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Did they win hearts and minds

What happened in Afganisthan was bad over 20 years, what happened there the last days was good and it could have been much worse. Most cities fell in calm, it was peacefull takeovers and it was without bloodsheds which got seen over last years. It could have been much worse.

If they have friends shows the past and will show the future. A foreign army can never use the people of Afgansisthan to win against their own people. It can only corrupt some for a while. It is different parties and groups, the most powerfull seem to have backing in the population. Der Ruf den sie haben ist so grottenschlecht, der kann sich aber auch aendern ....

It could have been much worse, the future will show if the Schueler learnt, only on battlegroudns or alo on civil grounds, and how it will effect their people.

The clash of civilisation or the flyout and evcacuation of some ... ?

Did they win the hearts and minds, NO it took them 20 years and they won nothing. Did they invest, yes they spent millions in the new police and army of a far away very different land.

    Did they win the hearts and minds in teh neighbouringh lands, NO !

    Did they win the fight against the many .. yes hundreds of wildfires since the ones in Australia over 20219 to 2020, hardly over weeks. It took them half a year in Australia. Are they nuts yes, why ? Because they do not even get the pandemic under controll ! It is again in Australia another far away exotic land of beer drinkers who cannot take the pandemic counter measures. The new contracts get written by the Chinese (if not dictated ...)

    Did the Chiense win the fight against against the Pandemic, yes quite reasonable, they got the right sight on it and the right measures. It is a long and hard fight and not many seem to understand that. Nearly two years are gone, a long time in this smarttimes to get a pandemic under controll, may be some barcodes and QR codes can help, you have one kiss left.

    Did they win the hearts and minds, you have one message left.

    Did they win the fight against the wildfires NO ! How many was it, many hundreds of dixie fires ... Where did that happen, it happened during the takeover and reconquer time of Afghanistan by its own forces, one of teh worlds hardest fighters.

    And when Kabul got taken over by the Taliban all wildfires dissapeared form the TV screens in the west. What s next, its name is Henry a Hurricane approaching to the east coast of the USA smaetime when another desaster storm hit on Mexico. It is two Hurricanes at the same time what is quite rare and hints that there could come more this year.

    Will they win something NO. In which time does that happen ? Once in 50 years they say .... it is like with nuclear disasters, they said it happens once in 2000 years then it was once in 10 years then once in 3 years then it got down to two times in one week ! Remember NO ! (tehz Olympic kommittee got irelevanth)

    Did they ghave the time to remember that during some games in Japan, they did not like the Olympic kommisson, me too. I do not like some Olymipic komitee, they had not the time for one minute to remember what happened, of what they tell you, it happend here and then, maybe next time once in 3 weeks.

    You have one kiss left, the reload for 5 more kisses. Did they win the hearts and minds ? NO.


What the time, they say it is smart cities and smart codes adn smart streets with smart dogs for whom the collect allready .. you know what Hundstruemmerl ! How much is that ... ? For next message you need to reload for 20 bussi coins ! How do they call it .. the Europes betst datig pages, whats its name - something smart !

    How long did the bushfires burn ? Where did they burn ? In Itlay the woods burnt, in Russia the woods burnt, In Sizili and California, in Australia and Brazil, why that ?

    Do they want to do bussiness there, where all the woods burnt down. That could be possible (empirically), you need to reaload for 5 messages, they call that smart ... The woods burnt in Grece and Turky and in Algeria.


    But when Kabul fell in the hands of the Taliban, they reconquered their land and mountains, suddenly all fires where finished, it was very fast, it happened without that they got to see that, it happened very fast after 20 years and two years of wildfires and the pandemic.

    Suddenly it was over, it took them nearly two years to fight the pandemic, but no win in sight, no eradication in sight. Some demonstrate against the counter measures even .... how they name that, freedoms. Did the win hearts and minds or some understanding.

    It was very fast when the end came close, teh takeover .... after 20 years. All prophecies failed all predictions were wrong and fake, it came faster as they predicted. Many medias followed the smart and fake. It happened very fast, you ve one message left and 5 aeroplanes. Do not get on the wrong jet, it could be named the max ones. These jet are on row since the 80s of last century.

    Brandnew jets with fail and fake. The name is MCAS it happened very fast then with MCAS. Do not get on the wrong jets. When they won a heart and mind it could want to fly with them, as a babie or a grownup. You have one message left, then reload for 20 coins.

    After twenty years, do they know where they stand, I do not think so.

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