For India n other rising countries

I like mixed gov. Schools
this does nice experiences, interactions,
products n lessons !
    Liked Geo (-graphy, -logy), BIO, Arts, Physics, (partly History), Maths not too much but in Nepal the internat. kapitalists triggered me calculating tough with em and stage its final cut acts and breaks as they are principally focused on producing profits by way of measureless fem. fatales (masslose weiber) which is a nogo and asking for tough reactions, procedures, product tagging, branding and ...

Got over the interesting ind. magazine on Nation Building, quite remarkable rule modelling basics and a kind of good modell based on culture and personal practise. In some tables some numbers and states got confused, its 11euro nations in that table (and not America, Australia, Canada and Swizerland) but that happens to everybody who is on internat. mission ... i also mix some digits once in da while, not to mention Katmandus conversion keyboards, the bigger goals defined are fine by Ram Dev and his writer, modern phrases and little bid of nlp seems to be involved...
    Got notice by my daily morning whistling star of last Oktober the Greywinged Blackbird - fantastic, to my pleasure ...
(Ganga-pul village/Uttarkhand)

Anamay Asram not far from Kausani/Uttarkhand is very interesting (1 hr walking distance),
Panch Karma clinic under construction, 3 floor kitchen with mill, school and teaching rooms, biological farming, cows and shelters, run by a Swiz, very engaged man who was like me checking the old tea estate in Chaukori for reactivation (other purposes) once. Most locals would send you to Laxmi Ashram/Kausani what is no problem ...

A friends friend (Indian-Delhi resident) told me that Delhi at night, capital of worlds bigest democracy,
would be scary.
    I can just say from my experience as was trieing to get a SIM card for my old, after having been to Indie more than 15 times, about 4-5 years, at the 2nd day after arrival 2013 trieing to gat that SIm-card via using Delhis metro/subway as an easy going foreigner (hameesha asaani se !-) yes they look a bid scary, some males, in Delhis metro ... but no problem.
    And when i got that Netbook/LapTop (unraped after) it was dark allready then in Delhi not far from Nehru place, the rikshaws didn t stop for me ... but then one stopped and it was fine.
Who was scared of whom ?!
And can this be because they show on TV all these many guys in such an ugly and scary way, even ugly guys can be friendly sometimes (- khabi khabi)

got over some funny newspaper article
on fishing for tourists project in Uttarkhand by a politican
my tips: don t fish with dynamite or electricity, fish with angel-rods, nets or Reusen (german!...), eat some fish depending on size, specie and season.

got over some newspaper article
on some politicans idea on
equipping mothers in Bihar with tablets
my tips: not bad but dont forget to check Internet once in while from da tablet...

Freedom of education ($),
Freedom of good questions and answers,
Freedom of speech ... !?

($ -free or costly and where..) SUBJECTS: Human-civilisation/culture,
Geo (-graphy, -logy), BIO, 1 or 2 foreign languages, Arts, Physics, Chem,
...... phys.-exercises .....!

that some biz-wallas and corporate-idiots-of-com eleminate the telephone cells (huts, caixas...), the poor need to organize, give notice, connect and call back and some very special jobs need to be done there and not by the ll in one smart device-data-collectors, location-tracers, corporate-spies, appli-chottis....
    10 euro mobiles do well...!
(have never seen idiots using their smart phones in foreign regions to

got over some newspaper article
on a politicans idea
to equip Bihar pupils with cycles to reach school easily
my tips: very nice, dont forget the cycle sideways on busy roads

some SIMPLE - ADVANCED things on Computing

  • Dont let your email accounts open !
    sign in and out after the jobs are done (your privacy is at stake)
  • Connect and disconnect the internet-connection as long as you dont need it (security job..)
  • Check prozesses you dont need and kill em, this advances system performance, savety, does clean jobs, minimizes risk of spies and intruders (bluetooth, skype etc, check the prozesses with software like ProzessExplorer, Autoruns, taskmanager-xp, etc)
  • In case you did SENSITIVE JOBS eleminate your traces (browser-history, temp-folder, history-folders, recent-doks-folder, piccies-exif-data...), in case you find data collecting admins or system-OS on some PC you can put links on desktop to these folders or observe the bad and greedy jobs from your folder n links secretly - lol -
  • In case you ve got SENSITIVE INFOS not relating to you, you can store this info on many locations as are partitions (D: E:..), folders (many names), CDs, usb-sticks, notebooks, mail-accounts etc
  • Turn off MS-Net-Framework (via Controll-panel), what have you to do with em, it s just another big company
  • If chip/prozessor is tiny-slow dont open too many jobs at same time
  • win-7 is a very very strange sys-OS ! Try to make it clever and serving your needs via Controll-panel and inforce the "I ADMIN ACT !"
  • Some of your prefered Software will even work independently from sys n spies as you install it on non-OS partition (D: E:..) in your own nicely named folders and may even work as you copy and rename these program-folders to other locations on your PC ! (got proofed with Prozess-Explorer, FTP-progs, Irfan-View, HypersnapDX, Autoruns etc)

