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Do not make the wrong decision !

Somewhere there in the west they do voting now, and I want to say it is great that the participation is allready during preemptive voting times and with by software shared mashines, i guess, big. That party zipation is big allready in that preemptive state of vote.

    But it has to be saied even from Europe and that is a distance, yeah that is far, also by plane that there are guys out there in the US who want todisarm you, and they will do it also in the future. If there is a shooting at any prking lot in the US, and if during preempt voting, take care, take sheleter and hide your bums, bobds and the best behidn cars. You never know what happens in these times, stocks are crumblinga nd tumbling, most are down and try to get taken in shelter, and as people like Bannon, Mercer and Popeyo with huge amount of bucks and huge deep and broad pockets to split share and spend.

    It could be from Tea parties or from the old days in the US (disarmings), please take care before it gets out of hand.

    DO NOT MAKE THE WRONG DECISON, vote good vote well and healthy in the name contra monsto (some chemics company and its new mergers) and vote in teh name of the buffaloes and the native american people who do n ot give a ..... Anyway do not feel weak or overhormonized, even besdie the actual parcel threats from some fellows there, they found a van with posters on it and the side of that bomb sender is quite clear, the posters on that car show straight the bad side, teh ugly bad and evel sender, do not vote wrong, vote good, it couldbe of help somehow finally, it is not the end yet.

    Also as some WASP company poisend itself by the takeover of the monsto company, there are many harmed out there by that poison stuff, so vote good, vote nice, try hard and do not think that anybody in the world could disarm you, however bumpy voting could be, Haloween is of another story. And again do not make the wrong decision, we help you even as a parcel from germany takes now, after 3 times calling the sender, about 1 month to southern neighbouring land. And never ask about SMS form a GPRS mobile carried half around the world nowadays, some also took an aquarium filter, but never ask about tropical fish today in the land with an aquarium, no no, do not make the wrong decision.

    Vote good, do not make the wrong decision, Midterm can show big, Midterm is great and you can be of help for it.

    Forget about that guys they fire themself on routine form office or by next unaccaptable briefing. Midterms could be of a great eample, supertuesday is also big and hot, vote good. Thankyou fellows from the most liberty land of the planet.
    Thinktank preempt , vote good !(emojiji)

Internationale Ausschreibung

Autoteilen (Carsharing) schlitzkarte

Entwicklung von Schlitzkarten Autos (Carsharing)
mit Debit card Bezahl system am Auto, erste fahrende Card Bezahlsysteme mit integrierter Navi Localisierung und Gewinnmitnahme, evtl Ausloesung des Alarms im Ernstfall.
    Scannen der Gebuehr ueber die Mitgliedskarte samt card als Schluessel zum Einsteigen beim Car sharing (Auto teilen) wie bei Zugticket automaten.

Standort des Pilotprojektes sei Mitteldeutschland oder Umland von Zulieferern wie Steiermark magnus werken.

    Start 3 phase zuerst in blockchain zum karten und Schlitzkasten Bezahlsystem im Auto samt integriertem Ping navi und car-sharing card Bezahlsystem. Start 3 vorlaeufig nur im Benziner segment (Diesel garnicht, ladezeiten bei elektromobilen verzoegert start3 daher optional elektro)

    Ende der Einreichfrist bis 23.dec 2o18, ueber Impressum kontakt (contact).

postbox papers

Here some hot stuff on some papers of worldwide engaging and Briefkasten firmen by islands of paper business, Merecr had 8 fake firmas on the Bermudas, climate change will give it the rest, .... but check yourself how paradise papers can be in these days.

Messer Gabel Scher und Licht

gehoehren dummen Bullen nicht (manche waren paepstlich).
Auch Macheten Brachsen Aexte
sind nicht zum Kneten u sprechen Texte.
(gr meister oct.o18)

    Twitter raspel haspel schraspel saegemehl u ochsenschwanz

Midterm harmonies

Take a share during US midterm elections, involve and send em a strong message, participate and engage. The republicans fan postercab was there and the sender of letter bombs or what it looked like. Even washing powder from some supply stores can blow have villages but do not tell anybody from the neighbourhood, they could play hausmeister then.

