OP payback !

OP Payback
You can copy, paste n read chapters or passages with a hint to the author, me H. Schuetz, or with source adress of wesbite clearly shown.

Flatscreen democracy

Everything what is bigger than a cellphone screen got very complicated.
The keyboard, a big screen, task manager to stop bad behauving processes (Ctrl Alt Del)
They managed to get that sysWow folder (2GB !!) off the mashine
and yet each single non syswin software works more smooth, straight and proper
User experience is something special
folders must open in same window
popups not allowed (no stupid questions) and
task manager must stay simple (also in win8/10 ...)
   Durning preelection time in the US
I want to help it, beside Donkey and Elephant parties
I want to see also nationwide Giraffe and Horse party
and if by help of outside supporters
it has to be advanced. (Goa feb.016)

Bad vibrations

It can happen when some multimedia team is around that you suddenly feel unwell in your room on road, a kind of pressure you observe without being able to localize its origin. Often they do via the roomvan over you (off mode), so turn the van a bid towards where there is no electr. swithes or heavy irons like at door handles or iron window protection. Sprinkling water on hot n dry windows or on turning van in very dry conditions gives immediate relieve of intensity in room.
    When there are big mirrors in room take care sometimes in heavy cases, cover mirrors with towels then for instance. Too many nice iron nd shining cupboard or door grips can be taped what does the remote atmosphere stimulators a blow, as is the case with bathroom holes blocked.
    Most comes via the van on top, sometimes you may even be possible to see the van trying to do a little turn when "unhappy" in off mode, in heavy cases it can also be taped over days. Sprinkling water by hand on windows or van (moving) does good relieve during intense conditions usually.

Also important, take care during some day/ night hours when toilet or bathroom water holes (monsoon regions) start stinking, blowing up or doing bad jets. when thermics or multimedia team start pushing. In such cases put bucket on holes, stop the winds, or close by other means, it s bad and unhealthy winds, even observed in fency hotel occasionally.

Skin, salt n fresh

When skin got dry and dirty by street dust, half year no rain, wash and cream sometimes. Salt crust after swimm in sea can be good, drink and wash outer extremities. Salt crust on body (beach) and staying hours in the sun wills strike you when body is tired after actions.
    The skin is breathing nicely, depending on climate and action done, salt or freshwater wash does it a good job. Sometimes creming after is nice when it got too dry and exhausted so. Small wounds can be desinfected in a short seawater wash and dried after !

wanna buy

wanna get half a teaspoon of Kokain
go Goa modern, its hot and kinky
Wanna travel with pushbike on train in psycho land
get it by a socalled Stillwaggon in psychopathia but dont complain then
wanna touch some goodies in room
follow my goodies next 10 years in house or room if so special
i dont care of goodie touching too much
Wanna buy Sadhu shues(light and cotton)
maybe possible in Mumbuy, in Mysore for sure
in fleemarcet its about 2500irs a pair of socalled Samurai ones
No Apple pies, no Applestrudels, no Shoko balls,
I go for Grillfish and Antelope legs...

Shop a boat trip, a Bird excursion trip, shop your Website, shop a Trekk with the gr.meister
Anybody got a Memo of Understanding (MoU)


I am not impressed by the multi media teams and
their many acts and shows tried hard over months,
either in little Naziland, or travelling India (Goa winter 014-015).
You will not succeed, you will not reach much by doing so (multi media remotly and sophisticated) and you will not gat away with that. If you know no other way than by stupid games and tricks (remotely fom a distance), there s not much about it. (some tape here and there does good job 4 counter) You can take this and that from me, spoons and fork, a new Laptop in spain, a little fishnet, frog larves from pond, garden tools etc and finally, i guess, you will try to eat money and by some cultural shift you will think of what a good taste it is then.

I am impressed by the ultimate
and the godly signals,
I am impressed by nature
and its true and unfaked nature.

Ohh you can

You can enter my room 5 times, you can take another mobile (unworking sim) from me. you can steal another laptop from me tomathinos and corrupters while talking anticorruption somewhere (in Nepal they ve office against money laundering, malls in capitel and a stock exchnge). It is two eyes, it s two brain halfs, its men and women, it s not one window to look at or through, it s not one browser.

