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Precious Species

Nature Observations in mid Europe

Bienenfresser got seen last year (21) only once during one evening when they seemd to have been onway south first week of september Bee-Eater Green Goa ind westcoast 013 - 20

Hoopoe     Dharamkot area 015- 16 / - Aswan- Kairo Egypt chapter 20- 21 / - southern Alps

they say there are some Risko Wolfes abozt three mostly coming from east Tirol to other provinzes

Birds of Prey

MERGANSER (ex Goosander -- Gaensesaeger ...) got seen in good groups first week of August 22 at river Steyer also Ducks, Flussuferlaeufer and one kingfisher

over summer and spring a few Northern buzzards (Maeusebussarde) in the southern Alps

Here and then a Sparrow hawk, the Rotmilane got not seen again since June (2022)

Hawk Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis, Habicht)     Salzkammergut to Carinthia Alps

Hawk Sparrow (Accipiter nisus, Sperber)

Uncomon Birds

Parakeet Roseringed (Psittacula krameri)     Istanbul parks, Sri Lanka to most of India

an unknown specie parakeets got sighted in Rom januar 2022

Ibis Blackheaded     at Pollonaruwa lake Sri Lanka - 2019, Goa few times near Siolim

Avocet American     Lago Conococha 2017, Peru chapter the special remark on the sightings form lago Conococha (nat observations 2021 Alps) got lost by corruption, see (C) at end of page


(C) whoever corrupts fakes or plots this pages shall vanish from the planet
that counts for most sites of

page gets never OPTIMZED ------- !!!

killrate is high

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