Kapitalism - counter the threat

The NSA crossed a red line by their project PRISM

I hope they get me right
counter measures are on way
confuse and amass them by using the right codewords
provocate their attention on level of the 99%
I will help the task

here a link on the right strategy out of a good german newsmag.
or another candy for action here http://trollthensa.com

Another way of getting rid of the data-suckers is by using the right cyber platforms, forums etc so to say these cyber-comps should not be by the USA, in case you want to make it save and without their way of providing services to both directions, either the consumer or their bosses, assamblies...


1. Neocons live in a state of terror
2. they wanted it so, they need to fight somebody, Neocons are restless by the hands of their companies who need to make more profits
3. it s part of their tradition
4. tradition is shootings on all levels as are young aged ones (school massacres...)to the old stile invasions and founding of death squads and paramilitaries in Empires backyards (the lobby job to keep the tradition does the NRA and military comps...)
(Neocons are creative by giving names to their new enemies as are rogue fighters, rogue countries, terrorists, etc etc...)
5. Neocons live in a state of fear, they fear communication (therefor the NSA collects the communication data of the Empires fellow-companies as are some cyber-companies)
6. Neocons dont know whom and what they pay for, proffer here (if they do so we could call them mad, or did they calculate the lesson, the hitback by Bin Laden...and will they learn something by that lesson, and by which means do they learn or never forget...)
7. Who is paying the price for that lesson, common people by getting total surveillance...
8. Conclusio this is unacceptable, there are many options to counter that madness, threat, tradition...

Counter the threat of NSA - global spys

One of the measures to counter the threat is on the data level, level of communication, either by being seriouse or funny you can use many bad words to confuse the data spys, (by emailing, telephonig, posting in forums...) they could get attention by your words and by that you, as part of the 99%, make them mad by the vast amount of data they get by the 99%.

on the other side in case you want to hide something either from data spies, public or your husband/wife you can split your acts of communication into some tools, so to say 2 or 3 mobiles (telekom will be very happy with that and kapitalists will applaud for my good tipps to split and share...), 3 email accounts, many nicknames in a diversity of forums, platforms etc but i d make a good choice and select the important ones so to say where output and investment of your actions do the right price. from my experience paying money to some get-togather/contact-forums is a bad idea, but it can happen... also registrating at some platforms with your correct name/birth/adress-data can hitback in your face because they might be able to track and hunt you down more easily in case you are one of the bad-ugly-nasty ones. (child abusers should face justice and leave my page at the point...)
back to old tools-mobiles, they dont offer that many services/apps but on same time they are not that easy to be tracked and your data by accessing the web by your smart-phone will give them a good way to profile you, track and hunt you down by sending you the right ads....

Troll the NSA (external link)
Sign a petition in german (external link)
Yes You Can (on page)

How I use some tools, some tipps

I dont use the web by my mobiles, I don t like to register in all kind of worst performing platforms (not with my correct data-name-adr-date...), I split my phone actions, dont use apps and bad games, use 3 browsers, to save the data and hide it from investigation corps put it on a very flexible External-Harddisk, usb-Sticks do also good job,....
      I put my messages here and there (answers, status-words, good links, link to my website... pics/check for exif data-dont let them trace you...) some at junctions (forums and relevant members which have good numbers of followers - bbc/cnn/ haaretz/al jazeera/aclu etc check the Doku here), like to twitter on my hp, (twitter.com is not really my thing, but gave me some ideas for my page...)
      I like to give notice, lets say i mail to some orgs-mags-actors-friends etc I do my thing they do their thing and some know very well what they ve to do, thats great, my reference, (on page) Software i use german/english (on page)

The trap

The homeland of Kapitalism and the traditions mentioned above (chapter Neocons)is irrelevant to me, its a no go area, as some said, I dont understand them (do they understand themselve), and i am not interested to join their madness, have been there allready 3 times, they do their thing i do my thing, sometimes they might get a notice from me. (i ve them on my radar....thats it)

as long as people get treated as potential criminals by entering the Territory of Kapitalism (homeland USA) and have to put their data ready for the bosses, I have no gusto to put my ass there (put is a word by the stock exchangers...) as long as biz as usual is doing the lobby job of fear there.