    My data (innovative stuff) will never be on systems partition
and if it takes 2 months or 4,
and it will not be on some cloud out there
maybe with angels flieing around.

Was it one

It is not one usb gate,
usually it is one sim-card and one processor (chip, modern ones have 2 or so)
but some mobiles work without processor !!
And its not one number on one mobile,
but it is one pin for one bank card .

It was not one torture camp,
it was not one military coup over decades in some biz´ backyard.
These idiots don t pay their bills,
you produce artificial and domestic bullshit.

Cultural shift unwanted

I do not like their socalled cultural shift
then chicken get put to chlor bath (chlor chicken not allowed in EU)
then books become tablets (booktubs)
then computers becoem smart phones and wish and web pads
once easy to read flight tickets become uneasy to read lines of digits, etickets alike,
postcards and letters become sms and emails, deleted and gone
then food becomes fast burnt and readymade microwaved junk
software becoms applications
and the server becomes the companies cloud served
then faces get lifted and lips botoxed
then creatures get genetically modified (GM), cloned and patented for proifits
then the farmers get one seed-strain (GM)
each year only by the company only
then stamps are without numbers and numbers without value
then all gets a pricetag, but nothing is of value
when some talk smart bombs and mini nukes and fight the rogue
then some have all money and data while others have none
then the job gets shifted, the house gets shifted, the family gets shifted
for the cultural shift
then the brain gets shifted, eyes and ears get shifted, lips get shifted
for the cultural shift by profits and money. (6.12.015)

Moneys nazis and fashists

When nazis and fshists by money try to do their cultural shift at many regions (maybe 30 lands as got found by doks uncovered by Anonymous) but specially in muslim lands and regions, they should not be surprised about appropriate respons and hitbacks at all. They dont ask themself why some travel there to fight on the side of Muslims. They dont see their cultural shift as unhealthy for many, they just get to see that people migrate here and there, for many reasons. And most migration is not wanted at all by them, either here and there.

After moneys fashists and nazis brought war and mass to some lands,
they should not be surprised too much about reward and products coming back alike,
its not backups but hitbacks.

Twinkle down biz

"Twinkle down" is idiots idiom for some economic theory,
also mini nuks and the more,
it shows their lackings and missunderstandings.
Twinkle down here and many bombs there.

Sleeping cell money

I can see big biz does not want sleeping cells,
no it wants busy running around shopping and fighting cells.
Sleeping cells need to get goals to run for, sleeping cells need to get busy ...
for somebodies profits (only)
    When big biz wants to wake up some of what it calls sleeping cells,
it can get very ugly, but big biz looks very ugly for centuries allready.
Because conservatives big biz understands no other way
and alike asks for no other way than fighting it.
(if you are not with them, you could travel abroud to fight back)

Mad in the mud

I know the nazis and fashists fromt heir own regions of boredom Mozart was bored, I was bored over months, anybody heared of Marco Polo after his journey through Asia.
    Whatfor grandparents build for their childwren and grand childwren, when modern fashists and madheads later take your tools, this and that, take the spring done by grandpa.
    Nowadays the normal is mad, the average dull and dumb in the west, and when there is something very different and new the dull and dumb can not take it
they don t see, they dont want to hear and see it,
they stay in their mud and mad,
prefer to believe in the stories they get told,
for that nothing will change but a bid of money maybe.
They drive cars, yes they drive cars
and their once beloved short term leader killed himself
with 140km/hrs against a wall in his car in a village (2009).
more at Alpenfestung

M. Gadaffi was interesting to me
he loved the desert and his desert tents
and he made women join the army if they wanted
he had not much ideas what the west was about
but he knew why they came to him from the west,
for oil and biz.

Before biz takes over

When big biz wants to take over new territories,
it often makes a mass (war),
or it choses new foreign politicans to support (many media) at preelection times
to get later much profits out of that,
often the dull and extreme chosen and supported the better for them.
War and conflicts pay good and to have a say somewhere
whatever, wherever that is,
with some name of a land
it needs heavy policy poling before therefor
by supporting a politican remotely (if not by multi media).
Support either hidden and mutually by foreign biz men or by politicans publicly
who run the show for foreign biz mens profits,
and if its puritans, conservatives and prohibitive
ones way it is of a strange look then.