more on computing at this beautiful PC-Info site

While i was trekking Mt. Trishul (2006) i met 3 teachers (science, arts, maths)
in a very remote village and now some dosta teachers who educate women. I hope that these teachers get paied their accomodation by their base-orgs - NGO, NPO (nonprofit org, - keep on educating...)

    As i often hear - Break ! Break ! Break ! (?)
- The TV show gets a break
for a commercial, its mindset break-through ...
- One single streets sign was missing in Mumbay only (Dunkan road)
the whole mapping BREAK
- The hotels power supply collapsed and wired-fire com broke
because i did a chai with my sturdy indian water boiler in da hotel (KTMandu-Thamel)
panic broke out and all BREAK ...
- Only 1 sms from India to foreign country melega (possible)
turn on/off mobile, the mobilecoms_settings - BREAK
- I put my scooter 88 times 50 cm in Goa from the demarkation line
the parking lot order - BREAK
- Dogs demaged my rent scooters seatcover a little bid 2 times only
scooter-rental quit story by phone, his profit story BREAK
- One floor i missed only
by visiting friends in new apartment-blocks with elevator
because the designation makers mixed parkinglot numbers with flat numbers
mixed flatnumbers with apartment floornumbers and
mixed parking-areas with elevators signed (many blocks)
i got through block controll, parking areas, elevator gate,
reached 2nd level proceeded to 1st level and
nothing BREAK
- Shoko in ac buses doesnt melt
- Plastik bottlis never break
but i often cut them for new inovative products
as bathroom egg and schokolate holder (cool)
i profited as i cut bottli
as for ash-trey in often frequented restaurants
as for carriable candle-stands
i profited as i cut many bottlis
(Refilled and put to sun 1/2 hour min. time sun rays kill the microbes
in bottli !!)
etc etc
- Candels melted one time in my bag only
(had it wrapped in palstik bag inside inside)
sometimes made two out of one
i profited when they BREAK ...

Bamboo doesn t break
it bends in the wind

Back to India in the hills of Uttharkand after 1 month outside it gets an enterprise

- enterprise long cigarette papers ... maybe success coming
- enterprise opt laundry, means getting back laundry after put 2 days ago, and specially mera sundar bag (packbag wich got a smeary something at one side inside some bus) need for Trekking
- enterprise mera nice mountain kitchen, iron plates n cups (from Goa) a water boiler, ME HAPPY after very special and successful meal preparation - success - i profited (because in the fency restaurant of the village they failed to prepare mashed potatoes, got some creamy something/Staerke)
- challenge stitching the long trekking pants after 8 hard months under my weight and many wild enterprises which did the pants a little hole in the center ..., got a needle and even a fitting strong string, did it, got fixed - me happy !

I am now on top of the world facing Mt. Trishul (7200m alt) ...
Nepal is not top of the world
Nepal is top of kapitalism
I am now in Kumaon
Kuman is top of the world,
you can roam free and easy here and nature is overwhelming (april 2014) !

I like hospitable volks (from hospitality)
.... austriacos are not hospitable, many are fearfull konservative pant-shitters)
even some US-Native-Americans are hospitable as i experienced by roaming their
territories in short by cycle (push-mountain-bike), Latin-Americans are hospitable, some Israelis were, Muslims are, Germans hospitable..., Tibetans are hosp ... (Indians kutsh kutsh while travelling their country for allready 4-5 years...)
    SUB ( - Comandante/ Mexico) is right, in a close to random killing region, territory and empire you ve to lock n block all windows, doors and gates, it s just too dangerouse n risky by the bastards, cartells and the emperors hands....
    Remember "kill a priest" (Honduras), Countelpro (Central America), Plan Colombia,
COUP 09.11 (Chile), Che (Bolivia), Coup Argentine, Coup-president-de-Brazil (50s-60s ?), Sabotage Venezuelan Electrcty-supply
... just google 4 more ... VERY VERY BAD KARMA !

