Grounded Planes and Politicans by a virus

The stories are well known of the B737 max jets and that it was not proven that the crashes two times of the total civic jets of that type was not caused by one single component. No of course not, many components have to work togather, or in that case could not work togather any more, which was the main cause for the crashes of that jets. Engeneering got tricky, as engines got huge and powerfull, sensors more sensitive, and instrument flight a computer in between (fly by wire)

The astoinishing fact is that these type of Aeroplane is out there since the 80s of last century. Once it got called the little pig, the years later the jet got advanced and adapted. But then it got corrupted by the overdrive of its different components. Nowadays huge cowship carriers sink (sept 2020 5800 alive cows), huge ships named Titanic and unsinkable sank, the megafleets of many airlines got forced to stay onground since the corona pandemic broke out.

Huge failers, catastrophs and crashes of planes can have different sources, it is not one failed sensor or one failed very powerfull engine which forced longer wheel fixations, and then the computer in between the many instruments, engines, fuel etc which get in main shown on PC screens, called Fly by Wire. That can get massy then, when the pilots are forced to trust their screens and even when autopilot is off, the total instrument flight is for long over with that huge jets, but with main flight components.

Once before takeoff it was often routine that the wings got check on reacting, then some ice short before takeoff and defrosting during winters.

So it will not be only one sensor responsibel for misshaps, and in specific if it was forecd to move nose down or nose up, just imagine in these day on such a plane, whichgets suddenly the command of nose up. It was often tha case that pilots got warnings and could ignore some of them, without major problems and touch down got accomplished.

But now the situation forces again to look at voting fronts, for many a red line, the many effected at the different system fronts and all that million sensors out and often down there, some of them demsonstarating with guns in their hand, bumpers, maybe loaded, just imagine and then some cops around to keep the situation under controll, if there was not anther school shooting in some 5 states further away in the while.

Same time now since weeks and months many hundred planes forecd to stay on ground, grounded so to say, forced to stay basics, even as it was made for the skies with engines and computers. The question is can they manage. Many politicans sametime are forced to react appropriatly before thousand of sensors during pandemic times, or in some cases faked and corrupted sensors since decades, show wrong results then as well and votes cause wrong and bad results. Some president predicts that since weeks, can we ask of selffullfilling prophecie in that aspect range, with that man in command over so many white rifle carriers.

Not every fantasy banker is good for a politican and not every submarine and horseback rider is an overall multirole fighter over carefully planned decades. (5 jahresplan got faked also) It can happen, but usually that is very rare cases. Multirole fighters are e few out there since the times of sleeping cells and later Europeans going to Syria for war, not as advisers or contractors no, normal rifle man and women.

50 mio of bucks in dollars is not a sweet number of anybodies wishlist, for some actual president that was the cause for further deals and handshake agreemanets, the deutsceh bank played a good part in that deals for more of confetti and lametta, they could do that, But part of the game is also the less prove by papers the better as prove by million output, fuzz on phone for weapons or deals, no matter where and by which competitor, recorded or not, that may be the story for another long report then.

And do not forget, the less faces remembered the better for some, it s so good to reach from 40s to 41 floor in a skyscrapper, even as facebook was out there for long, also that data got sold of 85 millions, any pics and faces forgotten since that. The fast kill was on the Analysis firma, it dessapeared very fast.

But you know, some two days later nobody knows nothing then and all the old and new loyals got never remembered and known. Some got jail terms allready (also the last 2-3 presidents of spanish Peru) and the big question is can the many million sensors get that right. 750 dollar taxes over some years against 50 mio dollars given per wishlist with Deutsche bank and some good loayl dealmakers there.

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Ahh here we are, fantasy bankers get easy presidents and the one before got the easy Nobel Peace price even at the start of his rule, role, and presidents bubble, if not a programm, no matter how many wars broke out then during his terms.