Big shift

Money biz and show dont last for long.
All is shifting then, job, house, family, money, ...
usually not company headquarters, this stays,
but this G one, i got to know, is shifting headquarter location.
When all is shifting
you can hold on to your data by the cloud somwhere out there,
but know its not by angels.

Simple people can be taken by simple means,
stories, phrases (good bad ..)
show, hype, money and movies, also by universal-muscle-Mr,
Wrestling or emotional speech unsmarty.

Far West -

In the far west most stars.US have a doc and a psychologist
profits, gains and cheers was too much.
And Osho (Oregon) was too much for the stablishment.us,
too many followers and too many Rolls Royce.

If you fight for the US in the army you get a job along
if you study in the US you have to pay
and get a facebook 4 face rocognition on campus,
and there was something with Anthrax, Rizin and Kachinsky,
if not Ebola (from westpoint outbreak) and the Pest for days in California (015)

Short computer history

First trustworthy computing (activeX and xp)
then social networking and data collecting
then smart phones and mobs by short ends and means.

Canyons, gaps and sissors -

Big Canyon

The canyon betwen rich and poor gets bigger
the rich can laugh and smile, fool around and
have many childwren, they live now.
The poor need to pay psychologists, face lift, botox, detox, siliconing, viagra
much security, gated, fanced, enclosed, walls, madhouses, school shootings

Canyon sometimes shake

The canyon between rich and poor gets bigger and without relation,
so when the police shoot wrong, act wrong,
or even 7 in one house without paper from judge
and don t dare to touch the Kurta with diamond
it will get an earthquakes here and then in the canyon
The modern Fashists and kapitalists live under highly explosive circumstances,
they get often frustrated by their crownies, arrogant,
stupid and by psychos modern (NLP n scientofoggies auditings,
you get what you see WYSWYG, but what you hear is often bullshit)

My gender boss

Pussies keep crownies and kapitalists happy and going
I want it all, a 1000 shoes, golden handshake and
many takeovers, biggest boobs on earth,
I shop daily and make the monopol boss happy so.
    And the boss keeps track
analysis all my shoes, all pills, all little emoticons is sent.
The monopol boss likes me and
does his system for me
he speaks like me, he talks gender and so smart
    Now i write a book of my dreams come true
and if you can not have books
just order a booktub from amazon or look another movie.

They take they get

If they take your jobing tools,
if they poisen you,
if they steel hack, corrupt and destroy your PCs over years,
let them know that they dont get through with that and
that they will have to face hardest hitbacks they can imagine
over years and in many of their beloved game places.

Thats what they ask for, that is what they need get.

Shop a boat trip, a Bird excursion trip, shop your Website, shop a Trekk with the gr.meister

Take that get this !

If they take nearly all frog larves out of your garden pond,
how poor must they be ?
If they con not provide a wireless webconnection over weeks,
webstick got payied, in a travel hub village in the Alps,
but corrupt your PC same time, and
nazi-katholi psychos play their multi media and microwave games same time,
then let them have the answers appropriate
and hard enough for them to understand and get the lessons.
    And to be clear on that,
I have no idea what they can accept, not to take it
to rob it, so envieouse they seem to be,
frog larves, garden tools, webpages watched,
experiences and journies travelled (untake and uncorruptable),
books again, happy birds, postcards,
spring built by grandpa which worked for decades,
a proper old shaver and blades.
    They get something different instead ,
something they can take and accept, get to like somehow,
take and see it (WYSWYG ?),
maybe GM food, viagra, botox, push ups, another car n GPS,
couch surfing lacking guest houses,
tubs by spam, a microwave, TTIPS, reality TV,
by the uncle friends Dick, Donald, Trustee and Justice.
And then something different once in the while
they got it, get it and the next years !
(15 years culto shift and bombs ...)

Can get along ?

If you can not get along with me,
you will get refugees and foreigners instead
to learn how to get along first !