The blind collect the data and need movies

I think many of the responsible ones in top locationes of the US are blind on both eyes they dont see their madness (whom to support, pay, fund, train, equip, fly in and out etc) they project it to the other side whom they keep responsible for all kind of evel doing (while at same time do it by themself...). in case they know their madness they keep it undercover, hidden and away from public, for whom they have producing very special movies and vids to see something thats a great deal, does good money, keeps the cheers excited and the sheep calm.

Symbols and names by their imagination and dreams for luck, they need some attention and if its just for themself, collecting some data from the world of comm-unication, the leaks and weaks is not the tech but the strong who blow the whistles to the world, and then the weak try to hunt down and try some justice by their fears, lets see the output by the "freedom of information act" the prize and reward it earns them, its amazing and exiting,(some movies on that for a mega cheer) the arena is cyberspace and cyber command sounds mega special, output is in reality - flowerrevolutions, indices, TV-acts, speeches and the more

Forms of Protest - yes you can


ready for action....we have to be prepaired, many names, words and languages do a good job, (code of conduct)

hot infos by Anonymous - The Legion
(templates, candies and excerts by US-deptnt-of-defense/ DoD)
Hackerethik (offsite)
Related links (collected on one page leading to other medias)
here the Install file.log of my hacked mashine for your proper info!

G8 - Issues and themes

The ISSUES and THEMES WILL BE GIVEN BY THE VOTERS, whats relevant will be transponded - transmitted by the masses, the distraction and focus at same time (Syria first by loosing all other matters) is a no option, a no-go, let them have some ideas on the good matters-issues-themes. As some may visit my webpage they ll get a glimpse on what to focus, actual matters are explained on new pages which are big-brothers-watching(data-of-com/tools/tricks-and-hints/you-can/...), NO CLONEFLESH IN EU, Das Freihandelsabkommen darf kein zweites ACTA werden (Hormonfleisch, Klonfleisch, Chlorhähnchen....in EU), SHARED SPACES - forget the Cloud,


other matters
exercises (mostly in german), action-by-com (my forum acts)

G8 in Ireland - biz as usual - coming

just see the symbols, high fences, no sailing, some miles out of reach, much police, security is at stake for the powerfull and the security measures are not for no reason. the G8 - they hide somthing there, think they are the decision makers, they are just delegates by the voters, if they dont respect the angry masses, if they dont act open and transparent it could all blow up in their face, small incidents can light a big fire, revolts have happened allready in the homeland of kapitalism LA, (Paris, GB etc)

no clonfleisch for europe and undeclared GM food, no bad food from the US, no Glyphosat in our body, go to hell Monsto, no hormons by the fat flesh, they ll become as they eat and just look at them....obesity is on the rule while skinny models die for the hell of a show, some boob this and that (some siliconny their breasts some have them cut away cause of cancer), botox (paralize the face...lose your expression for the wrong keeping of beauty, wild has beauty/ not the wilderness and madness of a system which by itself is a case for psychologists...put and opt by the psychos, but in reality the right hack and message on TV does the crackdown....and rating will be done by other factors... ) thats freedom ???!!

the rich have a psychologist on common level in kaps-homeland, they can buy everything (whats for sell) but can they buy happiness and do without psychologists...nature is best healer. the gap gets bigger between rich and poor and it will produce, show, enforce and promote what it will become, some data-of-communication-collecting measures are totally irrelevant by the way, as long as

some powerfull are blind on both eyes for whats the rule of change
(check I Ging), the blind need movies ...they don t see reality and its natural-way coming (Entertainment industry is for the blind sheep, its big biz - a circle by itself - the break of the circle by Kim Dotcom ....)

you can surveill what you want as long as you dont understand the messages, the code is communication and thats their greatest fear (when its done its out and they can just trace some routes...) encrypting or leading to the wrong path (mass mails with good codes for the right chaos in their system NSA etc....)

signs in the land of monoculture-melting pot are bad and naive letters with rizin, anthrax etc to the powerfull, it risks more the lifes of the ones who do the security jobs in-front, the border-line job to the powerfull, but these letters show the anger of individuals and their try to change-attack-hit back on the ones at power, Timothy was really ugly (Oklahoma city...), individuality is a great-good in kapitalism (as is conditioning in the same system/shampoo..) but real individuality was even greater by the native people they knew true individuality

as the gap (rich - poor) gets bigger the line during some meetings (G8) gets thinner, (dont underestimate some small and wrong judgements for instance, outcome is on the street-riots, and for the stocks a good hack on TV (does output on stocks), or rating-speech-opinion by the ones in the focus at the right time by some s is fun .....