on Card-Banking
missed to get info on Komission-charges while taking cash via ATM (cash-caixa-automats in India)
- need to get notice on RTI act for Bank-costumers !! (right to info act ...)
- read below at "Caixa Banking"

some Hindi relations/ meanings:
- sir sirf (only head)
- sab sabji (all veg)
- kam kaam (some job)
(the stupid make up made office chick in Pokhara/Nepal stole my Hindi notebook ... kerkereega

    Thanx 2 India
I ve to say after 10 months and all togather travelling India for about 5 years over about 17teen times i am still there an I love this cosmic adventure, chosmic boiling country and asian subcontinent.
    And for your strong action and in this respect i was able to perform strong as well, also sometimes as well in Hindi, but in MCL Dharamsala (2014) when i was able to break (!) car sidemirrors as Indians are used to stop in front of all cows, horses, dogs, cats etc but not close to humans who are used to move aside by getting close n fast cars. So as these cars where fast getting close to me, as usual in centimeters but overdrive by speed, i had to break some door-mirrors from the cars, some exercise and lessons for wreckless drivers passing ...
and by the way indians are of the best car drivers worldwide,
calculaated by the indian supercomputer in cm-ters !!
    Thanx 4 all, either in this or that regard, hot or cold, rough or smart, fast or slow in ind.minutes.
    You know how to get along with Sadhus, Gurus, Masters, Snow Leopards, Coco wallas, Tigers and King Cobras ... i know even for your own people its tough ... Delhi at night etc
but its best training and experiences a millionfold ...
(some mentioned to kill me, leaving cam-hotel ... or shouting to get me off that chair smoking on my veranda in Goa ... but not one single Indian hit me in da face or stole my bags success ... )

This changed 014-015,
allready on Delhi airport after biz-class flight,
checking seats and deco, they emptied my bag (a mixed emotion keeping not too good word in India) of the HINDI-german Kauderwelsch ... and more stuff over weeks from rooms as well.
Kapitalism and wild west on its way. That happened never before travelling India for approx 7 years.

Indians are usually quite seriouse and containing some fun same time and super ad hoc spontainiouse actors, from costum officers (dropping some cards of passport envelops ... more doks real),
over rikshaw drivers (mostly cycle but less actor) to soap-shop wallas.

Story 13-14 - Ganga gallery - special places - suspect obsvtns2 - Ganga song

For Nepal, the Wild West and monkey movie planet

I dont understand, there are so many int. orgs in Nepal from UNICEF, via USAID, NSID, SAARC, IMF, WTO maybe Freedom_House and Endowment_for_Democracy as well, but what they all do there ?! MoU ... guess memos of understandings embeded in adventure trekking ...


can focus on Nepal as an example and a kind of MODEL - no standards but many adventure-(wild west)-trekking-checking-money-checkposts, further native_US border patrols along indian reservations (Fort Laramy treaty gets reinforced !) further put casinos ($) in some reservations and OKLAHOMA gets its own individual constitution by native_US indians. SEMINOLE country does costly canoe and more trips for the pale faces, loss of Appalachee tribe regions gets heavy compensated for "Trail of tears". The consequent killing of 60 million buffaloes ($2) by train for fun, within little years to eradicate subsistance food of open land plain tribes gets heavily compensated and not only some mice in big macs or hairy chlor chicken ....
HAWAI gets a new native_constitution (secctarian) as an Pacific island ($3) and as
FINAL ACT ($4) all major passsing through native reservation highways get heavy feed/ maut/ cashed, specially pale faces_US_plates (cars, trucks), all US 4 wheelers excempt US native reservation inhabitants 4 wheelers ...
Then YOU earn something
and they learn someping !!

