Personally 3

Ultimate powers
The ultimate powers and supreme rule don t like fake,
they love the ones without fake and false.
They love the real,
the true, the strong and ultimate,
which can be learned.

As the ultimate powers are great they
support and love the great.

Signs to read
When you can read its good,
when you can read traces its better.
When you see and understand the small it s ok,
when you can read the big it s better,
when you can see results much better,
when you can read the skies
you are of the great,
thats by the ultimate.

Coconut biz

She told all DJs at party in Shri Lanka
no apple pie, no crumble, maybe cookie
the MCs left allready as MC Whistle Blow and Miss Cable Gate
Decoration still there on beach, sunset kajaks, naked boobies, chairs n umbrellas
she told there is nobody but then we discussed in short her
yearlong coconut ambitions

Our agents
We have agents at facebook, we have agents in the lobbies
also in many many transparent offices
we do not apply to elevator usage contracts before using elevators
(400m is a nogo for us) or even escalators
we have agents on Pitbulls boat and in 50cents videos
we are everywhere and only
when we want we do full hit.

Bad vibrations

It can happen when some multimedia team is around that you suddenly feel unwell in your room on road, a kind of pressure you observe without being able to localize its origin. Often they do via the roomvan over you (off mode), so turn the van a bid towards where there is no electr. swithes or heavy irons like at door handles or iron window protection. Sprinkling water on hot n dry windows or on turning van in very dry conditions gives immediate relieve of intensity in room.
    When there are big mirrors in room take care sometimes in heavy cases, cover mirrors with towels then for instance. Too many nice iron nd shining cupboard or door grips can be taped what does the remote atmosphere stimulators a blow, as is the case with bathroom holes blocked.
    Most comes via the van on top, sometimes you may even be possible to see the van trying to do a little turn when "unhappy" in off mode, in heavy cases it can also be taped over days. Sprinkling water by hand on windows or van (moving) does good relieve during intense conditions usually.

Also important, take care during some day/ night hours when toilet or bathroom water holes (monsoon regions) start stinking, blowing up or doing bad jets. when thermics or multimedia team start pushing. In such cases put bucket on holes, stop the winds, or close by other means, it s bad and unhealthy winds, even observed in fency hotel occasionally.

Skin, salt n fresh
When skin got dry and dirty by street dust, half year no rain, wash and cream sometimes. Salt crust after swimm in sea can be good, drink and wash outer extremities. Salt crust on body (beach) and staying hours in the sun wills strike you when body is tired after actions.
    The skin is breathing nicely, depending on climate and action done, salt or freshwater wash does it a good job. Sometimes creming after is nice when it got too dry and exhausted so. Small wounds can be desinfected in a short seawater wash and dried after !

wanna buy

Wanna get half a teaspoon of Kokain
go Goa modern, its hot and kinky
Wanna travel with pushbike on train in psycho land
get it by a socalled Stillwaggon in psychopathia but dont complain then
wanna touch some goodies in room
follow my goodies next 10 years in house or room if so special
i dont care of goodie touching too much
Wanna buy Sadhu shues(light and cotton)
maybe possible in Mumbuy, in Mysore for sure
in fleemarcet its about 2500 a pair of socalled Samurai ones

Anybody got a Memo of Understanding (MoU)

Revolution success accomplished

Companieros and companieras, you know it and i know it,
since one year we amuse ourself remotly
since one year passed and the grosse meister passed the holy river
companieros let s dance and celebrate
Till now the revolution was very successfull
stox mostly lost precisely 8% within 1,5 years till mid 015
lets check exchange rates next year, also swifties very special in
the enterprice of a mercury challenge
Companieros lets party cook and dance !!
(Campsite Goa 09.02.16)

We will study the books of Subcom M., not to mention a Frontline mag abo in Goa
prosito chears and wodka, all agents on mission

You can copy, paste n read chapters or passages with regard to the author, me H. Schuetz, or with source adress of wesbite clearly shown

appli kaputt

Ich will eine intellectual property anzeigen
ein von mir beschädigte appli (Selbstanzeige)
die ich eben statt Autorückspiegeln (nur bei rasern in enge) kaputtet habe
sie hat dshalb getobt, als Dramaqueen getarnt
und wenn ich eine von mir beschädigte appli anzeigen will
dann wachsen ihr Hörner.

