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Magic Kumaon
Three pages, Magic Kumaon, Parvaty valley and Tien Shan.

OP payback II
On developments in neokatholian marcets, "masters of new god", Regionales von alpine Bau-ernland, toolpops, honey-apps and sim.

Nature observations

Travelling India from Rishikesh, Munnar to Gokarna and further to Goa and the Dhauladar range (HP)

OP payback I
Stars and cars, WYSWYG, "can repair everything", life on edge, basics, regionale Besonderheiten, ehre u mutig and more (mostly in english)


Doing competition to Twitter, presidents twitter and many follow. Whistling in reallife is more magic. Birds know it and react appropriatly.

Phrases from road - Talking Kurt
A good mix on many topics, english and german. Part of it "Talking Kurt" on very locale settings in some valley and the products they will need to face.

Talking Melli
Melli and her husband, properties and hints on the boys from the mashine.

Gemischtes in deutsch
Totaler Abwehrkampf, ADS, Neue Messen, Erfahrungswerte und Vieles fuer emotionale Intelligenz.

Science - Institute

The Institute for Applicable Kompetence got started, but is never occupied usually. Check the pages on research, flora-fauna, inventions, snake encounters, excursions and more.


Computing has been a tricky thing for years allready, even for the most famouse, costly and corporating companies. Our CEO did update the html-css coding, his opinion on IT developments and some good software still relevant for SM (sadomaso) from 98 to 10.


Agency - Studio

We can do you cards in all formats and with golden or silver frame up 8px per HD, magic stick and also Lamination and postcarding with our new postCard.app is soon in reach. For stable up 2mid term costumers we have special packages.
    Actually our agents are very engaged and mostly occupied, but may somtiems post here their opinions on latest developments on HighFi, FiFi and Digital marcets. We do not engage in headsets or small wish-and-web devices.
sincerely your CEO

Alpenfestung a - c

Hitlers relicts and a very mystic region nowadays, nobody knows of nothing, they seem to eat frog larves, 3 hot pages.

mega share

Das Kapital

New Ratings further Deep marcet drilling deeper, Comerco hintgiving Mega, really something 4 insiders.