$ _striving for luck rushmore fellaws
$2 _got nearly extinct but some 60 individuals in a Wyoming valley at that time
$3 _was somebody really born there as some neo-consis ask ?
$4 _final cut act

    What to get rid off
- get rid of polio, get rid of TB,
- get rid of the kapitalists kindergarden bosses and multiple_criminal_charged_bosses on top,
- rate the kindergarden systems output/products and teach it in non_morning_glory and bungalow_schools,
- rate cities without parks and recreation areas but inside social welfare office, money laundering office only
- rate output of unpracticable bikes, allday wild biking and petrol drinking securitate,
- get rid of botox, detox. roundup_ready, napalm, agent_orange ... have a barber before they go......!
- the US will loose leaves (agent orange) and feathers (wild west), any memo of understanding (MoU) needed ?
- rate the finacial_kindergardens_sys_braindrain and its botox, push_up (consuming), and RushMore (nice stories of money, glory and da wild wests output as products !)
- rate US schools outcome/output (some deficits ?) and its Brain_Drain_gross_Deficite product ...,
- dont drink n drive with ccola but selfmade Lemon_Limo or Hot_Lemon_Ginger_Honey, - be creative, many many Indian products could be mentioned/rated here but i dont do as long as da west blocks its trade/exchange/perforamce inside west.
- In financial_kindergardens DUSTBELT and SLAVE_sys put LEMON on your SKIN - very good ! (Kumaoni lemons ?)

- rate kindergardens_sys_share_product and get rid of its main game street (wall-str.) and BREAK its walls for parks n recreation areas ....

(of all they know its price but of nothing its value !)

    Cash Flow System
While embeded in the cash_flow_system (Nepal/capital) i tried about 5 ATMs (bank card cash boxes) without success, tagging and stickers of money masters all there and still no electricity in the hotels rooms, nice for cosy_cave_candle_nights ... till next trekking_cash_post.
    I dont like ATM Lounges where the cashflow flock stands beside each other and can watch each other taking cash and if it does much attraction, role-modelling and followers the ones with most cash (some family like it private, not so transparent stock, as in .ch or .at)

    Power ... (electricity, political, military ....)
I don t know, but does Nepals Stock Exchange always has power (electricity) ?
I think its unfair to think about disconnecting its power supply
or the petrol reservoirs for the Security bikers, no that would be really unfair to think about that in Nepal or other top energy burning nation.
    Hey but whats about the trekking tourists, all without excemption embeded in some big companies cash_flow_system (trekking-checkposts, US stile restaurant bills etc), ... big western companies postal and financial services, big companies ... etc
    Hey - after about two weeks in fancy hotel without electricity but two hours over noon (Nepals capital), after having travelled India for 6 months (adequate rooms, 6 months with power but some hours, strong room padlocks, reasonable food n room prices etc real adventurouse trekking unembeded-uncashed ...).
    Hey besides all the big companies services how do they get along durig their 2 weeks trekk trips with shopping candles or sending postcards etc (my Annapurna trekking map is clustered with post offices in the southern very rural regions ...)
Hey and whats about the maybe 70 % very poor Nepalis (of 22 mio) besides all the stock_ex and big companies embeding for touris, no but i think its really unfair to think about some power supply cuts or criminals on top or financial savety, no that would be unfair ...
Very special Nepal gallery

    How da Stocks_exchange work
If there s no electricity the next 3 days we buy 500 000 official_gov_electrix_shares
(staatl anleihen) when theres electricity after 1,5 weeks we sell 450 00 electrix (on line 4).
if there are about 2000 trekking touris who got checked at Gorepani_Tatopani_checkposts
we buy mid of april 10 000trekkx stocks and sell after 2 months (online 4) !!
Later we push standardNpoors for triple A rating and Barcleys (has no proper rating webpage) via backrground_layer_task of electrix and trekkx stocks (both on line 2).

Realpolitik or real_stocks_kapitalism in Nepal ??
bet on my RATING

where the boot-campers n troopers wanna have their boots on da ground you can bite as the australien_ground_spider around Sydney (aussie) or trap em by nice stories and shops (botox lip stories),
they are on Mission_Mars .... allready there ??
chello Jackson Hole !
Very special Nepal gallery
(april 2014)

Besser unsympathisch ehrlich als sympatisch unehrlich !

Rating Nepal
Nepal gallery
Travel Diary entries 11.04.14 via All page

For Marokk

Have reasonable prices for hotels n guest houses,
got even in some palace stile hotel for 15 € a night ... good
and the special one in a mountain valley at 1500m alt with bed under window to watch the eagles for a while ... cam and pics of Marokk got stolen by the sensitivo torreros of Spain

Put bigger than the tiny water bottlis along highways, or even some fruit n veg sellers and check for other little essential goodies between the main construction hubs as Tanger and at spanish south coast, kapitalists like to fuzz of fundamentals, the mercenaries and commercialistas ...
So the way to Fes via Rabath from Marrakesh was out of reach that night, got half ticket back and proceeded to (following !-)

