On Big Payroll


Ein Dorf in Russland
Es ist besonders schoen wenn die letzten 2 Jahre eine russische Milchfabrik den langen Kuhmilchtransport im Tal verkuerzt. Trotzdem haette das schwere Lebendkuh - Transportschiff mit 5800 Kuehen an der Suedspitze Japans am Weg nach China von Neu Seeland, nicht untergehen sollen. Besser vorher schlachten oder kommt das den Neuseelaendern zu teuer.

Weiters ist es auch im Multilateralen Sinne wenn Russen, dort wo einst beim Schloss Reitstunden stat fanden, jetzt Russen die Gutsherren sind das stoert sicher schon lange keinen EU Politiker.

Und solange im Tal keine russischen Raketen oder Tropedos im Fluss auf mein Kanu losgehen, will man bei den neurussischen Schlossgutbesitzern einmal vorbei schauen, ganz im Dorf. Was wurde aus den Pferdestaellen ..... man spricht etwas serbokroatisch.

Dem Herrn Pregushin koennte man einmal das Couchsurfen nach Neoliberalisierung naeher bringen. Das war einige Zeit ein Geck im web, couch surfen. Dabei gibt es keine Monsterwellen udn auch keine Jetskis die so komische signale senden.

Hrn Nawalny kann gerne einmal im Gebiet der schnellsten, schoensten und nettesten Hasen vom Tal vorbeischauen, fuer 2-3 Tage. Da faehrt man einige zeit rum, bevor man nur einen einzigen Fischotter oder Wildhasen sieht.
    Hier heissen alle seit 2 Jahren Hermann (schrecklicher name) und sind alles Nationalpark Ranger, soviel als Information zur Gegend fuer Nawalny im Vorraus.

Damit der gr Meister sich nicht laenger im US wahlkampf einmischt kann ihm Hr Preguschin gleich 1 mio (rubel oder mex pesos) ueberweisen. Als Nichteinmischungsangebot, das ist doch ueberhaupt keine Affaere ....

Enorm schwierige Frage
Wo steht in Europa ein google datenspeicher 1 2 oder drei ?

In the time it has to be announced that the master has no proper telefone, beside from a zell in a village, not sleeping, since june 2020 (more than one quartal) And he will never purchase one with a platform.us on it, or any chip in it.
    He does not like pocket flatscreens !!

    The eieruhr (somehow new) by MS Nokia is only good for the kitchen .... Calling is a 120 years standard .... !!!

New Laws

Die 2. 3. und 5 Legislaturperiode von Lukashenka werden rueckwirkend anulliert. Die Verfassung von Belarus wird am Volk orientiert und neu geschrieben, Zeitrahem ein halbes Jahr.

In Schweden werden die Definitionen von Sexualdelikten abgeschwaecht.

In Oesterreich werden keinen neuen Handy Tarifvertraege, per Dekret, mehr erlaubt. Die alten laufen aus. Kuenftig zgelassen sind nur mehr "Ungebunden, free, be free, ganz frei, und Flugzeugmodus". Die at telekoms werden zerschlagen in eine Auffangsgesellschaft- Uebergangsholding transferiert, ausgelagert und dann gesplittet an EU UNternehmen verkauft.

Amazon Europe
Amazon wird in Europa zerschlagen, in die Washington Post holding ueberfuehrt, und alle bisherigen europ. Amazon Centralen in die USA ausgelagert. Im speziellen nach - Mittelwesten (Ohio, Arizona, Uta, Wyoming, Dakotas) verkauft.

US Bundeswahlen
Clowns die sich fuer besonders autoritaer halten werden in den USA preemptively nicht mehr zu Wahlen zugelassen. Das Gesetz ist auch als Preempt Clown Boycott Act bekannt (oder schuetz law). Bis zur Wirksamkeit dieses Gesetzes wird bei Pressekonferenzen von Bundespolitikern in den USA die Scurity minimiert.

US Demos
Bei Demonstrationen in den USA duerfen keine Waffen mehr getragen werden. Auch Autos gelten bei Demos in den USA kuenftig als Waffen u es muessen Mindestabstaende dabei eingehalten werden. Heisst Besuchsverbot fuer Autos bei Demos in den USA.

            Khan Tengri

On Climatechange Payroll

Since years it is clear that these communities in the far west are all very independent, self reliable and doing their jobs. Some states are moderate other far right or lefties. Some get called antifa or animals, others get named troopers or bootcampers, some call themself creatures others do not want to get that or are smartphone users virtually connected.

    Now as for weeks again woods were burning in the western states of the USA and total villages and towns got flattened the heroes were the wildfire fighters. Everywhere welcome and admired by the other comon volks in that regions. As by their strong indepencies they like to celebrate then .... heroes again.

    But whats about the president, whose National guard was not so welcome during the demonstrations in some cities like Portland.

    How does he keep with these immense wildfires which were hardly to be extinguished and the fight won as part of the overall climate desaster scenario which that president denies overall. And that is the real problem that the white kapitalist president cancelled and stepped out of the Paris climate goals and accords.

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When the president and kapitalist does not want to see something beside his company, beside his private owned factory, it should not be there, either international agreements on climate or the WHO (World Health Org and that during pandemic times ...). Then he cancells that partnership, and ignores that what was there good for a while. So when the wildfires are coming and burning and flattening total towns and villages on the other side of that land, the USA, in the far southeast in Texas, Lousiana, Alabama and Missisippi there it is the strike zone from latesummer to fall by the Hurricanes. And how does the private empire propriedor keep with that, sometimes he saied thats only some big weather front, another one, it is only 3 meters of water here and there, some demages and cut houses.

