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Reklamation zur Generalversammlung    

Reklamation zur Generalversammlung
Neolibs got the climate and timechanger award, nutheads stay nutheads

They flew thousands socalled local stuff out of Kabul. After twenty years plus two weeks, anyxbody got to see .. embeded under which circumstances, orestexts and conditions, anybody got remined on something.

How does it look today in lands like Syria, Lybia, Iraq and Afghanistan. From Haiti thousands got to reach via Mexico to the border to the US. We got t understand that they liked Mexico, they said it was good in Mexico as onec during the indian wars when the Apachis told they had more freedoms in Mexico, also Stitting Bull who rescued hiw volks over the border to Canada, and had a saver time in Canada, later joined with other tribals.

Today 160 years later tehy foudn and uncovered burnt inslaved and with woodchurches exploted and tried for assimilation kids of native canadiens. Finally they found them under the earth. It was a few hundred children.

Did they manage to make a hydel power station in the parvaty valley- No (can company). Looked the mounties more seriouse to the cops of the Blauroecke of the USA, a bid more seriouse they looked, assimilation did not work really.

I do not see the rosi future for Europe as it always again looks as it woudl have to decide between China or the USA, as they would have to chose between Russia or Spain, if they d have to share the side with Poland or Berg Karabach. Brexit took them 4 years it was very complicated and finaly the last trucks with drivers .... hundreds which got seen so far on TV during their last weeks on some side of a channel, these were without brands and logos, it was palebright grey trucks with no scripts or signs, waiting to get shipped over some canal, which has a tunnel underneath.

Why to make it more complicated when eurodating does not work but 2 mrd at facebook showoff ... well, for free a bid of free or even taxfree with millions by ads ... (want to see the jennies, jackies, veronicas, hiallarious or blackies... it gets a long list) by the big brother over the big pond.

Dubai has double the income of New York by tourism alone.

The lines in a FAZ, got changed on the swiss side of some marcet place (some name it parcett) as other dissapeared silently over months.

And a virus took a more heavy toll on many more fronts, many do not understand that virus scenario, not during the garden party time of Trump and not in some street scenarios in mid Europe because of the once lockdowns there.

The pictures out of german fernsehstudios, allready long before the next chancellor elect looked strange, and wired enough beside the million of gendrificated with blonds showing some alternative there, really.

Allready in Unnis some degredation got named cancel culuture, that is how that got named during the next stage of geneder moves and revolts parallel to the far right hypes, looking worse than reality shows in reality hype studios and its ratings.

The far right got kept on stady flame over years, their ugly alternatives in discussiosn and studios can hardly be seen (not one token ..!!).

Whats not at its place can not be proteced whats at the wrong place will not be protected (..afDs..) Floodwaters make no difference ! Samtime nobody asked what happened to vaipiano, xing, newWork (NW), 1-auto (hyper) from D-30 it gets D-40 but the swiss look funny for a while allready in the FAZ.

It seems that France will be the last strong actor, good enough to get tried on submarine sides by other contractors. The claims are shifting ... and it is better not reclaimed streets with cars advertised a millionfold on TV. Speedlimits got properly reduced on that front in a capital. Before the sub deal got changed, speed was less in the US for long on a comon landroad.

Turky - Egypt

Interview zum Political Correctness

GB and France were for long quite open and engaging with foreign volks and lands, but ambitions in Lybia got out of hand, also Mali and the Sahel zone seem to be hot cakes for them, and if only for new militias tried. There it was never the question to decide between Burkina Faso (rkini was an issue ... also) or Mauretannien, to take a stance between Lybia or Egypt, to share sides with Spain or Ceuta, Malta or Samos, Lesbos or the mexican border.

The virus took heavy tolls, which measures will be the most effective will show the future and never free facespuks or dating with coins by pocketscreens.

In some case what was at the wrong place over years .. got flown out in a strange mix of bowls in new marcts ... of tickets, routines, costums, masks in some colors (beside tshadors, kaftan or burkas), adapted military planes, mobiles, mixed families, special forces iwth hidden ones, privat or offical, a wired hint in the future.

I guess gender with some NGOs was at its maximum exploit during that mission.

Im Uberigen sind LINUX Mint 19 - 21 edition klasse !!

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