Best - Sukh, Bazar, Olive n Garlic glasses, Palaces, Rock Oak tree ravines, Nature and Eagle pics got profsnlly stolen in Spain/BarceloSans, check below
Rating Marokk - Maroc story

For the West - modern

- 16 channel HD check on one screen is of excellent service, in MUTE-state, suspect-channel-ckeck turn off mute for security (vector grafik)

- if you pull 2 points at an index curve (stocks) it gets funny (vector grafik)

for spain (n Barcelona) n the wild west

.. golden ...
Think about it, a golden bullet would be too much of waste and investment, where there is nothing (brain) - nothing can be done (the complex), Thiunk about it, the Jews got expelled from spain (mid ages), over centuries witches got burnt (inquisition), they killed the Mexican native.king even as they got the Gold ... Columbus and Napoleon were not interested in spain, They ve a big complex 4 long, the Bull killers (arena senstve torrrrs) and tomatinoes ... they want it all but can t it. they can try 2 compensate but empirically (by history and experience) - Where there is not much they can not get enough ! I think they ll never get it, not a single goldne patron is worth these idiots, but they can try to com...

Is there a train to be seen in barcelona railwystation or only automats, gates and imagiarios and fantasies to be paied 4 ... ?

Most important - Travel theft insurance, insured value big as can big be, while doing holiday in or in case of getting back from Asia (no insurance needed 4 Asia but bargain skills only) via, so when some goodies (digies) get stolen or robbed get compensation ! sys by biz ...!

First they take the mex. gold and pay with the kings death as once ...
span. flag: gold in centro grande and some blood stripes ...

Web Centric Environment

Banking caixa n the more
Means banking by cash-automat via card (ATM etc - inTheBoxBanking ... invented by the US in the 70s), sometimes it got 500.- but triggered 300.- (Maroc july 014) and in India rarely infos by the automats paper on komission fee (RTI act right to info act ...).
    So i d just activate more accounts by different banks and countries (married, unmarried, x-visa or else how) for security and in case as in they steal one card activate next one, check back with friends who have access and they d transfer some bucks to next account etc etc
    Banks do allready dark pooling, Hedge funds dont like Argentine (i like -), the stocks act psycho and i am giving hints n tips 4 your proper profits, revenue and bitcoin mining !
Stock traders, investmBanks etc trade billions in seconds so why not doing the same, split banks, outsourced accounts etc etc Be flexible and volatile !

Limitations by Banks
The family knows the bank but the bank not the family (seriousely ?)
Patron inquired for his sons konto, got no info
Patrona inquired for her sons konto n got info
bank wanted the sons signature per email as son wanted infos on his konto per email
getting info from a distance on konto or komission by card banking
or transactions from a distance
    so limitations will need to be removed ... either institutional, doctrinal, informal etc ...
(one sided sucking, cashing and transparency is a nogo ...)
    The family will change the bank or kontos get resolved !
And you can not even open new bank accounts in foerein regions (unmarried), can you do in Mexico, Canada, Italy ...? but they trade-exchange-share millions within seconds, stupid mad bastards ... and complain on offshore accounts same time, have some defizits, where is your bottom line ?
need some notices ... !

Ratings (also Banking ... !-)
limitations n failors

out of my mails

...GOT DUMPED, in case you are curiouse check directory of dumped-pages
but not this one

Ola Companieros, Amigos, Revolutionarios, Zapatistas and incorporated NGOs -
- Morales (pre-deBolivia) got the paint-ball by the Intrigants-afraidies and kapitalists
more here at mixed stuff (engl/german 10.08.2013)

mails to google and NSA to delete my google Account

   sent am 09.08.13 to 3 adresses of the NSA
hello NSA and related corpses of the united homeland assambly,
   i tried to delete my google account, wasn t possible, this option should be implemented immediately, tell google to do thet job, my data there will be transmitted later on for that job, but just to keep you updated,i can do that job if you cant....

My opinion on some new products

BOOKS: got new infos that SUB-comandante (leader of the Zapatistas EZLN) wrote new books, want to get in reach of these books, further procedures are on way
    can recomend his view of World Wars - III and IV ! check on the web via search-engines or the quote links following

SUB-comandantes infos

and offsite links
Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos
SUB-com quotes

More to shop
  - 4 web-basket 2 empty the net-wallet

Booklets -digi, i prefer paperbooks to booklets (for reading digi-books) because you can make your own signs and remarks in it and nobody traces you....

as used via smart-phones, tablets, booklets etc are quite useless for me because some very important procedures like COPY nPASTE (ctrl-c, ctrl-v/ strg-c, strg-v) which is essential for pasting email-adr, website-adr (from text.files/Notepad for instance) or for copying text parts from websites or textfiles etc cant be done on touch screens easily


win-7 is bad enough...
proffer of bad Win7

DONT SHOP data collecting smart-phones...