    And if it was 3 Hurricanes allready in one year, ahh that is not so uncommon, even as hundredthousand of the fellow US volks flee that heavy Hurricanes and weather front systems in million cars, after they got the warnings. That is big numbers and shows big flexibilty, but will they be able to manage that over years, and in specific with that president on top.
    A kapitalist commander in chief, a negotiater on the small scale but a big man in cancelling all kind of agreemants and contracts, partnerships and the more and even the bigger master in sanction put. Yes thats his way before total dropout fromeverywhere, before the total burn and flattening, yeah sanctions again and the wall. No question if the groudns for sanction is there if the international commnunity and other heavy players agree with thta.

    No no, no way, when the kapitalist does not want to see it, it is not there, maybe soon sanctions on startrekk 4 and a exotic planet. And special the more even a hostage exchnage got offered as an answer to that big sanction and tariff gamer. They see that quite good.

    Also Europe got the rare Medicane, the Hurricanes of Europe, since the 70s never seen but this year 2020 again at teh wesetern greek regions, with heavy floods and destroied houses. But Europe is stronger on itself, the infight with itself, the complicated mixes and political views, but on the climate front Europe has yet its eyes open.

    Not that much with airbookings and now with banking as The Uniteds Kingdom is leaving, that shows the lackings in Europe as it is not that experienced with snake tongue and the US way of total disconnection since Trump. Then it needs Mr Thompson to make VW good and a good company under the eyes of uncle Sam.

Did a president
pay a bill, or taxes ?

    But with Climate change uncle Sam closed his eyes since 4 years. What if the front systems from southeast the Hurricans and floodwatesr and from far northwest the wildfires get to reach golf courts, when the floods reach Lago a Mar and golf courts get underwater. Then the kapitalist and snaketongues need to start running. A dark skyscrapper will do then, from 3 d floor. And overall it is better they retrun there lately, after so much independent dropouts and cancelling deals and international institutions (WHO ...Paris climate accords ...)

    The US volks have to be attentive on that, the mountain ranges reach from N to South in differencvce to Alps in Europe and the majestic Himalayas, When a president gets the master certificate in cancelling contracts, deals, memberships, and sanctions the US people no matter how independent and self reliant they are allready, then it can be lost for a while allready,

    The coming front systems, and in specific the Corona as well are huge and big, wildfires, Hurricanes, pandemies and .. then ... teh wrong president.

    It can become a worldwide exapmle for how it will not work. The fight on the smallscale floodwater pumping and wildfire fighter celebrations without the proper desaster handling by the upper institutions, soem say governments or kongress, senate or the president himself.

    He got also the diploma in job fireings (cloes to oval office jobs), then the turbo kapitalists, anywhere around the world, has to get the taste of that dimensions, the real fallout, the real fireings and consequences, the effects of cancellations on the row.

    Will the US be able to handle that all alone, Climate change is a reality either the ones who fight not only establishments but nearly all from close jobs to international institutions to transparency on Worlds Climate change.

    When all got rigged, burnt, flooded and fired in the USA what is left then and for whom ? For another snaketongue again, really ?

Mr Assange the Star of Leaks

A genius of modern times, when there are wars out there, some journalists got once embeded, then later the web dropped many lines on tortures, camps , torture camps, containers, on war crimes and general war atrocities.

    Mr Assange knew the lines and some sources, no matter how hidden and how secret they tried to keep that .... if it was documents of war or if they kept it as hidden secrets on tortue and mass shootings, random killings or container burnings, no matter how secret and hidden, untransparent so to say they tried to keep that. Beside a million cams of the koaltion friends in the west, allready on cops jackets and for a reason.

    That guys and with them Mr Assange found the ways and gaps, the real virtual windos, to publish, to show transparency for the ones who wanted to get that facts on modern wars in the dark, the transparency goals got achieved by Mr Assange and the leak sources (mostly jailed and silenced now and over last years ... during furrther program times), on that atrocities, wild and blind shootings, the searchers for WMD unembeded, but on the international scale of transparency with wars and that atrocities coming with it.

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For many it was flight and camps, refugees in millions for other it was secrets tried to be kept in dark, But transparency on wars got achieved, not that much during the years later as the master of transparency and leaks got contained, took refuge in an embassy over years (... program got kept running) beside the millions on flight, but many many secrets and documents got made public before.

    Not too many documents the years later, during his embassy time, what was overtaken in main later by general medias from koalitions and friends or the ones at the other side of koalitions and willing friends. Wars are alwas massy, but that secrets got published and that earns big applaus for transparency and the Star of Leaks during wartimes. One war, it got published, was the longest in their history, what got quite comon sense till then. But nobody knew if their friends got that.


US DEMOS under weapons

Is there a reason out there that so many white racists of the USA carry their guns out there during demonstrations, is it the fear of the end close to them ? The fear of the return of the buffaloes, is it the enemies close around next street corner. Or is it just the right to carry a gun and rifle ?

Anywhere else in the world that demonstrators do that, demonstrate, shout, sing and screem, but in that far away land they underline that with their weapons in peto. The sole voice of freedom to speech does not look to be good enough for them, is it that they take that just as another soap.

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Cancelling, dropping out, tearing apart contracts, NO collusions ?

NO frictions ... ? NO NO NO ... no friends

NO voters .... .... ALL RIGGED .....