Spassgesellschaft ist mir lieber als die der Psychopathen, Ignoranten und Langeweiler.

Wenn mich niemand erotisiert erotisier ich mich selber.

full direct

by the way I prefer Applestrudel to Applecrumble and Chocolate balls to Walnutlemon cake
but downut is pfui, I dont like downuts.
Also Marzipan is good, but now in Goa I no find
all these products (goodies), big problem, but Wodka yet good.
The breadman on cycle sound his horn OK
Also me no find parties and party fliers o16, big problem
    Goa got puritanic and very complicated but
the free teaspoon of dustsugar for coffee,
camouflaged as Kokain in Moondance was unspecial
as in a modern transparent office without sexy secretary for dinner
shown as a public restaurant known for years. (31.01.o16 serv.taxes included)
Some girls even fly direct to Goa and then send sms from room, house or beach.
sms straight, full straight and direct, maybe for 3 month or 3 days only.

Also I dont like chlor chicken, it does skin paleing and strange effects
maybe instead of skin whitener by good niveau ...
and too much of glycerine in soaps is unwanted (lux)
better TV soaps, maybe twice a week ....

need to rubb 4

I need to rubb for 3 months for a working sim on way
and another one month to find an Apple crumble in Goa
Anybody knows the password for the FiFi login
I stay rude, unsmart and ugly if not evil
and do many breaks.
(C++ while morning concerto grosso naturale de jungle)

Concerto grosso naturale

Thank you for playing in 9 Bar since long
but i was busy with corrupted scooter, a fick mich, a 20GB bunny digits
the sea, the hills the djungle, the Kites, Peacocks, and Eagle calling the mornings and days
I was busy with Concerto grosso naturale the morning
thank you Kites, sea, djungle and Peacocks (9 stations), it s too much
When you sound I sound back '
if anybody complain I strike like an Eagle
They know me and I love them.

Goa -

Antisipathing Goa

It is anti Goa and anti Goacare when there is no parties
because no fliers got put, it got too costly 2 put fliers
and I got told all DJs are in Shree Lanka
that is anto Goacare and i will maintain the old standards
parties and parties, stick bills and fliers
when these are missing go to beach and juggle bubble and I like Frisbee
Honeybees so busy not to be mixed with killerbees
in regions of Almond pollinaters with trucks (bee carriers).
If nobody put and stick fliers and bills I put drones for that.
and I will roll cigaretts on the task for flier put drones
and smoke the colt on that, rogue, mobile and good.

Somewhere remote digit

Whenever i start the mashhine (Mamas old 20GB)
somewhere the process playmusic autoinfo-play, a ping maybe
something sound fick mich, somewhere a digit bunny hits some digits remote
its not a sweety, dont mix with sweaty in deliciouse (Guestbook)
I tell you the next 10 years every digit counts like fick mich
it s a long long divorce from Mamas old mashine 40% occupied with pop ups and process backgroundoperfomence checking (20GB mashine)
when i start it a sweety gets a sound somewhere remote
On the old mashine the expansive explorer always hang himself by
not being able to follow folder hirarchy, hop up-down
(Goa 016)

When the mashines get weak under my ass, over the years (like a boring monkey)
either a mobile with or without sim (no cellphone), a scooter or another mashine PC
I don t care in 10 years

    your Charl. Bukowsky


You know when you hear 5 times a day fick mich
it s nice, far too nice, sweet sounds remote
When Colgate cowdogs chained grin at you
its good fun, good fun, hot hot
When the mashines get weak under my ass like a monkey boring
it is good fun (sometimes)
Goa got more hot, more modern, more fun and me more expansive

Suspect Goa
They blocked the way to beach with wire fance
I dont like that
They blocked the old path, a servitute (passing little shag)
They don t know Servitute
means old path has to be maintained (also in priv.prop)
beachside of path they make a wall, walls down
A kind of drainage tried, (maybe rat save walls)
but maybe a good alibi for workforce pay.
(more suspect observations at end of page)