Dont read rogue lips but some websites

As it was ?!

As by their ignorance they dont seem to understand any other way
than to get fought tough.
They tried hard and 4 long to fight me,
so get it back Nazis, Fashists and Katholix,
get what you need to get to understand,
to learn and to change, if you can ?

So or so

Some travel abroad to join the ones
who fight Fashists, Nazis and Kathols by other means,
by crude and brutal force nowadays, surprised,
beacause they dont seem to understand by any other way.
If they dont see, dont want to see,
do not or can not change and learn as becoming more n more dull n stupid,
and as by their ignorance over centuries,
robbed, killed, exploited, sucked and destroied nature and people,
they get the answers now and in the future
by themself products wired and the ones who fight them.

Look like

The ones who can not handle life as it is
try to make it look like them.
But how they look like ?
Happy, naturally, botox, siliconised, face lifted,
big, pushed up, perfect ?
You want to look like them ?

GM food is risky, mad cow desease man made,
robotic will fail, the more they fake and false but
talk of corruption, the more will be lost and
the less will they gain but maybe biz.

Extreme and modern

Extremism can be bad and can be good.
Extreme times and evolvings need tough answers.
Perverted need to get back on natural track.
All that artifical fake and false will not help
if they can not accept and handle the real,
the strong, the happy and the touching, better leave it.
Vast emptied landscapes are of not much value but biz often looks like that.
The wrong path can be changed for the good,
but the robots highway is hard to be left,
and robos can hardly change.

Fixing by

If you try to fix on the rock good.
If you relay on illusions it stays loose.
if you try to climb rocks and the rope is
demaged it can be repaired,
If there is no rope to hold on its lost,
if you build on loose ground its never save,
if you believe in lies and stories told don t get surprised.

On power -

Position of power

The position of power is as well the position of potential fail,
when they can not handle it they fail,
it is positions so powerfull but vulnerable as well,
politicans like that, but often don t see the risks,
only when they fall but thas part of the game.
Some are there to become politicans,
some get to power only by brutal force
what is weak.

Getting to power

Getting to power can be in many ways and
positions of power are of variouse ways.
The best is when you reach the positions by exercise, practise and experience.
Rude fighting, tricky maneuvers and plots are
of not much value
but often for big biz to stay and keep it going.
Nature si without biz.

Nature is without biz,
animals are without fake

Stars and orgs

Some are done to become politicans,
others become stars and then UN messengers,
most have never heared of ILO but of WTO and IMF.
I stay out but by my page-HP in.
I stay out as i am with nature.
Nature is by the ultimate powers and
thats another real life story.

Survival by one ?

Survival of the fittest doesn t mean
robbing others food or subsistance (buffalo killers).
The fit don t need more food,
when you are fit you can leave the rest to others.
(But look how they do, they want to make most depend on them only,
by one seed, one grain, one windows (but much poping flexi),
one way biz only n the more.

Don t mix fat and fit.

On Big Biz -

Dumb 4 biz

Big biz needs dull and dumb people,
thats why many turn stupid, not by themself
but by the system of Dick, Donald, Mac and Bill.

Big biz works

Big biz works by show, stories, false and fake,
illusion keeping, Hypocrisy, war mongering,
shopping people, stories of mini nukes, rogue and terror but
don t see its own camps and creatures same time.
Thats conservatives modern way of doing big biz.

SM -galleries- MS: WinButtn_OS, Win_ultomate, Win_power, ress_monitor       (user experience)      

Doing biz with

If you do biz with psychopaths
you will not do biz with me.
If you do biz with fashists, Nazis and child abusers,
you will not do biz with me !

Maybe good biz ?

If you want to do biz, do good biz
with somthing good, worth the biz,
with something healthy,
something of help and
a bid of sense for good biz if possible.

Stars and cars

Krishnamurti quit the job as the world saver brought up.
Osho tried in the US with many followers and cars
but the establishment did not like him there.
He was so influential and powerfull,
now they vote most influential and most powerfull people on earth somteimes
or of that hemisphere here and there,
do they lack something ?
He was very influential, not like common stars,
but had to leave the US then
on reasons of immigration mistake they claimed.
But India is always ready and he returned
because system of biz, stars and cars
did not like him there.


