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Birds - Voegel

Asian Paradise Flycatcher     Sri Lanka (chapter) to Kumaon India, once in Goa in rufous phase at roomdoor

Avocet American     Lago Conococha 2017, Peru chapter the special remark on the sightings form lago Conococha (nat observations 2021 Alps) got lost by corruption, see (C) at end of page

Bulbul Himalayan Bulbul Kumaon Kausani 014, Marocc Atlas mtns

Barbet Great Dharamkot 015-16

Bee-Eater Green Goa ind westcoast 013 - 20

Darter     Sri Lanka, Thissam lake 2018

Hoopoe     Dharamkot area 015- 16 / - Aswan- Kairo Egypt chapter 20- 21 / - southern Alps

Jackdaw Eurasien     (Flachl.Dohle) Istanbul city 021

Crow House     (Nebelkraehe) Istanbul city 021

Drongo Ashy Pokara Nepal 2022

Hornbills Nashornvoegel

Hornbill Malabar Pied     Sri Lanka, at Raja Vihara, Katharagama ua 2018

Hornbill Great Indian     Rishikesh near river 012 - 014

Hornbill Grey Indian Goa

Prinia Greybreasted     Munnar chapter 2015

Flameback woodpecker     Munnar chapter 2015

Magpie Redbilled Blue-     Kosi valley Kuamaon area 13- 014

Yellowbilled Blue magpie more common, near Dharamkot HP - to Uttarkhand Kosi area

Rufous Treepie     Kuamaon 13 - 014 near Almora and Kosi valley; Nepal 2022

Stilt Blackwinged     Pushkar chapter 2015

Lapwing Redwattled     Pushkar chapter 2015, also at Kanchanaburi Thayl. // Kiebitz in EU is schon seltener/
Yellowattled Lapwing at Gokarna coastal hills

Parakeet Alexandrine (Psittacula eupatria)     Dharamkot HP during monsoon 014

Parakeet Roseringed (Psittacula krameri)     Istanbul parks, Sri Lanka to most of India

Paraceet race in Roma ( Jan. 022) is smaller and more compact but looks similar to Roseringed

Parakeet Plumheaded Goa 013- 14, also once in Parvaty valley flieing (?)    

Seagull Yellow-legged (Larus michahellis, Mittelmeer Moewe)     Istanbul area

Jacana Pheasant tailed     Sri lanka Thissamharama lake on Lotus 019 - Goa Chapora

Storks Asian Openbill     Goa India - Pollonaruwa Sri Lanka 013- 2019, often in groups

Ibis Blackheaded     at Pollonaruwa lake Sri Lanka - 2019, Goa few times near Siolim

Kolibri Berylline     (Hummingbird) Mexico chapter near Comitan 017, Huanuco Peru (orther specie)


Kingfisher Crested     along Ganga at hight of Rishikesh one impressing, also up to Loharket Himal. vallies

Kingfisher Pied     Aswan Egypt 021 // once also at Om with many others there, mostly gone

Kingfisher Dwarf Oriental     Goa 90s- 20 rarely, coastal swamp areas

Kingfisher Whitebreasted     Goa - Ellora and north 013-14, - 020, Nepal 2022 widespread

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Birds of Prey

Eagles Adler

Shortoed Snakeagle     Kausani area Uttarkhand 017

Whitebellied Seaeagle (Weissbauchige Seeadler) impressing Skymaster    
in north Goa since 015, - Sri Lanka 15- 020 Lake Thisshamarama over Lotus too much !!

Grey Fisheagle     Sri Lanka 019 even at Negombo passing over

Black Eagle     Ellora chapter 013- 14/
- in Sri Lanka more often in remote uppar mountain and peak djungle areas (Sinharaja ua)

Rufousbellied Eagle     over Haputale Sri Lanka 018 a family, over the top the Black Eagle

Golden Eagle (Steinadler)     Alps 90s - 2020er secluded

Kites Pariah (Schwarzmilan)     Parvati valley 2015 - to Goa and South common/ also in Kyrgisthan

Buzzard Common (Maeusebussard)     Moelltal Moell valley 2015 widespread in EU,
at Seeboden Fjell area it could be a different specie
many the winters near Phillipoi Krenides Grece

Cestrel Common (Turmfalke) and Lesser Cestrel     Hurgada Egypt 019

Falco peregrinus (Wanderfalke )     Shine Shaheen Parvati valley 2015

Spotted Owlet     Kosi valley Kumaon 2014

Hawk Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis, Habicht)     Salzkammergut to Carinthia Alps

Hawk Sparrow (Accipiter nisus, Sperber)     Pushkar 2015, Sri Lanka Westcoast areas with Besra, Havanna city, sometimes at special occasions (both species) like at lakes or when people are in garden even or trees get cut over a tiefgarage ...


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