vorbeugende Massnahmen

solange die us-amerikaner in ihrer irrationalen panik und datensammelwut so weiter machen empfehle ich einfach auf andere soziale cyber-medien umzusteigen, ein splitting quasi, jeder wirtschaftszone etwa ein eigenes facebook, twitter, google, yahoo etc das ist langfristig die Perspektive, telefonnummern würde ich ja nie im web über soziale medien teilen, oder wenn dann einfach mehr telefone pro person, jeweils für diverse belange (privates, geschäftliches, cyberspace, perverses etc etc) auch würde ich nie klarnamen in foren verwenden, immer nur synonyme, künstlernamen, (so wie diverse stars etc) zum verschlüsseln der festplatte empfehle ich TrueCrypt, die cloud würde ich gleich ganz vergessen, und zur sicherheit nicht vergessen die festplatte zu splitten, auch nix auf der system partition speichern, weil wenns system abstürzt, geht dann nicht gleich alles mit in die binsen, lässt sich auch auf die börsen übertragen...etc etc

weitere Massnahmen

Die wahnhaften Überwacher können sich ja meine website ansehen, alles andere kann ihnen gestohlen bleiben, zum Schutz der Privatsphäre und bei geheimnissvollen Plänen würde ich das telefoning splitten, (oder auch sim karten wechseln...gilt auch für email verkehr, smartphones sind denkbar gut zur peilung und weniger gut zum untertauchen geeignet) also mehr Telefone ja nach Bedarf (old handies). mit Bildern im web die Personen abbilden wäre ich vorsichtig.... jedoch die selbstdarstellung vieler in diversen Foren übertrifft nach meiner Einschätzung das Potential der NSA etc daraus was schlüssiges zu machen.

Datenflut wäre eine andere Alternative sie zu ertränken, oder einfach zu zerstreuen indem man sein eigenes Aufgabengebiet splittet, teilt in viele Handies, Nicknames, email adressen (abseites des territoriums der panischen Überwacher, landeseigene Dienste oder Gruppierungen nach sinnvollen Alternativen Angeboten durchforsten) und wenn dann russische, arabische, hebräische oder kaukasische namen auch noch dazu kommen ist das Chaos perfekt.

Spuren im web verwischen ist auch nicht schlecht, wenn man was angebraten hat.

cool bleiben im Kapitalismus ...

Cool bleiben fordert der Kapitalismus und mancher seiner öden Filme,
so have it, cool or ice cold....or well conditioned...or just ignoring the bulla
das nenne ich eine kleine Übung !!
(doch auf kleine Übungen will ich hier nicht eingehen)

Kommunikation im Reich der Idioten ist eine niedliche Übung
doch gerade davor haben sie Angst
daher die Überwachung/Aufzeichnung der Kommunikation...

ignoring some bulla is not an exercise but a lesson

Achtsamkeit im Kapitalismus
wie stellen die sich das vor
Respekt vor dem Wahnsinn
wohl irrelevant
(Illusionen kann ich mir selber machen, schöne Träume auch, und das Glück is a Vogerl, streben nach Glück im Kapitalismus a fun story - grotesk)
Garage hab ich schon...
TV brauch ich noch in der Region zur besseren Akteneinsicht

Greetings Netizens, and Citizens of the world

I got some dokuments by The Legion, i put here for you some parts out of the stuff what i keep as essential and eye opening on how it works behind the curtains (Doks are by the DoD - Department of Defense US)

i am creating awareness...on some inspireing content

..... Individuals will have the proper incentives to fulfill their roles as producers, processors, and consumers of information. Individuals will also need the knowledge, experience and confidence to interact effectively. Individuals need to be prepared to not only exploit the information made available to them, but also to engage in behaviors that encourage transparency, including ensuring that exploited information is shared with those who are supposed to have it. The behavior of individuals can be assessed by feedback they receive from those who interact with them on the network. Good behavior is rewarded with positive feedback ....