WYSWYG - what you see is what you get (vely modern)
WYGWYH - What you get is not what you hear (also vely modern)
and is by the Auditings.us also
NLP is similar, you try to get what you say
Psychologists take themself often very seriousely
And as by experience with some of these madheads
I thought about it,
for the final tests before getting some title psycho
they could get an Auditing tape to need to listen to
somebody peeing, question: how many pee, do you feel provokated
with that kind of auditing as becoming psycologist etc etc ?

Little land much to learn

That little nazi katholia land dont like me.
As for centuries, protestants got expelled, later Hitler ...
later worst mix psycho, so it gets worse till tehy learn there
after some angelobt, after getting to ceremony underground
during masses protested on top.
Best of my friends left it, Mr Klima left it (running for chanceller).
Now they get refugees, foreigners and from war torn people,
thats interesting, maybe they learn by that.
more at Alpenfestung

Can repair everything !

I can repair everything
the switch, the plug, eeverything, the packbag, chapels (flip flops),
I can repair T-shirts and cycles,
I can not repair avalanches,
i can repair maps and fix book pages
I can not repair F22 raptors and not windows10,
and i can not repair austrian psychologists
thats absolutely impossible !
    I can repair much but
not pushback table screen and cupholder design
of some very modern civic planes from the west.
Thats another special story

Presidents and trends -

Putin is interesting to me
he is a fighter physically,
and he knows how to take the kapitalists.
He thinks about reacting on situations provokated by capitals global players
and sometimes he forces them by their own means.
He is also a psycho warrior, sometimes nice to watch
and he goes straight, if needed, to fight fashists and slave keepers,
but specially along russian borders
(in some region there hey are not allowed to speak russian)

Obama after Bush, a tough challenge
to clean the mass left by his predesessor.
He feels responsible for the simple and poor as well
what got proofed by his big project -
Health Insurance for all US citizens,
but in special for the poor and common volks
what is something new to the nation of freedom crawlers.
Freedom is not to be sold or bought
thats a missconcept.

Bites on believes

Hindus are tolerant and embeded to nature and all its forms
stop before each cow and dog
but often rude in cars on pedestrians

Muslims love falcons, horses, the desert and wadis
they are hospitable and interested
the organise big, they engage big and
they are hospitable

If fashists and Katholics do not leave you in peace
hit back or leave their mostly
boring regions of One shop One highway -
desserted of creatures, forms and ways.
Katholics and Nazis can not accept anything but themself
a madhouse mix.
Extremists are excemptions
exemptions don t represent the mass
the masses are to be handled with care

Happy kapitalist -

The kapitalists don t like happy people
happy people need not much !
then the kapitalist don t make profits !
So the kapitalist and katholics make unhappy people
thatfor unhappy people feel to shop and compensate their frustration
and do the kapitalists profits by that

Want take over ?!

If they take your jobbing tools
if they give you injection as mad psychos, idiots and
child abusers over centuries,
hit back mid to long term
till they learn to do better,
get the bills by the ultimate powers
or get along with their wired products,
psychopats are irrelevant !

Want psycho ?

Katholic psychopats over time passing are irrelevant
its just the question
if you believe their stories or not, most is lies,
look their acting towards nature -
not much left
look their keeping with kids -
often abused, beaten and demaged
look their acts with simple working people -
once slaves, farmers exploited, children abused
look their rituals -
wired and mostly off the ground
look their outcome on nature -
mostly emptied of creatures and robbed of lifes.

If they could

The kapitalist if he could, would sell all !
All as costly as possible (that does profits)
and that s the opposite way of the ultimate powers
    But before the kap. would sell all for the highest price
he would try to do one big company (only)
take over others, hostile or vy any means possible,
to get a monopoly and be able to dictate the prices.

Big money is corrupting
big cheers and audience can make
loose balance and clear sight

Forms are many

Forms of life are many
the ultimate ways are many
the strong accept the other
the real strong loves life and keeps care of his powers
so stay strong, eat and drink good ...