    Also take care of the nation in arms, mostly in private hands, weapons, do not forget, it is not knifes for cutting onions or lemon. Private weapon owners can be a desaster, get their bumpers out of the way and all from software which could fake the great midterm votes, from half or fullautomatic weapons, from school gates to yards, and backyards to the monsters itself (cars).

    Vote without weapons, let nobody fake your decision, either by fox, CNN, or the new (another islands fakefirma) nobody should dare to corrupt your brain by however ugly pictures and stories often from far away lands some of them have fake firmas there then, who knows for whatever new and tricky startup or reality soap.

    Vote free and send the bad and evel guys who make worldtrade a rollback a strong message. The best without TV and radio 2 weeks before .... it gets too hot voting state. Without shootings and a knife to open the voteslip (envelope), software could also help the less technical procedure by flatscreen voting, but do not forget software could fake it by some digits moved over two counts. Midterm is strong, midterm can help it a bid.

Nothing 4 weakies

Knifes and carrot presses are nothing for weakies, nobody knows if some president can cut an apple or onions, for some a golf racket may look to fit that, but better stay home for Bonanza on TV or get to reach the next golden door handle before takeoff. Only weakies who were millionars allready with 8 complain about british volks who do kitchen jobs themself with knifes, polish their knifes and can also cut lemons, that is great then and good for compliments.

Badmen crisscross interrogation

Hey didn t you hear the last journalist from CNN (who got tagged a very bad man, but also brave from a nation) ...
    A president: you bad man, you should not do that job for that bad or program or what was its name .... take down the microfon, hey are nt you ..... bum bum bum

Hey you are from the establishment, you should not do any job there, hey arent you ..... take down the establishment .... boing boing kawum ....

Hanftueten - hempbags

Der grosse meister sagt und will immer wieder betonen aufgrund von 3mailg schwerwiegenden Faellen von gerissenen firmeneigenen Einkaufsmarkt-tueten, auch in der Schweiz (Bern, wo der halbe Franken wirklich komische Signale sendet, daumenfingernagelgross) dass er jetzt HAnftueten forciert und unterstuetzt, die Produktion derselben.
    Hemp was even during the 2nd WW (weltkrieg) by force issued to be grown in that regions of old Germany once during that time.
    Der Anbau von Hanf (Cannabis sativa, Can.mexicana, Can.indica, Can.multivario, Can.parvat, Can.omnivorica) war zu der Zeit vorgeschrieben falls das auch alternative parteien, nazis aber auch andere Partygaenger interessiert, falls sie ueberhaupt in 6 Jahren 100 km schaffen.
    Rueckblickend gab es damals nichts Schoeneres als Hanf zum Anbau vorgeschrieben (u den Sieg ueber die Verruchten), sucht mal Haenflinge (Voegel).

    Und nochwas gestern war der Igel (hedgehog) da, und bekam sofort als Junger das rest vom Groestel u Ei. Der Igel hat Aufmerksamkeit, Ausdauer, Zutrauen, hat es auch hinter d 7 Bergen ueber den sommer geschafft, der gefaellt dem grossen Meister der Igel, bekommt evtl sogar ein Floh und Zecken Abwehrbad, sowas ist durchaus denkbar ! Der gr.Meister freut sich sehr ueber den Igel zu Besuch, der weiss wo es Leckerlies gibt.

    Auch Regenwuermer (!!) wissen das bald weil sie kaffefilter in der erde schnuppern werden, vielerorts wurden die im Garten vergraben !


Die Oberfalkenstein Burgruine wird wieder originalgetreu aufgebaut, der gr Meister sagt er sei potent. Fundraiser u Investor. Oberfalkenstein ist einzigartig und jetzt gibt es eine Partei (fundraiser party dazu, eintritt 20 teuro). Hier zu den Ruin Raizers, mehr Beweise

Anmerkung zu Halloween Halloween interessieren vielleicht Mr Mercer oder Kavanaugh ( here more or read above at postbox papers), kulturschaedigendes Pumkin (kuerbisse) Aushoehlen, entkernen, sind contrazeptiv und antikulturell !! Da war immer schon mehr Luft drinnen, aber das rechtfertigt garnichts.

