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Covid 19 - Tornadolike striking Pandemic    

Covid 19 - Tornadolike striking Pandemic
When we look back on the last year with the woprldwide covid desastser whcih stroke on many regiuons and hemispheres, total parts of continents got into troubles. What can we see then by looking back.

It was important issues as herd immunity and distances, it was clusters of teh spreading virus on people and super clusters in towns and populated areas or locations. It was disturbing as there were not enoiugh trucks toi get rid of the dead bodies as was teh case in northern Italy and Ecuador. The virus hit with heavy forcve and many people, politicans and virologists got puzzled.

All levels and organistation got the stikes and hits. The numbers and excell tabellas could not show the distasdter properly and one of the issues was nto to spread panic, it should not be to disturbing even as the numbers of dead were sky rocketing in regions, while sametime the numbers of the marcet where dropping, falling within days and hours.

Many modern societies and in specific the branded smart ones with most modern and costly telefones and all the interface masks on that (codes, shopping. marketings and marceteers, no buttons and triggers the haptic moment got lost ... for a while -) same time the stocks, funds, foundations had their losss in millions of dollars in hours and days if not billions burnt in a week.

The virus was burning the deep and penetrating heavily into that marcets and left its traces. It was hard for the companies to face the new realities and measures which got dictated by the rulers and politicans. The new advicers where not diplomats and military advisers, ebvenm as miliotary and soldiers got used to unload the hipes of the killed form the trucks and brought them under wired cicumastances under the earth.

Time was short to get used and comply to the new rules which got made and done by virologists and politicans. People could see many chinese doctors and nurses in plstic bag like looking overalls, a bid like luftballoons, but teh situation was seriouse, it was not space suits for space stations to get rid and keep teh virus out of the inner circles.

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Prekaere situations, prekaere verhaeltnisse, fremdshaemen or all that phrases with alternative parties in tail of the far right was not the main topics any more. The viurus bombs blew up in many parts of the worlksd. The people got puzzled as the locations could be seen and the overview was there for some. Even allready during december 2019 teh virus was in single persons of NY, the came spring after winter and the specific clusters got the sticker by the pandemians.

Some wree asking for how much you could 2 or 3 coffins whern you sel a smart phone. The estimation was 2 coffins in fichte and one in eiche for a costly smart phone, but statistics showed worth. It was not the time of blitzkrieg and propaganda the virus stroke that powerfull anmd fast over cities and towns that the secret marks and hidden phrase was not to spread panic.

The virus did not need any propaganda or fanatic yearlong poliical show and performance, And even so some did not astrain from doing garden parties. Was it deadly enough and on whom, how many inmates got hit, how many black and dark people, how many spanish speaking volks in the US, how many of the falalities was nurses and doctors.

Cuba showed very sober numbers of its provinces, airlines got grounded for long allready, the planes got quasi eingewintert, also its engines closed with palstic and hitting grounds over months was calm.

Herd immunity was a big phrase but that got never accomplished as some of the zebras roamed her orthers of the Gnus there, the Lions of politics had some new tasks do solve and it was for many the multiple colors of companies many many new tasks, some of that got the name home office, stay in home office. Do not use the car stay at home work form home, the main sofware specialist form germany had its net allready thrown for a while, its name was not Linked-in, not My-way and not megagram, not instagram and not money gram.

The often heared herd immunitygot never accomplished, not during that or that forbidden party od demonstration, often against teh virus measures.

Only the block boys, beasty ones, the ones of some suburbs, of some 20 streets during demonstrations with ethe keep distance police, if possible dared to hit on streets, it was asphalt not concrete (diffrenet heat raction and law of heat) and normally since teh wild west it was noit too muddy streets andy more but in the Latin Americas outback.

The outback was never the issue during pandemic, it was home offices, a million home offices in teh west, and the more we have to ask how teh virus could reach far aaway amazonian spots and locations, deep in teh djungles, hundred of kilometers from pavd raods and streets.