Trendy words during -

Bush jun: smoking colt, rogue, torture, water boarding, rogue fighter, failed nation, old n new europe, dont change horse in mid of river, Rumsy speech, smart weapon, mini nuke, cables, mission accomplished, expat, manned drone, targeted killing,

Obama: Obamacare, anticipating, seriousely,
Hockey mums, dreamers (new word),

Bill Clinton was interesting,
because he brought the nations deficit down to cero and plus,
and did not leave much of a mass,
but they tried hard
to impeach him roguely.

Bush jun. got voted under misteriouse circumstances,
got a chapel thrown, left a mass,
started wars, rogue and torture camps but
nobody tried to impeach him.

J.F. Kennedy got slaughtered in Texas
M.Luther King got shot.

Reagen and Theather had no understanding for
the simple people and working class,
but as Cowboy actor and Iron Lady shooting.

Living on the edge

M. Monroe was intelligent and interested in much,
but did not survive acting on the edge of cirkuses.

M Jackson had a hard father breeding stars,
nice skills but did also not survive
living on the edge of music biz.

More soundmasters who lived on the edge
like F. Mercury, F. Zappa, E. Presley, J.Morrison,

Living on the edge
- is not often done purposly,
it s just happening.
If you do under controlled conditions or circumstances,
either by yourself or outside factors,
you can succeed !

If the outside
is going nuts n mad over years
you need to face, handle and respond to the threat and madness
or better leave and stay away.
Some idiots believes and lackings
do over decades and centuries.

Ultimate powers
The ultimate powers and supreme rule don t like fake,
they love the ones without fake and false.
They love the real,
the true, the strong and ultimate,
which can be learned.

As the ultimate powers are great they
support and love the great.

Signs to read
When you can read its good,
when you can read traces its better.
When you see and understand the small it s ok,
when you can read the big it s better,
when you can see results much better,
when you can read the skies
you are of the great,
thats by the ultimate.


Some collect much and understand nothing,
some collect much, scan all but can t give answers
some have small and see all.

The Ultimates dont like upside down,
the mad, corrupt and rogue on top.
The more the fake and false get on top,
the deeper they will fall.
The small needs fake to show big,
the small and idiot can not accept the great,
thats their problem only.

The ultimate stays ultimate,
either some see or don t see it

Social Network front

On the Social Network front if you want to provoke
or put incentives on your adversary
you can post links with relevant infos (should be proofed)
as a candy for your nasty counterpart,
as a dummy fan so to say,
tell em - thanx to you here my reward and a link,
or a good commentar or the like
I would drop hate speech,
also NLP doesn t make much sense,
a targeted and nice commentar or pic of proof will do sometimes.

Linkedin has strange groups and members,
xing can be good for job networking,
digits to put on twitter possible is too limited for me,

I whistle with birds and they reply appropriate
- Soundmasters joyfull play -
Didn t get any offers till date 4 my social network project Tribes
they need more incentives, maybe more fake followers as with facebook,

My mail account gets daily spammed, kind of idiots social-Neting-Strategy,
and they cant stop trying to post totally senseless guestbook entries
they dont get it that that doesnt work - funny dummies.
... can imagine a kind of robo guestbook crawler ...


The simple use simple means
the headless behead others
and the sadists watch electro and executions
do torture camps, xray and the more

Stocks split and share

Kuwait and Nepal have stock exchange
why not Honduras, Guatemala and Paraguay (i don t recommend it)
Israel dont have stock exchange
and Muslims dont like interest rate

Food policy

Some are hungry, others can not cook any more
some drop lunch paks, others use micro wave ...
i ve seen souces in school buffets glimmering in all fantasy colours
some eat veg, others have it fast and microwave
food habits, culture and manners indicate something
(Barbiecue is a strange name to me)

Rolling handluggage

I am really disturbed about these rolling handluggage (Trollis in german)
at airports 4 instance
these disturb my legs at some travel hubs
but it s special sturdy, sexy and can carry a lot
by mixed rolls n pipes composed ...
bags in back, babies in front (4 african women unspecial)

and i guess screens in leans of planes heat the planes at 10000alt
but not much overhead options, no vans no small lights too much

Want 2 conect !?

