Stalin Orgel got ACTIVTED, means full counter to kapitalisms darkness and age of neo, got triggered by experiences in Kathmandus(Nepal) hotel rooms without light and electricity (but costly) They have been doing odd-kaps-biz for far too long and it ca not be allowed that they bring more devastation, greed and confusion

This is iron sounds

it is not hate speech, its not NLP, its not stalking or possible phrases,
its not sweety talk, - it s iron sounds -

Exchange rates 2 ..

I tried to exchange my 14 times 500 IRS (ind. Rupias)
in 3 socalled travel-bank offices in East-Munic railwaystation and
in 2 banks of
but they can t do that any more
guess its a sign of countelSystemAdvance in
(central EU april 2015)

IT is a system specialamente

IT does not mean communication, it means that the data collectors get a good job done by IT, its data performers, manufacturers, miners, advertisers and profilers, get their job done via some com_goodies, applis and smart_mobs (smart phones).
Ooohhh its a smart-mob, not a street-mob or rogue-mob ... oohhh

Sanctioning !?

Some are actually doing sanctions on 7 mil. leaders
of east Ukrainean pro-russian forces,
and as 7 for 7 i demand for the Hemisphere farout west
to PUT and treat 7
PARA-military-Leaders (also ex, in rent...)
from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Peru and
treat them like Noriega (Panama) without military intervention
but with cero tolerance for their getting tolerated !!

Anybody ever heared of google.US ?
(or uugle.arizona, uugle.texas ...)
or is it only huge data storages
somewhere out there outsourced !? check

Sudoku solution

As Kathmandus_freakstreets_conversion keyboards for foreigners could not do single dots, i did iron hammer on the keyboard, just copy any webadress to textfile, copy parts to wherever you need em as could be browser adressbar ??? and change adress - voila - funny enough the admin had a normal common trigger keyboard !! so strange...(Nepal 2014)

Exchange rates 1 ..

I tried to exchange my 5000 rubel in Thamel/KTM
but they cant do that,they dont even show the exchange rates for rubel on the many office exchange boards, i fully understand that Russia and Nepal dont engage, i fully understand that, i dont engage with Npl too - so i profit ..and they maybe learn something ...
(Nepal april 2014)

Mindset dictionary

My 15 MS Nokia mobile got a very simple T9 dictionary (by Nepals sim service company and related affected mindest etc) attached which doesnt know US mindset words like - VOLATILE, GREAT, FANTASTIC, GOOD, DEAD, PUT, OPT ... MoU (memo of understanding... Nepal 2014)


In America_US they are always very positive, they cant say no because the big companies make a big fuzz about their products but dont take in account their fallout, so in the US they are botox_positive, hormon_meet_positive, death_penalty_positive, silikon_positive (whatever vallies either..) chlor_chicken_positive, GM_food_positive, HIV-positive (?), share_stox_postive, TV_positive (running alldaylong in da rooms), movie_positive,
    but when you wear the wrong T-shirt at the wrong time (school events), at the wrong place or do a bombig surprising speech something s turning negative suddenly ...

MS windows

This is some infos on ms_windows_strategies, also named: soft n smart micros - power task-, biz-, service-, host- and other plans dokumented here on
- authorised dealer got served by a companies server
    (4 installations doku only)
- system_OS (win operation sys 4 PC)
- winpower task planner 4 the worlds most burning nation US ...
...more windows jumping, hopping, flying, popping ....

Conversion keyboard

The background pic of this page is from freakstreet KTM/Nepal, the socalled kathmandus_conversionkeyboard means it can not do single dots like for keystriking website adressses to browsers_adress_bar etc and usb slot gets done by central admins usb-gate only and as it got scanned, my stick, by the central admin BEAUTIFUL PICS got stolen from my good stick, i told him "you plug i play"... (ususally I plug and play! // Nepal 2014)


You can also do a job for uncle Sam as by his Nepal Embassy site (searching for solar n other powers... contracts, grants etc) but it may not reward too much because you might just get a single tiny rathole of his ratrace, means narrow educated single hole focused jobs somewhere out there ... for whatever, but you got to know both sides then and can turn the coin as you like and can choose and document it for others as an insider and undercover agent etc

chello Jackson Hole

- kapitalistas !
Standards and poor counts, but not your poor standards, countdown started from the Himalaya to the Maya, from east to west ...
this gallery by me contains pics of Jackson Hole


The Anticulturists strategy, the ones strategy via his system of behaving and speaking (NLP, Behaviorism, MoU...), more here out of a dokument by him (what needs to be removed...?)

... re_solved ...
MS winWin   Behavioristas   Suspect obsvtns 3   Bush jun.   cut intestiles  

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