    In one of the previouse opages you could try to get some audio record files to listen. I dio not know if anybody has seen the new kids on the bocok trieing at sysnthisziers and candrums (maybe thuna).


Audio tape records

Maybe anybody has seen or listend (for checkback !) to some 3-4 audio tapes (magnetband) or find it later near some ruin then. Maybe they can remeber when it was absolute no problem to record, yes recpod and recording from radio on magnetband audio tapes before free speech and audio records got part of digotal and software biz.

    So in the previouse pages soem thing to listen to, but I guess they do not get it doen any more. As seen on older screens, allready flatscreens then the message (during messenger times) "Repeat this or that sentence", sounded like a caraoke try by miscrosoftioes, it was the tiems when kiddeis tried stuff as for long, on synthizisers. Soif they can not get it doen toi get the fiels to lusten in oracle state, blow soap bubbles then. Audio tapes and records from radio or other musictaeps even on a 2 caseaudio tape boards. Before downloading or megaupload try to records you voice on that things which get still named PC, Computers, some mashines, can also name it carrot presses which need nothing more then to take your commands. If it takeds more then about 3 to 5 steps to record to lead in, forget it. Then forget it totall.

    From state of Oetzi (time frame 5000 years !) In this times audio fiels is rediculouse, every better andockid smartphine does and takes that, but never underestimate the transfer to page, webpage or to the socalled computer. It has to take the commands nohting more. here the seech is not of robo-vacuum cleaners ! That is another story. Karaoke bars would be next step if they can not manage, nexct step wpould be karaoke bars on TV, then recorded on DVD etc etc step by step.

Our new audio-records further down onsite !!

Signs of fear from a caravan

Mr Trump shows clear signs of fear and during most important as once, preelection times, he likes to play the fear drum, but astonishing even in the Americas itself. Now the fear is from foreign forces who get called by soem The caravan. In this moment about 4000 people are on way, that is a big number a great number, got it. Do not mention aerport passengers beside, that is too much of duty free aside.

    Mr Trump wants to send his soldiers, but specialy during Halloween (do not mix with hello to the queen,a dessert). But as the boredrs are leaking and long, and the rio grande is not really the biggest river you can imagine the chance that the caravane the 4000 peple will reach, and run over, yes even up to the borders of Canada, as once before the Camper and trailer times but allready after Columbus C., the chance is big and good that they will succeed and walk and migrate up to the canadien border as once the greatest chief of all times took refuge to Canada (a great Lakota chief beside many other great Lakota and Apache chiefs and many more, some till today).

    The caravan is now approaching further to the mexican border and it is possible to cover 200km in a day, timetables are not often connecting but it canb be done. Finally the caravan is not moving in a katholic desert, but eveen so in most dangerouse regions. Short before the border they could split to smaller more agile groups and proceed, good proviant on way will be necessary as once in the Sierre Madre of northern Mexico during the most agile and free Apache times. It is the dry and hot region of northern Mexico and southwestern US, the Apache lands, who kept them busy in their land at that time, somteimes also free looking horses can be seen beside the roads, which have often fences along not to slip and slide away from roads in the buggies then (half gocarts with motors, do not know that name)

    Sometimes cars (autos) can be heared horning (honking) but specially beside cyclists on way. The more north they caravan will proiceed tehmore it could get winter then, with Blizzards and the region to canada icy cold. Winter is not the best time in campers, gated comunity (socalled) and trailer regions.

    The region behind the guatemalan border is tropical friendly and moist, tropical djungles the more to the north its gets dry and hot, and many regions count to the most dangeouse on earth till today there, some part of decade long deathcultists and their bloodsoaked lands. Approaching the Sierra madre people need some proviant on way.

    If Mr Trump is lacking millions of soldies as once during the great Apache times trained caravanistas can survive quite a while in the mountains there, not far from the US border. The Azteks and Maya got massacred in millions the time before and got part of the brutal katholic death cultist and puritans cleansing strategies (often under the scream juchee St Jakob).