As long as you can not reach Mid America from
Lissabon, Paris or Madrid direct try via Punta Cana
would not try via Dallas,
4 Colombia you need 1month max. back ticket
and as long as you can not fly from Canari Islands
to Senegal, Sierra Leone or Liberia, don t believe
in the fuzz of some Fashists free marcets.

For schools

I like collagen, as for late primary schools
it s a mix of arts, practical skills combined, phantasies.
Cutting and putting headlines of mags,
pictures, colors and doing compostions by that,
also for higher schools.

Camps, flowers and spring

The Flowerrevolutions and Arab Spring,
after uncle Sams invasions in Iraq and Afghanistan
are far not as simple and rogue as Camp Gizmo, Abu Ghraib,
X-ray and secret-CIA.eu.

Now its gets hidden TTIPS for more
of a free marcets profits, advanced and prepaied.
When people are happy and free in their marcets or systems,
they vote right wing, fashists and conservative extremists.
Thats the sign of freedom, happiness and
share of free marcet refreshed.

Rage against the mashine

"Rage against the mashine" is forbidden in the USA,
guess beause of their MUlti media Agency,
its not HipHop, Aerobic or Breakdance

These Drones ar unique, fly mid range, and some aircraft carriers are so big, i d do it in drone format... mini nukes, dirty rogue fighters, illegal CIA camps.eu ... couch surfing with speed dating, if not reality TV is a madhouse story.

Better mute TV (no sound) than mutual friendships,
I check 16 channels on one screen
(Delhi nov 2014, also part of TravelDiary )

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Transparent offices

When Michael Moore, the boss_hunter, enters companies property to interview the boss in his transparent office and gets blocked to interview the always very busy companies boss and
his (M.Moore) feelings get hurt by the always busy boss in his transparent office,
does he get compensated therefor ?

    I prefer boss hunters to trend hunters, to model hunters, to job hunters,
to irresponsible quale_hunters (D.Janey) ... !
    (also part of TrishulMG-t79/
stupid white man is a book by M.Moore)

Stupid white man -

ADS - Attention lack syndrom

    (Aufmerksamkeitsdefizitsysndrom in german ADS)
I hate the socalled ADS
and what they put the childs allready in kindergardens
into therefor as in central Europe ... you will harvest ... !

- ADS zur totalen Verblödung
u wenn man der nicht genug Aufmerkamkeit spendet is es wegen dem ADS

Wenn es zur totalen Verblödung nicht reicht dann sicher wegen dem ADS,
was im westen sehr ernst zu nehmen ist.
Win-7 verstärkt das ADS auch noch dazu
wegen der vielen fensterln die so hüpfen u poppen,
da leidet d Aufmerksamkeit sehr,
na da ist das Desktopping auf Win-8 ja sehr beruhigend,
das Geschmiere u Wischen, so angenehm.
(win 8 is forbidden on chin. gov computers and
in neos aeroplanes the desktopps heat the planes at 10000m alt, adjab)

Aus diesem ungedeckelten Topf der Vertrottelung
kann man dann viele neue Kämpfer rekrutieren ...

ADS ist auch eine natürliche Schutzfunktion,
gerade bei den Jüngsten u Kleinen
damit sie später nicht Amok laufen oder zu leichten Opfern der
Rogue fighters (schurkischen Kämpfern) oder Terroristen werden.
    Zuviel Aufmerksamkeit spenden,
vielleicht auch Mitleid im westen,
das kann sehr weh tun, einem selber wie auch
durch die Unverhätnismässigkeit im rogue fighting Kapitalism
(schurkisch kämpfender kapitalismus)

Best of Alpenfestung -

(Hitlers relicts)

