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Prayers for sick presidents

The president of the USA got infected with the worldwide striking corona virus, his fans and followers, dealmakers and monks are prying for him.

    But was 10 doctors at the press conference enough, how many diagnosis have to be estimated and accounted for. Fantasy banking, quitting membership of the USA to world bodies. Was it enough doctoirs for each single diagnosis with the president.

    Some of his old friends, if not forgotten, got allready jail gterms, quite a few ones of his suporters.

    News are coming from the president Duterte, and also there other politicans are questioning the health and mental condition od the phillipeen president. How many docotors does it need there, and if anybody makes a false diagnose he gets shot by the phillipeen presdinet himself ?? But before the deadly shots of his helpers, cleaners and street cleaners, the monks of the centuryold traditions have to give the sanctus on that specific guns and revolvers before the cleaners shootings get on mission, that is clear.

    As by tradition there all the big wood crosses have to get the segen as with weappons guns and rifles, also swords and the more, all the next round for cleaning the streets of the Phillipeens the monks have to give their sanctus and segen on the weapons. Then it will even work more fast and approved, it has to get approvals and sancti, isn t it, by the century long bloodshed sancti givers (not be mixed with sanctions like from the actual US president, Torres.kat has a beautifull name .... ) The sancti and sanctus are different to sanctions, do not mix that. (sanctus and sanctions, maybe an excert on isidorische decretalien ...)

    So as with simple wood crosses the bloodthursty presidents need to get the sancti as it was long tradition. The strongets men in the world if not the richest, need to do it under the sancti of a church, isnt it.

    The same counts for Bolsonaro another supporter and minset friend of the US president, mutual for sure, are 10 doctors enough for Bolsonaro, if getting sick they will pray for each other, all paramilitaries and rifle sancti givers will pray for them. But how many doctors will they need.

    The strong will always get joined by the holy cross and madonna by bloodsheds approved by the sancti givers, and if the wars are lost, and any fantasy biz from panama to the paradise papers later, who knows for what it was good, finally it can get called another round of cleanings. Who prayied for the dead in the streets of Ecuador, who prayied ofr the dead in the streets of Peru .... ahhh there we are.

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Do not forget, the ones who denie climate change, denie your future, your risks and lucks, chances and possibilities even and in special when it can get seen on million TVs on a nearly weekly base. Do not accept that they tell its just a bid more of another swollen river, or that is only a bushfire for some days.

    They shout and come with their freedoms, freedoms for dreams first of all (???), freedoms for fantasy banking, freedoms for air bookings, freedoms for ceroe games and short bubble sellings, freedoms for dreams, then second the freedom to carry weapons (von einer Verfassung), without seeing how many can get shot by one rifleguy with only one round of a bumper, it can get the freedom to 90 shots per miunte, any sleeping cells slept over that for far too long, the freedom to fly 4 hydrogen bombs the same time inone plane over the Atlantic and getting lost .... after Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the southern spanish shores 1966, the freedom to loose what. Uncle Sam tell it any Fundamt then, and uncle madness do not forget to search and find that properly, four of that bombs is not small things lost anywhere by shopping. It was 4 hydrogen bombs not one, and that after the two ones over Japan cities. Get down to your freedoms of unaccounted madness.

    The freedoms to listen and spy in UN offices, the freedom to listen to practically all telefone calls, and in real time along the computer fronts, what was the case at the start of Obama and later (Mr Snowden). But he gets pardoned because he had the toughest front against him and his missions by the white establishment and the null and ceroe blockers in the nation itself, he got the toughest front system in his own land, during other fronts were easy collapsing.

    And before the next round of fantasy bankers and their silly odd friend, some of them jailed allready, the rest is waiting for getting to justice, also justice has the right for freedom, but never ask why TTIPS was tried to get brokered in dark chambers by neos secrets, if they pray for each other or not, a million weapons got the sancti by some pfaffen and monks over the times with that traditions.

    Spain itself got the lost hydrogen bombs, luckily the 4 bombs got found, long before dirty and mini nukes came on some agenda. Do they see the freedoms to dreams special numbers, it makes a difference if it was megatonnes of bombs over northern Laos once or 4 lost and found hydrogen bombs. That is all part of their socalled freedoms with the sancti for madness and bloodshed along the side of the optional and hypothetical most powerfull, when the wheight on that side gets too heavy for long the (einseitig megapolares Uebergwicht mit System kippe nach, auch nach zahlen) many prayers will make no sense and also not many doctors with one president, it will not help any more.

    PS: did the vice president get fired also ... PPS: how many doctors for Duterte ....

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