    Under normal conditions the region of Chicarilla and Tonto can be done with some good effort, usually you only hear some cars horning on way occasionally, what leads to the conclusion of weakness and little endurance of the locals. Further on way they will reach teh regions of Najo and Hopi trivbes, in between vast spaces of freedom and all what you can imagine to there with that. The main problem is the missing buffaloes on way which got killed in 100 000ds over years during times of very big liberty, mudbattles, oxwagons, goldrush, saloons (got beauty parlours today which can be seen at many places all over the Americas, also spanish latin but usually in cities).

    Numbers are doing some irritation today, as usual if it is numbers of chail inmates from liberty freedom lands or numbers of stocks (which can be sometimes be interpreted as telefone digits besid some not working sms, what is really most astonishing beside unmanaged mobile boxes). A good hint on way, leave the phone switched off, bad localisators are duing evel jobs and mnany so modern phones today show ugly, some by bravia standard funcists.
    During special sections keep the phone off on way, aeroplane mood is a nogo if not forbidden totally on soem types of fakemodern mobiles. Other numbers looking of fear show usually only dayjumps and droppings and can be also seen as fractaled or matrix cinemscoped telefone numbers. They have their phases there on that (marcets).

    The rio Grande at all is not a big river really, and can be passed here and there, some walls and fences show more big along, keep the phone in caravan mode, off.

    The president also mentiones that he has no idea where babies come from, so on way if bebies get born under bushes, beside trees be carefull. they could take mums and babies away from each other. Deathcultists and slavekeepers have their own views and rites. More by latest relevanth movies on that. Netflix seems to fit that nowadays. Digital soware hoasuesr are not good any more in embeding simple audio records (more on that by latest movies on not yet deleted history of audio record tapes and tunes).

    Further on way the caravan needs to take care of the old Agent orange sprayers (the now purchased and in court monsanto company), It is disgusting cases form other regions where they were engaging.

    The caravan should not restrain from proceeding in the aspect of fearfull locals to the top of the state and its political exploiters, of such a situation, and not from the small bunches of people in the northern dry regions and their keepings with bucks, fences, cows or vast empty spaces.

    Not to foget to keep into account the aspect of campers and caravan settlements on way, if not gated socalled comunities, which is by tradition also on some pickups, not the most solid form of landscaping.

    If people get born under bushes, beside trees, on farout islands of which nobody knows its real nationality, babies made in offices, under desks or in pickups on way. If they do not know it, the president will not get to know it, not puritans or teaparty activists, some get born in studios, yes even in movies, and on screen.
    And know when children got split form parents, evel and bad, sad, the next step is taken babies away form mums and who knows for what reason and all kind of jobs they get robbed from their mums, it could be for training in cotton fields or new bootcamps under screening.

    If babies came from some hard to reachable islands or from the next office or elevator, if babies get made during an inauguration ( not new zealands) ceremony and its bystanders, If the get shipped to Mexico or along the shallow rio Grande, or get deep frozen by another 8 million year bank account hipsters, or even the far more south and maybe more wild and free tropical south.

    Nobody knows today where babies, dreamers, or maybe even fruits come from. But before switching off the mobile, get awarenesss of the situation (not in room) and know the targets and goals, software can hardly do ot any more.

Cows sheep and goats

I got to read from the USA that itz is targeting now 700 targets by some block and boycott list on the state of Iran. The USA got in teh while as small state, they do usually, under normal conditions private if not personala nbd favrite biz (business geschaefte), some say business and if many of them gained socalled profits only by software, which is not really a solid state as many got to know over years and not only private run companies got to know that, also many private peope by as ocalled netcentric environment. Overall it is not a solid state of doing business and profits if we look at specific companies and specific software attached, often people were in need and forced to do udates, if tehy did not get forced to do so overall. Not many want to speak about it any more, that many misshaps. But how ugly which show over months state of fake to the drivers of cars as well, software at all can do what it wants, soemtimes it even shows and does the opposite of whats wanted and commanded etc.

    The USA has only to neighbour nations on the mainland if we leave Hawaai aside or some other islands which could have some airbases or military compounds here and there run by the US. Two neighbour lands are not that many really, and it can get quite dangerouse to dictate other biz men then whith whom to do biz and with whom not.

    That shows the right and left cheek of a dictator then, if not ugly and nasty in the face of a roboters biz and the most wanted to leave others with little choice in regard to private run and tried, or startupped, biz and profits, how sad, that is a sign of weakness then bad and weak competition.

