, but with cams in restaurant n webstat...the ones who see nothing need cams ... i see it all nature etc)

roaming in the hills and along streams i got close to perfect camouflaged Dragon flies, somtimes only shadow is seen ..., and the same day the Black Eagle showed up along magic-nalla.

roaming again some Streifenhoernchen (mamal), the Lapwing and the wonderful Green Beeater

dont know these special flowers names, some very small, some very hard to get on picture, anyway so beautiful

more special flowers to watch ...

Nature observations (Goa dez-jan)

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