...or reduce data input to minimum level

I like keys and triggers, key-strikes and key-boards and PC-mice (mouse)
here some inspireing hints and tips

Connecting all kinf of small devices (TV-manual with da mobile/handy etc...) is not that important to me, i split my tasks.

TV-connection to the CLOUD sounds somehow interesting to me, but would not use the Cloud for storing private data !

If anybody gets close to me with google-glass this will stage a massacre - lol
(sollte wer bei mir mit google-glass auftauchen gibts ein Gemetzel - lol)

my new Download page for you, check this sophisticated page or get ready for Santa Claus n Christmas products ! now is STRIPTEASE TIME time for the companies in the west.

    got over some interesting products -
- 10 euro mobile with torch (India) and
- 15 indRS lighter with torch, 9m light beam !

what is more important ?

connecting-people or products
bet on my rating !

    How I use communication products:
On mobiles (handies) dont save adresses, only numbers and names, because NSA etc are able to spy out the data on smart-phones (about 10 yeras ago i smashed my siemens mobile because i didnt like its performance and felt observed...).
    Good settings
- Confirm SIM action - YES !
- Most save n good cost-effect balance - SMS !
- Storage location of contacts - mobile (no sim)

Email-adresses to the email-accounts only! (same same as mentioned above, as little contact data as possible, only email adr and names or nicks...), its usually no problem to open suspect emails (check sender, some banks, security offers or lotto-checkpots etc) but dont klick on any links in these emails, just delete them properely.


In case you do sensitive jobs, research, tasks etc i would not name adresses or other sensitive date while telephoning only for last case you want to quit everything change the sim-cards or burn them, or use a second mobile...., use old mobiles which can not be located or connected via bluetooth to the PC, but can be listened and the calls stored (content/contact data). same counts for email-accounts, split the tasks by topics/themes, and if some account cant do any more the jobs by your expectations change the account or open new ones, and in case you plan some international action place the data you will need on different locations/different mail-accounts, sensitive data you want to publish later can be stored as well in digi-cams/piccies of doks etc... CDs, usb-sticks or email accounts, (smart-phones for storing data are sensitive for intrusion).

As i am on my way out again, travelling...(as once and will), i think abot quitting some connections like by mobile, quit the actual hemispheric number and buy a new sim-card in other hemisphere (but leave the old tel-nr on the website....for dead end callings) same counts for email-accounts, just open new ones in other hemispheres, same counts for fb-acts (beginn as new fb-member...)

  some textparts for going under in german, source-artikel

"Die Verfolger suchen nicht nach dir. Sie suchen nach Informationen, die du hinterlässt. Und die lassen sich realistisch fälschen." In der Praxis heißt das: Ahearn verändert Facebook-Profile, er richtet Blogs oder Twitter-Accounts ein. Schritt für Schritt beginnt er die verfügbaren Informationen über die Person zu verändern....
  "Wer untertauchen will, kann dies am besten in der Gesellschaft tun"
Entscheidend sei es, so rät Ahearn, möglichst viele Spuren zu verbreiten. "Mein Ziel ist es, die Jagd für den Verfolger möglichst aufwendig, teuer und zeitraubend zu machen." Nicht in jedem Fall sei der Aufwand gerechtfertigt. Stets müsse hinterfragt werden, was Paranoia und was realistische Angst sei....

after 3months in da desert i ve to break that circle of odds......

on Net-Banking (move to top of page)

How I watch TV: total Channel-Surfer, (all 5-10 min switching), ignore the cuts and AD-breaks, just switch on and play with da childwren and prepare the tea, focus on your goals (by the info which is served) and play mute (without sound) once in a while !!
I like Dokus, some news (key-infos) and Diskussions.

Sometimes i post some comments or status-words in Web-Forums, check the reactions and get surprised, some posts at sites (like ACLU, D.Lama, NativeAmerican, Politicans, NGOs, orgs etc) i check before on the numbers of comments and then i place my words and a link to my website...