- Regionale Besonderheiten

Alpenlachs: eine edle Fischart die erst vor kurzem das Licht der Welt erblickt hat
und hier gezüchtet wird,
sehr edel und von feinem Geschmack.
Carnika Biene: eine gezüchtete Hochleistungsbiene die nichts anderes kann als fleißig sein,
sie ist sehr sehr fleißig und
schwärmt nur selten aus dem Stock,
was auch eine ihrer Besonderheiten ist.
Himalaya Springkraut: (Impatiens glandulifera)
das Allerschönste der der Region, wurde um 1915 erstmals in Europa eingebürgert, ist seitdem in verschiedenen Gegenden verwildert und wächst auch in der Alpenfestung an den klaren Flüssen u Bächen der Region wo sie schöne Bestände bildet. (Neophyte)
Mutterkraut: (Tanacetum parthenium)
interessante Pflanze die in SO Europa und dem Kaukasus wächst, manchmal auch in den Südalpen zu finden ist. Schöne Blüte, auch als Heilpflanze interessant.

- Bubi und Punkt

Da Bubi hat si a Poster
in seinem Zimmer aufgehängt,
mit die 2 Männer im Porsche,
de Politiker,
und wie sie so rauslachen aus dem Porsche.
Ja der Bubi,
jetzt spar i auf sein Führer-schein,
ja mei. Und i hab meim Bubi dann
de Geschichte erzählt von dem aan der
dann Jahre drauf im Ort mit 140 km/h
in die Wand gfoan is und
von dem anderen der sei Mascherl gegen an Schlips tauscht hat,
jo des hat dem Bubi so gefallen,
i spor auf sein Führer-schein.


Meine Ehre ist Werkzeug
und nicht Kaulquappenfischen, Quellabzwicken,
jahrelanges Gartenstraucherl u Blumenanbinderln in fremden Gärten
oder Billa mit Kühlschrankverwechseln (H)

Meine Ehre ist auch Webdesign
und das können sich GummiDummi, in english dummy (fake or duplicat)
garnicht auch nur im entferntesten vorstellen
    wie auch ihre artverwandten blonden Haflinger Psychopathen
bei 3er kombi Spritzung als Psychologen mit 15 Zeugen getarnt
bei 15 dummi aber geilen spritzi Zeugen
- OBACHT ! -

- Mutig partei ... ?!

... Schürhakerl u Hammerl ungefragt austauschen,
a erotische Musikkasette und Stahlwolle vom Ofen fladern,
ihr bekommt ein Problem und wenn ihr es nicht checkt
bekommt ihr jahrelang Probleme.
    Ich brauch keine Heinzelmännchen und Neonazis im Haus,

genausowenig wie Nachbarn die ersessene Quellen raubern (30 years !!)
oder selbstherrliche Polizisten in Eigenregie, aber
keine Anzeigen ausdrucken können.
Ihr wollt Probleme, ihr bekommt Probleme.
Ihr fordert etwas heraus und könnt keine Anzeigen schreiben.
Ihr wollt weitere Rechnungen und könnt sie aber nicht begleichen,
dann wundert euch nicht !
    (sept 015
in the village beside plastic compo shaver narcets there is a socalled himaati party)

Bei den Nazis funktioniert nur
was funktionieren darf u soll !


IT sys

IT is a system specialamente
IT does not mean communication, it means that the data collectors get a good job done by IT, its data performers, manufacturers, miners, advertisers and profilers, get their job done via some com_goodies, applis and smart_mobs (smart phones).
Ooohhh its a smart-mob not a street-mob or rogue-mob ... oohhh
(also part of TrishulMG-73) or more at Inventions

21st centuries symbols

As some took my hedge cutting garden tools (machetes mixed jul 014)
on which i also train wood cutting
when in ice cold mideuropean vallies winter preempt
(but they did not dare to touch the Kurta under which was another one)

are the symbols of the new century active
Krummdolch und Grillrost (I want his books)

Alle Achtung -

Kurt ich las heute Marguerite Duras -
"Ganze Tage unter Bäumen" und dann dort das -
Alphabet. Gesamtverzeichnis der Suhrkamp Taschenbücher
und muss sagen, Kurt das waren Zeiten,
alle Achtung -
Hesse, Handke, Brecht, Adorno, Bernhard, Artmann, Beckett, Frisch, Gandhi, Horvath, Vargas Llosa, Weill, Duras ...
also Kurt ich muss sagen -
Das waren Zeiten - alle Achtung !

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