I can handle Colgate cowdogs
I can handle tomathinos (Goa jan.016)

I dont like to shop a Netbook every 3 years
spain is off my map and radar
I am not a duck inquisitor, I am better
and i can handle Colgate cowdogs with a chain

Shop a boat trip, a Bird excursion trip, shop your Website, shop a Trekk with the gr.meister


So please before Carnevaal full dancing and shake preparations much dancing acts and specially everyday in 9Bar before check little bills in search 4 DJ and MCs
For the carneval parade on steet then not too many backsideopen Pickup Jeeps
better 2 - 5 trucks shoogie boobie, water canons and pistols, hot dancers and beach trucks what is with towels, boards, red danger flags, straw chairs, drinks and plates, grillfish and savety umbrella boards and shags on truck also possible maybe with all india permit also a truck with Chillum and Nagga babas is visionary and legion
if not approoved by mr Pereira and mrs Carnivale fines applicable with up to 2 days in beach chair.

pic row - Tattoo    Tat.2    Talking Melli // page row - Nat. parks    Ind. birds    Goa freak   

"Higway patrol - Burning man"

many vultures pc, beautifull dresses, very very friendly and seriousely talking visitors on way and many many problems, iron hammer appli pc, flat tires, problem, teasers, zzzz, holywood wibbs, cookies, dogs, what is this what is that (sec. check), automatix, alwaya againn than u officer, it s
alway 2 officers pc minimum (in very seriouse cases when touchin ... what is that? (dresse), stones, sandstorm pc, lost tracks, zzzzz, lost mobiles, zzzzz, buttons, downuts, panties pc , problem, vampires, bats, appli, napkins, journalist CCTV drones (sometimes only in very seriuose cases (dresses chechked
... what is that pc , who is that, who is that ... (in cars on way),
get out (seriouse), auditings, campers pc , one pick up with photovoltaic multiexpando costoSolale, automatix (problem), 1 barbiecew only with one leg left, appli, honey, many sofas, some tomatoes (ser. problem), sand, Pudels pc , colgate cowdogs, chilli pumpguns ,
another apache
killa bees, many flower pots, automatix, some ox waggon fortresses pc, buttons,
platic rose, strings on roads and in the death valley,
sometimes only a drone over and half embedded tablett (subititle 20 years after), storm, helicopters, vultures, death valley,
exciting cheerroaring broadcasting (rarely),
live cons (rarely), terence hill-lucky-luke-tim-donnlad and jerry (v rarely), appli-cheque, another bill boots on table, another comanche, one plastic buffalo (problem),
Afhan winddogs
Naked scanner somewhere, chocolate balls on some carroof (CCTV cam 360 angel), Almond pollination truck lost, colgate cowdogs, shishas, parfume fogg,
shock absorver (another honkytonk problem) ...... a mio. horses ....

Twice a week 30 minutes, 45 seconds NACHspann with burning hey hut and the wood from all perspectives (always exciting same same 10sec cuts)

anotha oxwaggon stratoFortzress, something like "Rage against the mashine" but always very seriouse and veryv friendly !!
(always with thank you to the rugby officer !!)
(subba-soap TV on all channels streamed)

Cows and crops

When draughts and storms destry crops, wheat, corn, maize,
it gets more expansive in some regions marcets (stocks ex)
When a Blizzard in Texas kills 15 000 cows (dec.015) they get frozen so
kept cool for a while and stay fresh, and at Chicago sensex meat gets cheaper.
BSE is really ugly, mad cow desease,
when some marcets cows got fed by some marcets "food testers"
with bone and fish powder for a while they got mad so
cows like to eat grass and veg not fish powder idiots.

Dronte und sapienten

Wenn die Sapienten auf einer Insel foller Dronten auftauchen
is es gleich aus mit den Dronten
Flugunfähige Vögel sind immer gefährdet wenn die Sapienten kommen.


These moscitos are so agressive
these moscitos are unsmart
the ysuck the blood from all the girls
the suck the blood from the church and muscle men
from the rich and the poor
these moscitos do not hesitate to attack
they suck the blood from the tourists and common man
they produce pimples on the hot girls and do them terror
and thats why i declared total smokewar on these moscitos.