How could it reach Teichdorf in germany and places in Lombardia. How many streich, strich und surface tests did they do in busses after the first and second wave. New Zealand had a good stand and did not loose it for long, also from african lands the news were not too bad. Wheoever knows New Zealand got an idea of the contact persons and distance keeping, itz is far away lands, but Amazoonia, the djungles and native peole reserves, how could it readch there. Politicans show different since years on that hemisphere. The virus had ist spread and clusters.

How could it reach Iran as it was quite a country under lockdown since years on teh front of economistas, also Iran had its frontlines but puzzling enough got it hit also hard. Some got puzzled by the numbers of Iran as teh frontlines on different maps, Iran is dry high altitude land with far away enemies of whom it took down more than 10 drones so far.

But how could the virus reach it so fast, two waves stroke them by surprise if it was nit a bad surprise on the map of mixed scenarios in Iran and its neighbours. In Europe four waves stroke with hundred of thousand of dead, in each single big land it was 2 -3 big cities of dead. In India it was 1 and a half wave and the bigger one was coming long after the first half wave, while Europe had allready four waves, that is the puzzling time frame.

After Europe had four waves by the virus, the USA had 2 to 3 waves, India had its first big wave one year later. Waves are not clustesr but waves get the monsterwave by a few clusters. That is the pictures which have to be faced. Finger pointing is not the issue also some did and then a year after they tried the reasearch on that, where it came from.

When we see the bunches of trucks with the bunches of politicans with the new cluszters of marcets it can also be that soem virus strain got transmitted in freezer trucks, the frozen meat trucks. The vaccines need to be kept in freeze state. After many thousand of trucks did that on routine, to bring the melas and food to the marctes, usually it is in freeze state in trucks. When the meat gets warm the virus gets alive.

It could also be one of its travel routes. Tierschuetezre and radicals of them are out there for a while and not for no reason, radical veg eaters and vegans could follow, if in front march some right wing protestors can eb asked. Freedom of expression and to demonstrate, to show the power and reason, hitting the streets can have its reason, some dictators form here and there had soem fun with the viruis phrasings, but not for long. We can also ask how much was the political fallout my misshadling and missjudging the waves and clusters.

We can also ask which storm was stronger on some countries if it was not like once destasters for firts nations by some intrruders, Takha Ushte had his street controlls and that for good- Hokahey ! Was it the virus like a tornado spredaing the mess, the lockdown and calm down on many sectors (missios ar anotehr thing) or was it teh Strom on the capitol hill.

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It happened quite during the same time, the latter smaller storm happened after the virus and its mutants hit allready for one year. The came Del-aware and a dog bite in a white house on teh security. Take care of rabies by teh way, also during garden parties if fatalities were not big enough. Dictators can look different from hemisphere to hemisphere. The virus spread like a rocket anyway and it looks that some talk it to return like the tanks of rockets, and teh soem coudl hope that the virus gets its landing smooth like the tanks of the rocket long blow, long Jo, tehj rocket long hipe and long home office, do not underestimate the phrases of rocket men and its new locations of the smoothlanding tanks to land from dropping through stratos to hemispheres.

Planes, Belegshaften, captains, stuff and marshalls got grounded over months, and that had nothing to do with the phrases of the return of mutants (androids), a million reise anmeldungen, reverse engeneering and finally the phrase pof some that the virus would never leave, maybe like the return of the tanks of a rocket by the name The long mutants journey.

Each single of that rockets return tanks could be more dangerouse and the next returning tank of the rocket also more infectiouse if it dares to land standing on ground. When it gets to frozen meat the rockts empty tanks can get blown before the return standing somewhere ! Political fallout will indicate the real keeping with a deadly virus beside costly phones in new branded homeoffices and androids attached.

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Im Uberigen sind LINUX Mint 19 - 21 editionen klasse !!

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