Cases before court were hanging deep between the dream bankers and candidate for presidency (2016), but got quit short after elections, and the new president showed tough Kante, some liked that, a white strong president if not the pale white father of all covid dead himself. But now after his failers with the tiny tiny virus hanging even deeper over that lands, a tiny virus which can not get shot by thousands in the streets (demos under weapons) and can not get seen and neutralized by a rocket carring drone. No that virus is of a different case, even on an Aircraft carrier it stroke.

Will the many millions of potential voting sensors manage to see that Dream banking and Big wishes is diffreent to down to earth biz and the virus front for many millions who can not target and see that virus, not even the masks of free speech majors look pretty to them. Most politicans are more or less alpha melaes and women, but whats that then with a mask.

Politics is mostly mask carring before its cheers, even when there is no mask to be seen, so just imagine in the nations of all that freedoms.

Freedom to speech, freedom to same sex marrigas, freedom to carry weapons (only 1 land), freedom to make business anywhere, freedom to build skyscrappers and if it is one in Moskau, freedom for campers in silikon valley, freedom for freie Christen, universal and oekumenic churches, freedom for whatever acts of naked apes behind any altars, freedom for gibr-altar (more british stile), freedom to indoctrinate native kids or Rommies, freedom for car software, freedoms for managers, freedoms for air banking (1,9 mrd), the freeedom to close 12, freedom for speed banking and dating, others say "There is no borders", or All is without borders, others say it is our freedoms and somewhere then they meet under different circumstances.

But now in these days they meet on the ground, another ground ceroe by the virus. And by that it shows many of their lackings and failors, fragilities and weaknesses, which often come by all that freedoms.

Freedom of banking got sweat tests, but not yet with air bookings. If that is possible at all, nobody knows. Imagine bak sweat tests for air bookings ....

The strange thing is that dreams are many out there and awaking can be different from eye openeing to getting jailed or not reelected.

Once it was milions of buffaloes slaughtered for no reason but madness over roughly 6 years, bankers go for big numbers also down to earth gold rushers, even far behind Mt Rushmore. Once they were fighting battles, some of them not proper prepared and dressed as by surprise attacked, in underwear or with the lovely petdog on horse. As with the buffaloes by the white slaughteres, no hostages got taken by the indians in soem cases. Fetterman massakker was well prepaired and only the few bravest and toughest 5 Lakotas (Sioux) provokated the soldiers to get out of their fort. The soldiers crossed a forbidden line by their general, maybe the first red lines at that times, and no hostages got taken by the Indians.

It was fights against the intruders with united coalition force of Arapahos, Cheyennes and Lakotas, and they had all their good reasons to resist the palefaces allready at that time. Take no presents, not from any dreambanker.

from left "hello I am your helooween pumpkwin",
"hello i am halloquenn",
"hello pumpkin",
"MY NAME IS SLACKY - (4th pic)"
"I am halloween clown"

remark: not one profi seiltaenzer (ropedancer) is doing it on a slackline .....
not with two nordig walking sticks on a slackline !!!
The problem in these days is when very dominant fantasy bankers (VIB), not simple farmers as G. Washington once, with not the best experience in diplomacy, more the total opposite, get the job of a president. That president got his own big airoplane, not a B737 max (how lucky), he got his tower built, but for what price. On wishlist was also 50 mio by that deal maker and Deutsche Bank was not able to resist. Then russian deal makers and oligarchs came in between and 2013 Miss Universe contest got its way in Russia. Since then banking, deal making, most beautifull women on earth and again fantasy banking got a massy irritating, if not to say muddy, maddy, massy Kothau.

In the US and some western medias they tried to get through that, also big banks and friends got involved, but it seems to be impossible. Specific cases got brought out of the mud and put to jail finally but, the broad front seems to far too broad than to get a final clearing.

Now so many planes grounded speak a clear massage as off 1000 dreams and deals down to earth. The huge laser points in the direction of the many sensors and if they get to see that clearly.

The parallels are there for quite a while, wildfires, grounded planes, the virus, misshaps and crashes have all its sources. Some heads of states also ministers, as once with chinese Kaisers, can minimize the desaster output, others are good for more of a big mass.

If it is left to the many sensors alone, it will not show appropriate results and solutions. Muddy waters do not taste good, not even to elephants.

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