How much

The hills are for free
the sea is for free
the birds sing, you dont need to pay them
the sun rises and sets, you dont need to pay it
during you shop and consume, we dance and party
enjoy the sea and waves, the hills mountains and skies.

Smartie land

Shop and consume you can do in smartie lands
we keep the party going while you shop

We came for

Men from Flake
we did not come to shop and consume
we came to party and dance
to enjoy the sea, hills and waves, lets go.

Männer von Flake

Männer von Flake wo sind die geilen Weiber, wo sind die wilden Kerle
wo die langen Parties geblieben
Männer von Flake ich bin traurig
all dieser Brav Tourismus für die kapitaliusten und ihre profite
all dieses seichte Plätschern und Gefasl, Softdrinks, Kitsch u Klunker
Männer von Flake wir machen unser Dings oder wir ziehen weiter
dieser Schön Tourismus vor all dem Dreck ist nichts für uns
wenn schon dann richtig versaut.

Der Dreck vom Shoppen und in den Hügeln u hinterm Beach
Männer von Flake, wir machen unseren Mist selber. (Goa jan.016)

This guy

This guy is too much for most men and women
but not for the sea and the skies
not for the rocks, the hills and the mountains
and not for the birds !
(Goa jan.016)

Shop a Shop a boat trip, a Bird excursion trip, shop your Website, shop a Trekk with the gr.meister

We did not come for

We did not come to prey, shop and consume
we came to dance and party
we came to enjoy the sea, hills, the sun and the sound.

Goacare means not everywhere hotels and beach access blocked with bungalows
means no garbage on hills, djungles and behind beaches
Goacare means not to dump Goa into hotels and touri ressorts
thatfor they need to put ads in newspapaers then after.
Goacare means don t shit on the places you like
When you love a region you dont shit on it
Means don t burn plastic for good breath, clean air and sky
Goacare is good for you and me.
good and evil

Pranayama is healthy, but if you do for long near plastic burners
its very unhealthy and it could kill you as maybe smoking.
Goa infos     Goa freak     where to watch G.freaks

Fight me ?

You fight me in little naziland
you fight me remotly attached on my mashine PC (I watch, see, check and kill)
you want to corrupt n block my work
you want to shop and consume only
triggered by smart n softdrink wallas
you don t tolerate me fashists n nazis
then get me.
as for years allready, fought, plot and corrupted
get me till your end, which you do yourself
do and did also to others for too long allready. Need to resettle birds and beautifull creatures then,
how stupid. (Goa jan.016)

Somebodies cultural shift is nothing but
prey, shop and consume.


    (What you see is what you get)
When you can see much, you get much by that
then you can tell others about it
if they believe it or not, their problem
many believe what is not and dont believe what is.
    When you like to see their show, they will get you more of it
When you know how to see wbesites
and what to go for, good.
When you see another presidental frontrunner
and see how they stand and answer beside each other, while minutes get counted
you see that, you get that !?
When you see nothing but garbage, dirt, smoke and rumble
there is much beside it to see and get.
Some prefer to see this some that.
    Many see their homes and cities getting destroied and bombed
their lands getting rumbled
their families getting split and torn apart
then they go for what they want to see instead
and where the bombs come from also
either if it s there or not
they become refugees here and mostly not welcomed there.

Count minutes

Sometimes at preelection time
you can see them sitting or standing there, beside each other
getting their speech time counted in minutes (by minute accountees)
often in free speech lands
can you see, what you get then and by whom, check ?!