Individuals who do not engage in acceptable behavior will receive negative feedback, which may be used as a mechanism to specify additional training or limit the types of tasks deemed appropriate....

Net-Centric Environment will be achieved through the evolutionary development and implementation of Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities (DOTMLPF) appropriately suited for the utilization of network-enabled information and interactions...

Department of Defense Information Enterprise, including the Global Information Grid (GIG) infrastructure and enterprise services and solutions, shall be planned, designed, developed, configured, acquired, managed, operated, and protected to achieve a netcentric environment....

j. A well-trained core of highly qualified information management, information technology, and information assurance professionals shall be developed who can accept, anticipate, and generate the changes that the evolution of the Department of Defense Information Enterprise will enable in net-centric operations. The entire DoD workforce will similarly need to be trained and ready to take advantage of the Department of Defense Information Enterprise.

c. Take advantage of the opportunities that information management and IT can provide and ensure that the IT infrastructure will support enterprise, mission, functional, and Component strategies by positioning the DoD Component CIO to participate in that Component’s strategic planning process.

GIG. The globally interconnected, end-to-end set of information capabilities for collecting, processing, storing, disseminating, and managing information on demand to warfighters, policy makers, and support personnel. The GIG includes owned and leased communications and computing systems and services, software (including applications), data, security services, other associated services, and National Security Systems. Non-GIG IT includes stand-alone, selfcontained, or embedded IT that is not, and will not be, connected to the enterprise network.

information. Any communication or representation of knowledge such as facts, data, or opinions in any medium or form, including textual, numerical, graphic, cartographic, narrative, or audiovisual forms.

information advantage. The superior position or condition derived from the ability to securely access, share, and collaborate via trusted information while exploiting or denying an adversary’s ability to do the same.

mission partners. Those with whom the Department of Defense cooperates to achieve national goals, such as other departments and agencies of the U.S. Government; state and local governments; allies, coalition members, host nations and other nations; multinational organizations; non-governmental organizations; and the private sector.

and here the candy   http://thedocs.hostzi.com/


- die ich verwende, zum Bildbearbeiten Irfan View und Photoshop 7 (CS4), um Screenshopts zu fertigen HypersnapDX5, als Editor Weaver Slave (super programm - kostenlos, zeigt den code in farbe, tags/snippets zum einfügen...). Zum emailen Thunderbird (um emails rückzuverfolgen Traceroute), als Browser Google Chrome, Firefox und Safari, zum checken der laufenden Prozesse Prozess Explorer, zum reinigen Ccleaner, zum verschlüsseln TrueCrypt, zur Sicherheit ZoneAlarm, Avira, WinPatrol...etc

Software i use in short, for cleaning the system in the night (everyday !) CCleaner, for browsing i use Chrome, Firefox and Safari, (to make it save check some privacy settings, https sites should be save, delete once in a while the history of the Browser...), for checking some prozesses I use Prozess Explorer, for emailing Thunderbird (for backtracking mails Traceroute), for editing Weaverslave (composing websites), for grafic acts I use Irfan View (most easy to handly...), Photoshop 7 (CS4) for doing screenshots I use HypersnapDX5, to encrypt TrueCrypt, for security i use ZoneAlarm, WinPatrol, Avira ...have many more on the mashine but these are the main ones i use

Exchanging links

from my page i have many links to websites which i keep as important, in case you want to exchange links with me let me know, if i see sense in doing so i will put a link to your site in my webproject, check my links


In Kapitalism they produce many many products
- applications, candies, incentives, cookies, conditioners etc

Product Infos - Website

My product is my beautiful Website also called HubisX (ActiveX), selfmade, homemade, got inspired by many world regions, very spicy, very complex.


unhidden, very-diverse, rule-modelling, user-friendly, sky-rocketing, bi-lingual, surprising, partly-interactive, very-public, unprofitable


WIN-WIN (in global reach)

Potential - Chemical Risks

highly inflammable (take security precautions immediately, fire extinguisher near the PC, parential-controll, kitchen-gloves...

To be hunt down ...
MS winWin   Behavioristas   Suspect obsvtns 3   Bush jun.   cut intestiles  

Filmrechte - Movierights
meinen Film mach ich mir selber, mehr dazu im Impressum
I do my movie myself, all rights reserved.

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