    I also target now, during again Lord of miracles whgich is anyway rediculouse, beside Haloween and the 2 month befire Snta Claus. It is very easy not to buy and purchase these things and I will not mention more specifics here, western marcets allready hunt for poisioning itself, huge companies give show hot prove of that, aslo mineral waters can show ugly in private, personal and favourite sectors. You just need to read some tags on mineral waters for spiting if not vometing, avoid teh purchase then better, but do not dare to do spit in the shops then. Dogshit gloves for collecting the dogs shit are a trendy thing today in some socalled civilised western nations.

    Part of it is also persons on screens which people can very easy click-off (like tischfussball) the screens, what is absolutely no problem at all. Some are not even incentives (Anreize) beside newspapers over years but missing exotic aquarium fish, and do not forget sheep, cows and goats are always possible, they have much hair (what can be surprising really, exotic foreign fish are so bueautifull, that is more farmers and settlers neo stile so without foreign fish. Lamas are allready really looking very exotic, but that is also no problem really, finally they have no horns, which is doing some biz a minus.

    Now it takes allready 1 month to get normal parcels sent from Germany to a not really very far away region. It was magazines, but for sure not St Jakob and Julia series in paperform. There is not many shops and fish out there any more like once in the 90s and start of the new millenium, I do not know its tag and do not want to get it.
    Some get blocked to send sms after return from some beautifull islands, what a shame nowadays. For some it would be anyway far too much, recieving sims. Never mind exotic fish beside sheep, lamas, cows and goats is too much for most. Not to mention an aquarium at all.

    Only a two nation neighbourhood is weak, so 700 products and 20 companies from the US on teh boycott list is not a bif thing and if some are sharing 3 digit numbers in billions (mrd) of marcet or socalled stock marcets capitalisation, software is a weak share, and does weak profits, next years will poroove it to sole autofahrer societies.

    Also 2 months before X-mas, Snta Claus and Lord of miracles is not a big thing any more when we look back at martcets last years telefone numbers. Some are blocked from sending sms in Europe nowadays, what a weak state but a show of strength when you do not buy another one. Two neighbour nations and the one in the mid most in private biz hands will show loose and if, just a bid of incentives on spending, thats all. I do not like downuts and muffins, it is also on the 700 boycott list
    and for all WASPs do not spray it on any shop walls !!

new soundhits recorded

Fantastic new sound.doc (recorded) on what is possible, in german. In case anybody is curiouse on more of such fantastic sounds and recorded sounds it could be done. So much for that much of freedoms somewhere, as long as browsers over the size of a mobilescreen can take it. sending sims is allready to much for some mobiles ..... oddies. In case you hear or see something a mobile without WiFi (Wlan) can also do and take it by use of a seperate small saving card, so much since high school when first audio records got done by school pupils recording ...

Many foreign good fruits

Many apples and even some bananas got a stupid sticker, I want to know where the Avokados are from where the Papayas and Mangos are from, all the nazis that they know where the foreign fruits come from. On the kiwi boxes I want to read and get to know where the Kiwis are from. from foreign far away lands, all the bananas look the same, the nazis need to know where bananas come from and need to learn to read and understand that.

    It is very important before and after some migration paket, migration pact or something alike they need to know and read where the fruits come from.
    The same counts for peanuts (mumpali) they need to learn and understand where the peanuts come from.
    It is a long procedure to get to understand that, not on each single apple or banana a sticker from some firma, the many foreign lands and regions are interesting. Then they learn something.

    But be aware in case nazis do shopping nearby and read of the origin of that many fruits (awareness and exit strategy), that the zornpinkerl (hateposties and shitstormers) could make a big mass then lacking the capabilities of taking that much of IT (information) on the fruits duirng one single shopping event by getting the knowledge about the Herkunftslaender of the many, also some exotic looking, fruits and some veggies.
    It can be far to much for some to read of that many foreign hot, faszinating and beautifull lands, specially when the get out of a car and know nothing and get nothing to see but cars (autos). And it can get out of hand when they even can not even except a car driver then after having shopped a bid of exotic fruits.

Thinktank preempt ....

