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The return of     BEAVIES AND BUTTHEAD    
Beavies and Buthead
The Return from the ceroe years

Beavis: You got to see the babies ...heeehhheeheh

Butthead: Yeah they put them over the walls, like Michael once ....

Beavis: They are nuts ...

Butthead: yeahhh

Beavis: At the border they split families from their babies during Donald was in powa, yeahhh hehehehe they are nuts.

Butthead: The planes are big, the planes are big

Beavis: But cargo could take more wait, now its people ....

Butthead: Minimum load of military cargo jets now hehehehhhheee

Beavis: They say its evacuatuion time .... rescue missions

Butthead: They bring em to smart cities, isn t it...

Beavis: Don t blieve that, that s impossible.

Butthead: Again running volks ...

Beavis: Should not drop babies at the walls...

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Butthead: Now they have guns to save the babies.

Beavis: Then they hopper them into cargo military jets.

Butthead: Amazing

Beavis: Hehehhheehhee

Butthead: Another western mission

Beavis: The last one ...

Butthead: yeahh hehehhehehe

Butthead: They count thousands now,...

Beavis: Mean the pandemic ??

Butthead: NO not the virus, the evacuees ... the rescued ones, they count them now on TV.

Beavis: You are nuts...

Butthead: Must be angels ....

Beavis: Anything about woodfires ?

Butthead: No, not the last two days on TV, dropped millions of gallons ...

Beavis: All extinguished, no woods any more hehhehehe all clean on TV now .. hehehhehehe

Butthead: It is over along the mediterranean sea, over .... also california over, Italy over, Sizili, Grece over, Spain over, they are done .....

Beavis: You are nuts, and the beaches ?

Butthead: Also good for rescue missions ... hehehehe

Beavis: Want a babie ?

Butthead: Yeah lets adopt one ...

Beavis: Lets check the catalogue, maybe blond ... no better dark babies ... wait here is a mum.

Butthead: The sperm bank, yeah the sperm bank, wait !

Beavis: hehehhehehe California we need to fly there.

Butthead: To get a babie ...

Beavis: Thats cute, here a blond dad and dark mum.

Butthead: Could work, we can chose the race, believe it or not !

Beavis: Here something about the delta, they say the delta is the most dangerouse type ... it s the delta... have also an airline by that name ...

Beavis: Why that

Butthead: Dont know .... thats hot

Beavis: Lets try the illegal one over the wall, its cheaper then

Butthead: They finished all wildfires !

Beavis: Impossible .... ?!

Butthead: Need to check on TV.

Beavis: yeahh here 3 mio square km burnt alone in the Americas. and here, so smart 5 mio square-km burnt in Eurussia ...!

Butthead: That strikes, cant believe it....

Beavis: so smart .... here look the fire app (smoke gets out of the smart phone then a kawumm ...)

Butthead: Sorry

Beavis: Autsch

Butthead: So smart

the basics of some bars .....

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