Double face screen

On the computer its often a kind of animation on screen
sometimes even doubel sided with take-off-screen option
you get something new by the system-OS nowadays only
Once they had software and beta testers for solid software in presell and test phase
Now its all kind of small applications for small devices
for letting you reach and getting something by that
inside the companies corporate body attached (remote procedure call and remote endpoint mapper etc)
or a little appli to get a little smartie maybe,
thatfor the firma profits by the little appli attached to you
or the system at all. (Goa jan.016)

Some dream

Some dream more than they see
and then they think how their dream can become true
profits, money, big cheer, success, publicity, products, a foundation,
dreamroles and dreamliners by dreamland.

das ist nicht das gelbe vom ei

Bites on food

You try to keep yourself healthy !?
Eating everyday some fat burgers, fast n fat does bad to your body !
In regions like Mongolia, Tibet or in harsh winters or eskimo climate you will need to eat strong and some meat. I do quite rarely, in temperate regions or before winters beside wood chopping
in some little land it s of good need.
Once or twice a week depending on energy burnt
and if I do I take my time.

Usually no pigs, they live in the dirt and mud.
    When you eat fish you can taste and smell what these fish ate
if they lived in muddy waters eat worms or special living in oxygen rich mountain rivers. Its interesting as they live in all kind of different water bodies
from the springs to the seas, in fresh or salt waters or
even mixed waters travelling from birth to old age.
In Oxygen rich streams, trout and uppar Ganga region, fish in general i like
not every day but for special.

    Now on some TV channels actors get a look and stiled a little like cows, strange (India oct/nov 015) and for eating its not how you kill the animals but its how you keep them.
The more they kept in good and natural conditions the better for them and you,
if a Hawk catches once in a while a chicken they stay attentive and alert.

    One lakh chicken in one barn or a 1000 cows in one meat factory is ugly,
unspecial and unhealthy
but as in some regions done its quite normal so today. BSE is a cow desease, mad cow desease and got produced by ugly cowkeepers feeding them fish or bone powder for a while, so they shuldn t be surprised about the outcome.

    If you like to stay healthy, move your body and
in regard to meat its more about how these animals are kept
and not so much that they get killed later,
if they had a good life ok, if the had an ugly life, you eat ugly.

    When life is good you dont fear death
but why to die when life is good
when life is bad and ugly you want to escape, some produce bad and ugly (BSE, chemics food etc),
the weak can not face it, the strong can face and take it,
the strong can die, the weak or kept weak struggle,
they dont want to die, too much missing ...
If you dont want to die there was not much of life then,
much missing on many sides
thats why you dont want to die.
And sometimes its like, ohh it gets too much, i can t take it any more,
its too much of magic overwhelming imput. You can die of all kind of things,
but thats another story.

So it s about how these animals get kept, in open fields and alpine meadows good then its healthy for both sides. Chicken in the open on the ground good and if a hawk ... (maybe get compensated ?)
    If you eat veg. usually and have an excemption once, you can get to know how its effect is
but will also depend on your digesting row, it can be too much at once for it when always used to veg input. Some meat kept in good conditions, not overdosed by hormons and chemics or chlor bathed, can be of good fun to the mind and sometimes i ask myself if tehre was too much of chemics or drugs involved.

And when the Snow Leopard roams kilometers for days and getting back to the city after each day of roam he doesn t want to eat only chips packed or rice with daal. Have good eating places, not only huge frdges, bikes and TV screens at 1700m alt brought up there by pure manpower the last kilometers.

Fast and fat is not much worth (microw)
Under harsh conditions as in dry, dusty and hot cities you or your kids
may have a candy to stay easy on in the while.

Interesting when people lived over centuries eating pure and veg and then many lakh get midclass and eat suddenly by the vallet possible they get obese and blown by the once body ressource tanks overfed. Their bodies often get too much within a generation suddenly. Living not any more by the plains and what they offered but by the mall and petrol station along the street.

Piuu, khaao, nahanga naao !

In Brazil on a 2 day crossing by bus from north to south
they have special food places but everywhere in main cities or rural areas where they offer good food to be chosen and mixed by youself on plate and paied by weight or special added - gustoso.
(Coastal Gokarna jan.016)

Suspect observations 4 -

# - Goa, south Anjuna there s a little gap in beach between the rocks, the CEO often staied there in the sun last years since 2000. But jan.016 they did a wall there at the beach within days. Later, end of feb. the wall got washed underneath by the big waves, looking bid strange so but the CEO also likes to rest on walls in sun for a while only. The CEO predicts next several weeks (from feb.) wall could slowly bend to sea. If dogs underneath the wall in shade and it sinks suddenly 40 cm it will stink for 2 - 3 weeks at the beach, or at least during monsoon 016 it will break in two or trhree and be washed down to lower beach level.