Simbabwe in german

Die richtige Form im deutschen ist Simbabwe, im englishen mit Z zu Beginn. Von Simbabwe wurde die SIM card abgeleitet. In einer grossen deutschen Zeitung liest sich Simbabwe besser als mit Z.
    Und im uebrigen jegliche originellen Anzeigen, Kleinanzeigen uae etc sollten gleichwertig neben anderen Anzeigen, werbung etc geschaltet werden und auffindbar sein. Originalitaet ist heute neben dem Software-sumpf samt platten Plattformen unbedingt in Zeitungsform foerderungswuerdig.

La boum de lux - Die Fete geht weiter

France is a good nation because they have their a movie tradition of their own and enforce also french actors. They did the revolution and are the great foiunders of the epoche der Aufklaerung and the metric system, they gave Lousiana to the USA once (not that big at that time once the settlers lands, not be mixed with a saddle).

    Also it needs to be said, also Michael Moore gave an hint on it, there is a big difference between America and the USA which got quasi a minority in the states itself when we see the strong latin and spanish influence in the south of the US.

    And really who wants to drink a gallon of milk or a gallon of the big softdrink bottles. They need to immediatly adapt and takeover the metric system, also in regard to climate change which is really not only 2 degrees celsius, it can be even 20 during one day and up to 5 celsius over a season (quartal). The metric system with liters, meters, PS, hectar and km. Refrigerators need to get shrinked to the metric system and climate save norms.

    France has good actors, Angelina and Brad know that, France has a good climate, good railway stations, Bourdoux, Paris and Marseille are great. If US movie stars move to France to bring up some of their kids there, why is thats so. France is not only good for US movie stars on migration, also volks from Algeria, over Maroc to Egypt know that, french culture, Aufklaerung and crepes de creme maron have to be saved from all unbills.

Ultimative audio hits

mostly in german, listen to the audio ..... hot mystics 4 you, do not mix with Feindsenders

Taferl zur pflicht im wald

Stellen sie sich vor sie kommen aus dem Formenkreis der veganen hominidengruppe, die Steigerungsform ist eutroph- mesotroph- hyperotroph- vegan, und sie stossen auf 1300m ueber einem Dorf im Wald irgendwo auf dieses Taferl.
    Wie geht es ihnen dabei, es erklaert rechte u pflichten von Hundefuehrern und Fuehrerinnen (ohne diese aber zu erwaehenen), Frauli und Herrli, doch in Wirklichkeit istr es eine gefaehrliche Drohung aus dem Jenseits (huko aufnahmepflicht im gesamten gemeidegebiet)

    Er-laeuterung u Regieanweisung: Mann muss sich sodann aber gleich auch vorstellen was geschehe wenn andere Gemeinden in diese eingemeindet wuerden, Herrli und Frauli haetten dann viel zu tun, bei soviel Aufgabenb aus dem jenseits, auch als Nichthundebesitzer.
    Von Hundebesitzern oder Besitzerinnen ist dabei garnicht die Rede, es geht nur ums Gaxi, Es koennen also auch Nichthundeeigner zur caniden gaxipflicht angehlaten werden, bei strenger Auslegung der Taferl auf 1300m

Aktuell boeses

jaeger Eine woche und ein Tag nachdem die Kaninchen angekommen sind. Unsere Kriegshaeuptlinge sehen sehr genau hin, wer ungefragt in ihr territorium eindringt. Einen Tag nach der Rehsichtung in der Kernzone (nov o18)
    Die Haeuptlinge sind sehr aufgebracht und wuetend, auch autos haben sie mit ihren scharfen augen festgehalten. Massai, Shaka Zulu, Kwa Zulu, Mandingo, Suaheli, Kalahari, die Feuer brennen u Speere werden vorbereitet.

    Jedes eindringen von kugeln, fehlschuessen etc wird sofort erbarmungslos erwidert Es gibt mit quelldieben u abzwickern keine diskussionen !
    Strom u a leitungen koennen woanders gefuehrt werden, parkplatzkrallen werden vollendet ... !

more audiovirtuelles

All files in mp4: Oberfalkenstein Tratschnix Frau Irmhild Burli notruf

    Seltene Tiere Naturbeobachtungen Grosses Land 1e Eisenbahn part of IT

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