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Conflict zone

Of woods empty of wildlife to the ones with decadelong experience in coups, plots and wars and their newold goals, also onpage "Never again and House of sanctions".

The world and the nazis 2

It got time for health care, of absurdities with the Tiny lifesavers, marcets hypocrits and Trade or neos deals.

The president on phone

The president on phone on his main issues, soldiers, troops, migrants, borders, tanks and biz as usual.

Cylon - Sri Lanka

Travelling the island with the friendly people during monsoon time.

The world and the nazis 1

Of Barbariens, nazis, world police who want to fight terrorists and their keeping with food, migrants and school savety and more of their extreme products.

From the island

Biwaks and djungle camps got left for the island. On neocons and their products, ways and answers they are grasping for. Marcets and economies are shifting after cultural shift got done. Part of it "The emperors new targets"

Webspaces software and its clouds

Mobiles got supertoys, the information of 85 mio network users got sold, basics and vista unliked, huge profits generated, dinners got cctv cams and of cycling in barrierfree lands, neocons biz got advanced.

New shares by wrigged votes

New shares and sells by latest votes in the USA, striking critcs with hints on coming trends. The data seller survived the sell till now, the buyer is gone allready (part of IT)

Onway 2o18

From Nepal, Kyrgyztan and Thailand. Findings, experiences and developments.

Unclean marcets producst

Chlorchicken, mineral waters, neos neoliberalised cars and aerports in the focus, with pics.

Enemy medias - part 1

What you need to know on neoliberal marcets medias, implications.

Djungle camp

What some have problems with, Weisseres Haus (Whiter house), Bookings, and neocons 10 years after Bush 2, english german.

Biwak 3 to Camp 4

It was a troublesome journey from Biwak 3 to Camp 4, visas got failed and pockets tried in djungles, they cannot do it any more.


Agency - Studio

We can do you cards in all formats and with golden or silver frame up 8px per HD, magic stick and also Lamination and postcarding with our new postCard.app is soon in reach. For stable up 2mid term costumers we have special packages.
    Actually our agents are very engaged and mostly occupied, but may somtiems post here their opinions on latest developments on HighFi, FiFi and Digital marcets. We do not engage in headsets or small wish-and-web devices.
sincerely your CEO

mega share

Das Kapital

New Ratings further Deep marcet drilling deeper, Comerco hintgiving Mega, really something 4 insiders.