# - Trivandrum (Tiruvananthapooram), Huge 15 floor moscito catcher, even with escalators inside, ground floor serves as new busstand, uppar floors empty, from outside it looks like a Las Vegas or Eilat hotel (Kerala).

# - Rubber plantations (Kautshuk) in Kerala from down the mountain road to along the railway look all the same, these trees all look the same, all same age, on top 3 main branches, maybe peace sign upside down ... ? guess Monsto and GM was involved, evel and boring.
  The MOST UGLY thing i have seen, no cuts you see on the trees, no drops coming only this strange slips on stams, maybe from armani ...

# - Banana fritters, a typical keralan food, gustoso, as once eat in Alleppy (Allephooza) but didn t find or see any sellers on way, its a pity, Banana fritters are good and tasty.

# - Tilak Nagar rlwy station (Mumbai) modern looking main hall with pepsi balcony for little food if any. Big station masters window to main hall, but was not able to find station masters office door without help and complaint book nei milega (take my message not possible). 500m to motorbike waiting and gen.class hall, with a roof and a kind of cloak room, dead end station (Kopfbahnhof). Mumbai now smart city, many cctv cams, big biz and big savety 4 it (Bizcare).

# - Kotamangalam busstand (on way to Thekkady bird s.) many plastic goods selling shags there, no proper food reste, high on top two huge ad-screens with lovely smiling women faces in between a tiny house, no hey hut even (Kerala).

# - I am surprised that men and women sit seperatly in buses in komunist voted state Kerala with good education (modified last years?) and that they allow these huge ad-walls near djungles and many more locations, too much of trying attachment.

# - Kalicut (Kosikhude), new big busstand, indoor, quite organized but missed to find food stalls (Kerala).

# - Ernakulam (with Cochin) got modern look, big streets, many cars, much redlight and neon blinking at nights but stairs at Ernakulam town railway station are breaking to rumble (entry side). Guess railway stations and busstands are unfriendly for smart and biz. 1st time that I got a prepaied rikshaw there, sometimes its the secret path of the tuk-tuk (Kerala).

# - When during afternoons or nights some jets (stinky winds) are suddenly starting from bath and toilet, attached to room, as experienced in Pushkar and Agra (nov), guess triggered by multi-media-teams, just put a bucket with some water on floor-hole and sweep the floor before. Also covering mirror with towel or alike sometimes does help in that scenario.

# - Skin whitener, got to see this in Goan shops, some want to look like pale faces and pale faces stay in teh sun to get color (some). Skin whitener products can be seen in some ind. TV channels, wired (adjab). I ve also seen fesh white painted churches here and there on way down by bus from Nilgiris and tea hills. M. Moores book "Stupid White Man" is also good (from Bush times US).

# - TV, watching got complicated since last year in Goan restes. Every siongle smar phone seems to be more easy to handled but not big TV-HD broad screen with 100 or more channels, manual range below 2m and nobody in charge of it. Guess it s a bussines trick to need to buy big tablet with TV card or big streaming option, 20GB via Wifi.

# - Sim cards, Purchased 2 during last 1,5 months (vf), put pp-foto and pp-copy etc, but none worked, were too old from date of packing, sleeping sim. It got so sensitive and complicated in worlds biggest democracy. Once it was put into mobile and worked stante pede, with full sms, now smart and sensitive. With the 3d one it worked.
    India - big land, small sim big problem,
    Nepal - small land, small sim no problem

Comments: It looks that government busstands, but specially in komunist voted state (for long) like now in Kerala , don t serve the kapitalists, who want to sell cars and have many private cardrivers (see USA) for big profits.

When kapitalists try a railway station it becomes Tilak Nagar, part of smart city Mumbai.

Suspect obs. 2     Research     New galleries     Personally 2    

Skymasters performing in gorgeous .... ....ness

You can copy, paste n read chapters or passages with regard to the author, me H. Schuetz, or with source adress of wesbite clearly shown.