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The option fake in medias and books
Medias can get faked and corrupted since years, that is teh face of the matter which makes it special fo many.

    You can leave content al all or or let people and stories dissapear. They can fake news stories like faces and bodies cna get faked (over a line of the normal, also the line of normal is moving since years..)

    Flatscreens can cover the potential of fake, either small or big. The work on a PC can get corrupted, encrypted, faked as with books written by fakewriters as new wanted politicans or less wanted ones, like politicans taking from other sources content for masking their own. (are not school pupils more honest over years than neos politicans)

    Fake got normal and it got advanced over years by pretty shows, fake, false, masks (... singers ... eu vision contest etc ) cosmetics, silikon and influencers, it got just the matter in some smart cases on whcih scale and how close that got (also over some nights ...).

    Abook can not get easily faked ! Either it is of good stile, original, catching, inspiring based on the true and real (overtimes it was hunts on a book..) or a good story, and even than it can hardly get faked when it got a book. Books can get based on good intentions, truth, nature and the real. They can not get easily corrupted or it got so from the start (some politicans case) trieing not to get that seen or not to get that through unseen.

    Then there are others who uncover the base of such literature. In general books can not get easily corrupted like modern digital tech from cars to flatscreens.

    Flatscreens of millions bury always the option for masks, fake stories and news, rumors, revolts, also hate and crime and teh messangers for that in the back. Even superpowers used that over some while as a try to win or convert or anyhow disrupt adversaries. Some have agencies for that, others hit on pipelines and other again use some boycotts and sanctions (others tariffs ...), the lately as it was the case with teh spayware for mobiles Pegasus, it got on a list. Then it was allready far too late, again it got late.

    Books are solid and more tranquil, silent, stable so to say, they contain and hide the option for silent retreat.

    In contrary flatscreens are often immediate confrontation (can take or not ...) a million stories, million pictures, milion of shouts and screems, for attention, profits, glamour, revolts, fake and masks, rumors (geruechtekuchen .. usually offer bad food...) screems and shouts for justice, biz, revenues, and parties. The last is also of diverse faces.

TV on the radar
When I started Tv and its channels soem one and half years ago at a local woodline hous there awx also CNBC, and RT today, Over all that time there was CGTN also (china global Tv network). At first after the TV got activated the two channles RT (Russia today) and CNBC got quit immediatly, by some broadcasters. Now some months later and some more days they turned off CGTN (chin glob tv network) which I liked really !!

    China is not hiding but it got quit (astra) on TV, The socalled locale GIS never got involved as locale country channes can only do it by the locale countries TV card which was never relevanth. That is part of biz.

Last Exit Burgas

Interview zum Political Correctness

Im Uberigen sind LINUX Mint 19 - 21 edition klasse !!

So it is yet an exquisite exotic TV station even with Al Jazeera in arabic and not one singel turk channel, also no croatien or tshech EU channel. In the while over years the Euro notruf on mobiles never got tried, that could help teens in prekaere situations.

Revolts for the Future ?
There are many demonstrating out there. Maybe for a reason, maybe for good reasons, maybe because tehy got sick of so many dead, maybe they demoinstrate because there were allready many dead or they demonstrate because they got sick of their freedom cuts during the pandemic.

    Last tiem I shared some demos was not in Afganisthan or in India, no itr wsa during the ceroe years in Vienna

    Then later I started the web mashine, partly as a hobby, ambition and for some good reasons. As well as a good tool, screen and radar which worked quite wlel over soem time so far. A PC has to do only some job. Tere were fatalities but reverse engineering and data recovery was usually in a good frame. If it will stay in teh future like that is not so clear as allready pipelines, governors, governanten, governments, parliaments, companies and firmas got on the screen, and vice versa of hackers, agencies and strategistas. So all that got alo part of some hybrid scenarios beside the hybrid cars of some hemispheres future.

    But if they can take my ambition and views by the web is also not that clear any more. I guess some can take it.

    They had to see the wildfires with destroied vilages and towns over months and weeks, they can take pictures of wars and migrants, failed states, lands and regions others would say (embeded or not, by whom willing or not ... ), they can take many dead during two years with a pandemic, if anybody of them could see the healthy sheep, sheperd and herd is yet unclear after weeks and months.

    They can take the hardships by the pandemic over months, they can take pollution, climate change and bad foods so tehy will be good enough to take a website , it does not need some cloud as a server, it only needs some 5 volt electricity, even less on a small flatscreen, so it is very green. They will be strong enough to take, hear and see (here and then) a website.

    It is like a border with some lines in color, which they can take by a website. Times is since years beyond relation, changed beyond controll (regulierungen etc), much go out of controll. It seems that many want to get it more out of controll. There are armies, migrants, fatalities by a pandemic and revolts at same time.

    They would better take some time to observe.

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